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Silvercrest microwaves combine many different functions in one product, so you can do without some other kitchen appliances in the future. In addition to the functions, the design is sometimes particularly eye-catching. There are many products with a retro look that are a special eye-catcher in your kitchen.

To help you choose the right appliance, we have selected various purchase criteria and explained them to you in more detail. For each criterion, you will find out what is important and which options you have. This should give you an overview and help you with your purchase decision.

The most important in a nutshell

  • Silvercrest microwaves are available in different versions: One with a hot air function and one with a grill function. These are particularly suitable for different applications.
  • Silvercrest microwaves come in many different colours and designs. Some of them are rather inconspicuous and plain, others catch the eye directly.
  • Thanks to the relatively low prices and high quality, Silvercrest microwaves offer good value for money. So you can get a good product for little money and enjoy it for a long time.

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Guide: Questions to ask yourself before buying a Silvercrest microwave oven

Before you buy a Silvercrest microwave, there are a few questions that need to be answered first. In the following section, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answered them so that you can get as comprehensive a picture as possible. This should serve as a guide for your purchase decision.

What distinguishes Silvercrest microwaves from other manufacturers?

Silvercrest microwaves are relatively inexpensive compared to other manufacturers. Nevertheless, they offer high quality, which results in a good price-performance ratio. Thanks to the different functions, the products can be used in a variety of ways, but there are also versions that do without these extras and are even cheaper.

Silvercrest microwaves offer products with many functions. However, there are also models that do without these special functions and only offer the standard programmes.

Some models also have an unusual design. They come in different, sometimes eye-catching colours, making the microwave a real eye-catcher in the kitchen. However, there are also classic colours, such as black or silver. With this large selection, there is a suitable part for everyone.

Are spare parts and accessories available for Silvercrest microwaves?

There are a number of spare parts and accessories available for Silvercrest microwaves. The most common product is a turntable that is attached to the bottom of the microwave. The item to be heated is later placed on this round disc. Extra grills are also often purchased to heat certain products even better.

Most parts can be easily replaced and repaired.

Many individual parts can be replaced if they break. Examples of this are the latch or the heating elements. All you have to do is buy the right part and then fit it, and the Silvercrest microwave will work perfectly again. This gives the individual products a long lifespan, which is why investing in them definitely pays off.

At what prices are Silvercrest microwaves sold?

The price depends on various factors. One particular difference is whether the microwave has a grill function. The products with this function are a lot more expensive than the versions without. To illustrate this, we have made a table with the prices.

Function price
Hot air function approx. 50€
Grill function approx. 70€

So you can clearly see a price difference between these two categories. Before buying a Silvercrest microwave, you should therefore carefully consider whether you really need a grill function and whether the extra cost of a product with this function will pay off in the end.

What alternatives are there to Silvercrest microwaves?

For many things, an oven can be used instead of a microwave. The grill function can also be replaced by an actual grill. However, this requires more appliances, which in most cases are also more expensive and take up more space. Whether this is actually worthwhile should therefore be questioned for the time being.


Instead of a microwave, a normal oven can also be used in many cases.
(Image source: / Stefan C. Asafti)

In addition, there are many other manufacturers who also produce microwaves. The choice in this area is very large. The only way to find out whether a product from another manufacturer might be better suited to your needs is to do extensive research and perhaps even seek advice from a professional.

Decision: What types of Silvercrest microwaves are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a Silvercrest microwave, you have two different product categories to choose from. These are divided based on their functions and differ in which application they are best suited for. The two categories are as follows:

  • Silvercrest microwave with hot air function
  • Silvercrest microwave with grill function

We have looked at the exact differences for you in more detail in the following paragraphs. For this purpose, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of the individual categories and listed them for you. This should help you decide for one of these product groups and thus make your purchase decision easier.

What are Silvercrest microwaves with hot air function and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Silvercrest microwaves with hot air function are mainly suitable for defrosting, heating and reheating dishes, drinks or other items. However, various things can also be baked, such as rolls, pizza, casseroles, etc. These products act like a small oven at the same time thanks to an additional heating element in the interior.

This category is perfect for people who don't want to spend a lot of time cooking or who haven't developed their cooking skills very much yet. Silvercrest microwaves with hot air function can conjure up many simple dishes and it is additionally the more cost-effective of the two categories. These products are particularly suitable for people on low incomes, such as students.

  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Substitute for oven
  • Limited capacity
  • Not worth it if product is only used for reheating
  • Smaller selection of dishes

What are Silvercrest microwaves with grill function and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The second category consists of Silvercrest microwaves with grill function. They have the same functions as Silvercrest microwaves with hot air function and can also be used to prepare meat dishes, such as steak. This means that the number of dishes that can be prepared without any problems is even greater.

