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Welcome to our big silver spray test 2022. Here we present all the silver sprays we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best silver spray for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy silver spray.


  • Silver sprays have an antimicrobial effect and thus fight bacteria and fungi. In addition, silver sprays form a protective film and protect the sprayed areas from the penetration of harmful microorganisms.
  • You can buy silver sprays for your pet online or in retail stores. For humans, you can get silver sprays mainly on platforms like Amazon.
  • You can also make your own silver sprays. They should be stored in a cool, dark place away from electrical appliances.

The Best Silver Spray: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying silver spray

What is silver spray and how does it work?

A silver spray is silver water, which is used as a spray. Silver water is technically called colloidal silver. The word colloidal is derived from the Greek word kolla and means glue-like.

Silver spray is mainly used to heal wounds in animals. (Image source: /

There are extremely fine silver particles in silver water, between 1 and 100 nm in size, which cannot be seen with an optical microscope or the naked eye. There are between 1,000 and 1 billion silver atoms in the individual particles. When applied externally, colloidal silver has an antibacterial effect.

In addition, the silver water also acts against fungi. The metabolism of these microorganisms is inhibited by the nano-silver because it makes vital proteins inactive. The ability to penetrate cell walls and cell membranes is the reason for the broad antimicrobial effect of silver water.

The internal application as strongly diluted silver water is considered a homeopathic alternative medicine in Germany, as there is no scientific evidence for the effect as an internal application.

Can silver spray be overdosed and is it toxic?

As the internal application as described above does not bring any scientifically proven benefit, I advise you or for the application on your animal not to use it. Furthermore, I will only refer to external use.

Products with a very high silver content can cause undesirable consequences if used for a long period of time.

This permanent application can lead to permanent silver deposits in the organism, which can lead to argyrie or argyrosis. Argyrosis is the typical dark discolouration of the skin area.

Argyrosis is a deposit in the eye. Other neurological impairments can occur, but you should note that extremely high-dose, long application durations are assumed here.

Silver water can lead to undesirable side effects if used for a long time, especially internally. (Image source: / qimono)

What are the areas of application for silver spray?

The areas of application for silver spray are extremely versatile. Silver sprays are also suitable for animals as well as for humans. Special silver sprays for horses, dogs, cats and birds are very popular. This is because animals in particular have wounds more often in the course of their lives.

The treatment of wounds and cuts in animals and humans is the main field of application of silver sprays. As it kills dangerous microorganisms in the wound, a silver spray is optimally suited for the protection against inflammation of wounds. Silver spray can also be used for wounds after an operation or a tattoo.

Simply spray the affected area with the silver spray. Silver spray and its effect is also recommended after shaving, where small tears always occur, or after sunburn. Another area of application in humans is skin diseases. Treatment with a silver spray is useful for neurodermatitis, boils, athlete's foot and nail fungus and herpes.

The excellent antimicrobial effect is also useful in veterinary medicine. Silver sprays have become indispensable in equine medicine for the efficient treatment of skin diseases such as mallenders or open wounds.

The treatment of wounds with silver sprays is also very suitable for other animals such as dogs, cats or birds, as they usually do not lick this remedy and the silver spray is effective for more than a few hours. In addition, it is not washed off by water like other products. Here is a clear list of the areas of application:

  • Open cuts and wounds in humans
  • Open cuts and wounds in dogs, cats, birds and horses
  • After an operation to treat the surgical wound
  • For sunburn
  • After tattoos
  • After shaving
  • For skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, herpes or athlete's foot
  • For horses with mallenders

How much does silver spray cost?

You can buy silver sprays at different prices. Especially online, you can buy non-branded silver sprays very cheaply. Of course, the prices increase with the quality. Furthermore, the silver sprays also differ in the size they are sold in. You can get some silver sprays for less than 8 €.

Many others are available for between 8 and 14 €. Especially high-quality silver sprays are available from 14 €. You will tend to pay more in retail stores like Fressnapf or Futterhaus than online, because online retailers can offer lower prices due to their lower costs.

You will also pay more for brands like Aloxan, Hexocare for animals, Sanargo for humans or Loesdau and Krämer especially for horses. However, these companies stand for consistent high quality with their brand.

What alternatives are there to silver spray?

As an alternative for wounds, there is wound spray for animals as well as for humans with the active ingredient polihexanide.

This is the typical disinfecting wound spray that you can buy in any drugstore such as Dm or Rossmann. This active ingredient is the one most commonly used in trauma surgery and orthopaedics today. It can also be used very well for open wounds.

Alternative Active ingredient Field of application
Wound spray Polihexanide Mainly used in human medicine for wounds
Blue spray Oxytetracycline In human medicine for respiratory infections and in veterinary medicine for various bacterial infections

Another alternative that is extremely common in equine medicine is blue spray. This preparation is not intended for self-medication of humans. It is an antibiotic called oxytetracycline. It is used in human medicine for wounds and infections in the eye area or for inflammations of the respiratory tract.

