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We know that being fashionable is something extremely important for you, so today we will talk about silver rings and everything you need to know about them.

Buying a product such as silver rings can be complicated when you do not have enough knowledge about this metal, but you can rest assured that today we will guide you in every aspect so that at the time of your purchase you do not have any doubts.

Of course, today we will not only provide you with complete information about this wonderful accessory, but we will also show you which are the best and most popular on the market, so that when you make your purchase you have the best points of comparison and make the choice that best suits you and your tastes.


  • The silver ring is a type of hoop or ring, used on the fingers as a decoration and as a complement to any type of outfit. They can have different types of ornaments. It is a very popular accessory around the world.
  • This accessory usually has many variations, however, you can find the main points of comparison between silver rings with rhinestones, with relief or with engravings, which can be differentiated according to their thickness, their price, among other aspects.
  • When purchasing an accessory of this type, you should not only take into account the design, but also the aspects that characterize them, such as the sizes, the authenticity of the silver, the occasions of use, among others, since that will allow you to have the best points of comparison when making your choice.

The Best Silver Rings: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about silver rings

When buying silver rings, the only thing that is usually taken into account is the design, if it is pretty or if it will match the outfit you want to wear. However, there are certain things you should be aware of that will help you choose the perfect silver ring for you.

Silver rings are considered a popular type of accessory around the world. (Photo: PaylessImages/

What is a silver ring?

A silver ring is a type of ring, which is worn on the fingers as a way to decorate and complement any type of outfit. They can have different types of ornaments or engravings around them.

This type of accessory consists of three parts: the ring, the semi-flat part and precious stones. Of course, the last mentioned is totally optional, as the most basic models of silver rings do not have any gemstones.

Silver rings are one of the most popular wedding rings. (Photo: Goran Bogicevic/

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of silver rings is that they complement all types of outfits, no matter what type of clothing, which makes them without a doubt one of the most popular accessories in society.

Another wonderful advantage that we can find in silver rings is that they look totally elegant at all times, without the need to use other types of complements on them or other accessories that are similar.

  • They provide great ornamental value
  • They do not oxidize
  • It is easy to combine
  • They are expensive

Silver rings with rhinestones, engraving or embossing - what should you look out for?

Being a type of accessory with so much popularity around the world it is more than logical that there are different variations of them, however, we can find the main points of comparison between these types, so today we will talk about each one in a more detailed way.

Silver rings with rhinestones: Silver rings with rhinestones have a thinner thickness, since the most striking of them is usually the jewel, which can be fancy or totally authentic. These will always have a much higher price, depending on the jewel with which it is decorated.

Silver rings with relief: These types of rings always have a greater thickness, since, having relief, requires more space so that they can be better appreciated. These reliefs can be abstract figures, geometric figures or a name if desired.

Silver rings with engravings: Silver rings with engravings are often confused with those with reliefs, however, although their level of thickness is very similar, the texture of the engravings is nothing like the reliefs. These engravings are always placed on the inside of the ring.

Silver rings with rhinestones Silver rings with relief Silver rings with engravings
Price High Low Medium
Thickness From 2mm to 4mm From 6mm to 8mm From 8mm to 12mm
Designs Gemstones Figures of all kinds Dedications

How much do silver rings cost?

Generally silver rings can be expensive, however, they can vary depending on the brand and the quality they can offer you. It is estimated that their prices are between 500 MXN, up to 200 MXN. Prices that suit all budgets without any problem.

We want to make sure that you feel confident in your purchase at all times and that you also acquire the best products, so we believe it is important to mention that when it comes to accessories, quality is extremely important so that their durability is much greater.

Purchasing criteria

Although this type of accessory complements our outfits in a fabulous way, you should know that there are some aspects that should be taken into account so that the purchase of this does not present any kind of inconveniences or regrets, so today, we will talk about each of these.


When buying your silver ring, you should know that there are different sizes, which will ensure that this will fit perfectly to your finger, so before you make your purchase, the best thing to do is to find out what size suits you best to avoid being tight or loose.

To find the exact size you can use a tape measure; you should make sure that your hands are at room temperature, as they tend to expand when they are cold. Once you measure it, you can try on the ring that fits you best. Make sure it fits you comfortably.

If you already know your size perfectly, all you have to do when you buy your ring is ask the shop clerk to measure the size of the ring you want to buy with a ruler and put it on. This is a much easier way to be sure of your size.

Ring sizes are measured in numbers, on a scale of 8 to 33, with 8 being the smallest. These sizes are usually a couple of centimetres apart. The smallest is about 4.8 cm and the largest is about 7.3 cm.


When you are about to buy a piece of jewellery, it is important to be aware if the material it is made of is really the one they are selling you, because many times they sell you fake silver rings, which can look so authentic that they are very difficult to differentiate.

Scratch test: The scratch test is to take your ring and scrape it lightly, try to do it in a place that is not noticeable, then you can apply a little nitric acid in the scraped area. If you notice that your ring turns green, it may not be silver, while if it turns black it is genuine.

Magnet test: Silver is not a magnetic metal, so if you want to know if your ring is totally authentic, you can always use a magnet, if your ring is attracted to it, it may not be silver.

Ice test: The ice test is also quite efficient. It consists of putting one or two ice cubes in a container and adding some water to it. Silver is an excellent thermal conductor, so its transmission of cold or heat is fast. If you place one of the cubes on top of your ring and it melts, it is real silver.


As mentioned above, silver rings can have different thicknesses depending on the details of the ring, so it is important to know which thickness suits you and your tastes best.

The different types of thicknesses that you can find in silver rings are: 2mm, 4 mm, being the smallest, 6mm or 8 mm, being in an intermediate thickness and finally the 10mm to 12 mm, being the largest thickness.


You should know that when accessories are made with silver, it must be mixed with other metals, since it is too soft when it is in its natural state and it is almost impossible to work with it.

Once it has been mixed with other metals for a better elaboration of jewellery, we proceed to give it a stamp that will indicate you the proportion of silver with which your jewellery is made. The purity of silver is measured in thousandths, so a jewel with 1000 is considered 100% pure silver.

If you want a ring made with a high silver content you should make sure you know what the hallmarks are. On the market 950, 925, 900 and 800 are used. They are ordered from highest to lowest to identify how much silver each piece has.

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