However, this additional function also means that the products are slightly more expensive. Even if the difference is not significant, you should still think carefully beforehand about whether this function is really needed. Using such a part also saves a lot of space, so it is particularly suitable for smaller kitchens and flats.

  • Preparation of meat dishes
  • Space-saving
  • Substitute for oven
  • Higher purchase price
  • Limited capacity
  • Meat on grill must be turned, as microwaves only grill from above

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate Silvercrest microwaves

In the following section, we have compiled some criteria that you can use to compare the individual Silvercrest microwave products with each other. This will help you to get an overall picture and then make the best possible decision.

The criteria that will be explained in more detail are:

We have explained exactly what is important here in detail in the respective sections on the individual purchase criteria.


  • Dimensions: The typical dimensions of width x height x depth should be carefully considered when choosing a product. The right size depends on the place where the Silvercrest microwave is to be placed. This should be measured exactly so that the purchased item will fit in the end.
  • Ovencapacity: This size is typically given in litres and indicates how much space is available for preparing food. The larger the number, the more volume the inside of the Silvercrest microwave offers. The requirements here vary depending on the number of people using the Silvercrest microwave and their individual needs.


Silvercrest microwaves come in a variety of colours. Roughly speaking, these can be divided into classic colours, such as black or silver, and more unusual colours, such as turquoise or pink. The classic colours are of course simpler and less conspicuous, while the more unusual colours are more eye-catching.

Silvercrest microwaves come in inconspicuous colours, such as black or silver, or in less common colours, such as turquoise or pink.

Which finish you choose depends on your individual taste and the rest of your décor. The classic colours will fit in almost any kitchen, but for the more unusual ones you should check beforehand whether the colour matches the rest of your furnishings and blends in well.

Power consumption

The power consumption is given in kilowatt hours (kWh) and indicates how many watts of energy the appliance consumes per hour. In some cases, these values are also calculated over a year. With an energy-intensive product, the electricity costs to be paid for it are also relatively high. For this reason, it is worth looking closely at this figure.


Exactly how much electricity your Silvercrest microwave needs depends on the product and is usually given in kilowatt hours.
(Image source: / Clint Patterson)

Exactly how many kilowatts your Silvercrest microwave needs depends on various factors. You should therefore find out exactly how many kilowatts your Silvercrest microwave needs. You can usually find this information in the product description or the operating instructions, otherwise it's best to ask an expert.


Silvercrest microwaves are available in both freestanding and built-in versions. To give you an overview of the meaning of these two terms and their advantages and disadvantages, we have prepared a table for you here, from which you can obtain this information.

Design Meaning Advantages and disadvantages
Free-standing Can be placed anywhere Flexible to use, Requires less precise measuring, Less integrated into kitchen furnishings
Built-in Built directly into the rest of the kitchen furnishings More inflexible, Must fit exactly, Fits more into the overall picture

Which version you should choose depends entirely on your preferences and wishes. You should also look at how often you expect to change the location of the Silvercrest microwave in the future. This may be due to planned moves or rearrangements.

Defrost function

The defrost function allows you to defrost food much faster.

Because frozen food should only be heated slowly so that the taste is not lost, a special defrost function has been developed, which some Silvercrest microwaves also have. This ensures that, among other things, food can be defrosted much faster than without a microwave, and still no sacrifices have to be made.

If you want to use your Silvercrest microwave for defrosting as well, the product should definitely have this function. It simplifies and speeds up the process immensely. This saves a lot of time, even compared to microwaves that have to be set manually for this purpose.


Silvercrest microwaves with a defrost function can make defrosting food much easier and faster.
(Image source: / congerdesign)

Facts worth knowing about Silvercrest microwaves

How do I clean my Silvercrest microwave properly?

Cleaning Silvercrest microwaves properly is not always easy. Especially since food is treated in them, chemical cleaning agents should be avoided. Here we show you how you can easily clean your Silvercrest microwave using home remedies.

  • Pour water into a bowl and add a dash of vinegar. You can also add a few slices of lemon to counteract the smell.
  • Place the bowl in the Silvercrest microwave and run on maximum for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then simply wipe out the remains with a cloth or sponge.

How do I set the time on my Silvercrest microwave?

How exactly to set the time depends on the particular Silvercrest microwave and how it is operated. The best thing to do is to consult the user manual and follow the instructions step by step. You can also find some instructions on the Internet if you look specifically for the product you are using.

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