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Single beds are not only a practical and space-saving option for children's and young people's bedrooms. More and more adults are also buying single beds for their own bedrooms and guest rooms. Among the various bed frames, they are so popular mainly because they are already available at reasonable prices and in many different designs.

Our single bed test 2022 is intended to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the right model for you. All single beds tested by the editorial team are presented individually here. This is followed by a detailed compilation of all relevant background information and a summary of customer reviews.


  • After a full night of restful sleep, we can start the new day full of energy. The single bed contributes to this and can support healthy sleep.
  • Basically, there are four types of single beds: solid wood bed, upholstered bed, metal bed and functional bed.
  • You can compare the single beds on the basis of various quality criteria such as features and functionality, materials, design, dimensions and load-bearing capacity.

The Best Single Bed: Our Picks

Single beds: buying and rating criteria

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many single beds for the right model. The criteria you can use to compare single beds with each other include:

The following paragraphs explain what is important in the individual criteria.

Features and functionality

Single beds are available in many different versions. The standard version consists of a bed frame as well as a slatted frame and a mattress that may need to be supplemented.

Functional beds, which are equipped with drawers and storage compartments and offer a lot of storage space, are particularly popular.

There are many gadgets that can be purchased when buying a single bed. Single beds with an integrated LED strip are an example of this, with which you can skilfully set the scene for your new bed and adjust the lighting according to your mood.


Below you will find a brief overview of the most common materials used in the manufacture of single beds:


Solid wood bed frames are durable and offer comfort. They provide visual warmth and safety to the bedroom. Each product is almost unique as it will never have the same grain.

As wood is a raw material that changes, it is quite possible that the colour and texture of a solid wood bed will change over the years.


Upholstered beds are usually made of leather and are not particularly sensitive to dirt. However, the surface requires more care than single beds made of wood, so that the leather remains beautiful over a longer period of time. Due to its smooth texture, leather is a good choice, especially for allergy sufferers: dust can be easily removed with a cloth. Upholstered beds are made of either genuine leather or imitation leather: Genuine leather is tanned animal leather, which means it has been chemically preserved.

The leather used on the upholstered bed usually consists of a smooth surface and a rough fibrous bottom surface. It provides sufficient stability and strength to the leather. Without proper care, leather will quickly look worn over the years. Imitation leather is made of natural or synthetic fibres and is coated with PVC. It is much cheaper than real leather and therefore less susceptible to dirt. However, over time, cracks can appear in imitation leather furniture, making it look worn.


Single beds made of metal are usually quite stable and particularly durable. High-quality models are firmly joined together by solid alloys. Metal bed frames can be made of lighter materials such as aluminium or steel, as well as strong materials such as copper or chrome. The metal bed frame is quite easy to care for because the material is very hard and durable. It is not susceptible to scratches, marks and wear. So you can easily wipe off accumulated dirt or dust.

Design style

As we all know, tastes differ - this is also reflected in the furnishing of houses and flats. To help you choose the right single bed, here is a brief summary of the different design styles:

Country style

The country house style is characterised by natural wooden furniture and soft colours. This design style stands for cosy warmth, comfort and harmony. Furniture designed in the country house style is usually made of solid wood that has either been left natural or treated with natural additives such as stain or wax.

A purist design style is characterised by simple and clear lines and dispenses completely with decorative elements. This style of furnishing relies mainly on neutral and muted colours such as beige, cream, grey, etc. This colour scheme ensures that your home is always clean.

This colour scheme creates a relaxing atmosphere in your home and radiates calmness for body and mind.

Metal, wood and light fabrics in particular create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The classic version of the metal single bed usually has an impressive head and the feet consist of curved soft arches.

Some bed frames made of metal or wood is often equipped with decorative elements that promote a romantic atmosphere.

Dimensions and carrying capacity

Which single bed is right for you depends largely on your budget and the size of your bedroom. The width is particularly important here.

Single beds offer enough space for one person and are also space-saving.

The length of a single bed is between 200 and 220 cm. In order to determine the optimal bed length for sufficient freedom of movement during sleep, the following guideline should be followed: Your own height plus 20 cm. Typical single beds for the youth or guest room are usually between 80 and 120 cm wide and have a length of 200 to 220 cm. The load-bearing capacity of single beds is usually such that they can withstand between 100 and 120 kg without any problems. They are therefore ideal for children, teenagers and adults of normal weight.

Single beds: Frequently asked questions and answers

The following FAQ answers questions about single beds. The most important questions have been compiled and briefly answered. After reading this section, you will know all the basic background information about single beds.


To ensure that the single bed meets your needs, you can also combine individual pieces of furniture as you wish. (Image source: Christopher Jolly / Unsplash)

Who is a single bed suitable for?

Which single bed is right for you depends above all on your personal ideas and needs. Whether with or without a headboard, made of wood, upholstery or metal - it's all a matter of taste. When choosing the right single bed, you should make sure that the bed frame is at least 25 millimetres thick so that it has a stable base and you don't start to sway while you sleep.

What types of single beds are there?

Single beds can be made of different materials. You can distinguish between the following three models:

  • Solid wood bed
  • Upholstered bed
  • Metal bed

In the following, the respective model is discussed in more detail and the respective advantages and disadvantages are weighed against each other.

Solid wood bed

The solid wood bed is a classic and will probably never go out of fashion. They have a classic as well as timeless charm. The processed material has many advantages. Natural materials have properties such as thermal protection, thermal insulation, ventilation and moisture control and thus ensure a pleasant room climate.

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Breathable and regulates moisture
  • Shape and design is very changeable
  • High purchase price
  • Intensive care required
  • Squeaks and creaks

The shapes and colours of natural raw materials vary greatly - so it doesn't always have to be the classic brown natural wood shade. Moreover, solid wood beds are very durable and stable. If you like the traditional and rustic style, you should choose a model made of solid wood such as pine, beech or oak.

Upholstered bed

The upholstered bed is filled with foam and covered with fabric, imitation leather or genuine leather. The interior makes it very comfortable and inviting. There is a large selection of fabrics, so you can choose your upholstered bed according to your personal preferences. Whether colourful or discreetly simple, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

  • Cosy and comfortable
  • Large selection of fabrics
  • Modern design
  • Less durable
  • Hair can stick to fabric
  • Possible pilling

Upholstered beds are relatively new and have not been on the market for long, but they have already made a name for themselves in a short time. They are currently very popular and fully in vogue.

Metal bed

A metal bed frame is not an environment for dust mites or bed bugs. It is also not a dust catcher and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. The metal bed is extremely light and looks very delicate. This makes them particularly interesting for young people, as they are easy to transport and simple to assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, they are very hard-wearing and insensitive.

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to care for
  • Timeless design
  • Metal often looks cold and uninviting
  • Cheap metal beds can be unstable
  • Large differences in quality

Metal beds do not give dust mites or bed bugs a chance. They are also not susceptible to dust and are therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

What alternatives are there to a single bed?

If you are looking for a suitable alternative and would rather do it yourself than just buy something, then a DIY single bed could be just the thing for you. [/kb_faq]


All in all, it can be said that the purchase of a single bed should not be rushed, but well considered. Depending on the model, there are some differences that should be taken into account in order not to risk making a wrong purchase.

In any case, the perfect single room for you should correspond to your individual ideas and budget. If you pay attention to the aspects explained here in this text, you will master the search as an expert with ease and come across the ideal single bed.

Image source: Новиков/ 123rf