In veterinary medicine, it is mainly used for infectious diseases. In equestrian medicine, it is also commonly used for wounds. However, the use of antibiotics on wounds in animals that are not yet inflamed is not recommended.

Silver spray is more common for this purpose and is often used by veterinarians.

Decision: What types of silver spray are there and which is right for you?

If you want to buy a silver water product, there are four alternatives to choose from:

  • Silver water
  • Silver ointment
  • Silver powder
  • Wound dressings containing silver

Depending on the area of application, you can decide on one of these four categories. In the following, we will focus on silver spray, but also explain what the other types are all about.

What distinguishes silver spray and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A silver spray is the spray version of silver water. By spraying, large areas can be finely treated without leaving visible residues. This variant is therefore very suitable for animals, as they cannot get involved with the residues by licking them off or the like.

The fine spray ensures efficient use without unnecessary waste. A silver spray is also said to prevent the penetration of bacteria by providing a protective film. For deep wounds, an ointment or dressing may be more effective.

  • Very suitable for large areas
  • Very suitable for animals
  • Efficient use
  • The effect of the protective film is even better provided by ointments or dressings

What are the advantages of other forms such as ointments, powders and wound dressings?

Silver water is not only available as a spray variant, but also as ointments, powders or wound dressings containing silver. The use and benefit is derived from the respective form.

If a single deep wound needs to be treated, a wound dressing is best suited to kill bacteria and provide protection. However, if larger areas or multiple areas are to be treated, a silver spray or ointment is more suitable.

For more superficial cuts, wounds or skin conditions, sprays are more recommended, especially for animals. For deep wounds or if applying and wearing an ointment does not bother you, you can also use an ointment containing silver.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate silver sprays

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible silver sprays. The criteria you can use to compare the sprays with each other include:

  • PPM concentration
  • Number of silver ions
  • Capacity

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important in each criterion.

PPM concentration

The most important criterion for comparing different silver sprays is the concentration of silver nanoparticles. This is always given in ppm (parts per million).

The longer the manufacturing process, the higher the concentration of nanoparticles in the spray.

At the same time, a higher concentration or ppm size ensures a stronger effect. Silver sprays have a concentration of 10-100 ppm. 100 ppm is usually still the exception. Most silver sprays have a concentration of 10-40 ppm.

However, it is worth knowing that the ppm specification is a ratio of water to silver nanoparticles by weight. It therefore does not say how many particles are present in the liquid, but how heavy the particles are in the liquid.

This clue leads us to the next important quality indicator: the number of silver ions.

Number of silver ions

The exact way in which silver sprays work is still being researched. At the moment, the state of research is that the number of silver ions in silver water is particularly important. In a liquid environment, silver particles in turn release silver ions.

In the course of time, silver ions join together to form larger silver particles. The smaller the current size of the silver particles that have come together, the more silver ions they can still release.

You realise that the effectiveness of a silver spray is also a race against time. The fresher your silver spray is, the higher the probable effectiveness.


As you have just read, especially the time after the first opening is an important indicator for the effectiveness of your silver spray.

Therefore, I strongly advise you to think about how often you will use your silver spray. For infrequent use, I advise you to buy smaller sales sizes, for frequent use, you can also buy larger bottles.

Facts worth knowing about silver spray

Can I make silver spray myself?

You can easily make your own silver water or silver spray. Especially if you want to use silver water more often in the future, it is financially worthwhile to purchase the necessary materials yourself in order to produce the silver spray yourself in the future. You need:

  • Distilled water
  • One generator
  • Silver diodes
  • A container
  • A brown sealable jar for storing the silver water

Fill your distilled water into a glass container. Then connect the silver diodes to the generator. Then put the silver diodes into the distilled water. Then you turn on the generator and let it work.

Depending on the ppm concentration you want to reach, the generator has to work for different times. For 10 ppm the generator needs about 8 minutes. You can then increase this up to 50 ppm in 40 minutes.

What is the shelf life of opened silver spray?

The manufacturers of silver sprays give different shelf lives. Some give a minimum shelf life of 3 months, others give 6 months. From a scientific point of view, you should rather consider this information as a minimum effective date. This is because silver sprays cannot expire due to their antimicrobial effect.

These indications rather serve as an orientation as to how long after opening silver sprays unfold their full effect. The effect of the nanoparticles decreases over time.

However, it is important for you to store the silver spray correctly so that you can use your silver spray with a clear conscience long after the recommended date.

How should I store silver spray?

A silver spray should definitely be stored in a light-protected, darkened glass jar. It must be possible to close this jar. Most manufacturers sell the silver spray in sealable amber glass anyway.

Plastic or metal containers will remove the charge from the silver particles and the effect will diminish. Furthermore, the silver spray should be stored away from connected electrical appliances, as these also draw their charge from the silver particles.

Silver sprays should be stored away from light, cool and far away from electronic devices. (Image source: / dMz)

The best place to store silver sprays is in a dark, cool, temperature-resistant place that is free of electronic devices. Thus, the cellar or a cupboard is an optimal place to store the silver spray so that it will last much longer than the best-before date says.

Image source: / Artem Beliaikin @belart84