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Do you want to equip your kitchen with modern utensils? Here's a secret: with a siphon you can make much more than just whipped cream. It can be used to decorate dishes, prepare refreshments, create flavours and contrasts in different textures. We will share with you some essential information about this innovative device.

Surprise yourself with the culinary foams you can create with the help of a siphon. Basically, by means of its mechanical whipping technique it is possible to achieve the introduction of air into liquids such as juices, dairy products and broths. It's worth a try, you just need to have this item with gas cartridges at hand.

In addition to general siphon content, in this edition dedicated to the kitchen we have compiled authentic material, which will be very useful when making a purchase decision. Stay to read and test your gastronomic creativity by following new trends in food decoration.


  • By siphon we mean a device capable of turning any liquid into a mousse. It does not need to be combined with flour, cream or eggs, as it works with nitrogen dioxide capsules, popularly known as N2O.
  • Opt for traditional units for coffee or soda. Although they have different purposes, they are related to each other because they work with gas. Go for one or all of them. Who knows, having different items brings versatility to the heart of your home.
  • You can't lose sight of the four criteria to evaluate before accepting everything you've added to your shopping cart. Materials, capacity, decorator nozzles and load will define whether you made the right choice of the essential product for you.

The best siphon: Our Picks

Buying guide

Well, you know what the featured items are online. Now, the next step is to deepen your siphon knowledge. That's why we've put together a specially designed buying guide to make your choice easy. Take a good look at each of the most important aspects about this instrument.

Dare to decorate your dishes with siphon cream. (Photo: Cseh Loan/

What is a siphon and what are its advantages?

It is a device used to create creams from any kind of juice, thanks to the action of N2O capsules. It is admired because it does not alter the original taste of food, but rather enhances the appearance of creams, creams and drinks. In fact, it is also known as a whipper and whisk.

Wondering what to make in a siphon? Cheer up, the list is extensive. Sauces, signature cocktails, mousses, coffee foam, soda, pancakes, and just about any other gastronomic invention you can think of. You see, this item is as versatile as you wish and could become the wow factor in your kitchen.

But before you start your culinary practices we recommend you to buy it in specialised web shops. Usually siphon refills are universal, that is, they fit any brand you decide to take home. Therefore, we are sure that you will have a great experience in the company of this instrument.

  • Preserves all nutrients
  • Provides new textures
  • Embellishes other preparations
  • Works with heat and cold
  • Easy to handle
  • Plastic parts split
  • Clogs with small objects
  • Only works with gas
  • Use caution when opening
  • Can burst under pressure

Traditional siphon, coffee or soda siphon - what should you pay attention to?

It is wonderful to understand the evolution of whisks and their various applications in the kitchen. They not only allow you to whip cream, but are also excellent for adding a unique touch to coffee or soda. Want to know more? Enjoy the following.

Traditional. This is the typical kitchen whipping whisk preferred by pastry chefs, ice cream makers and professional chefs. It is easy to identify because it usually consists of a stainless steel bottle that holds 500 ml and above, and a head made of the same material.

Giving an innovative touch to your desserts is almost obligatory when you have one of these. However, make sure you choose a nozzle with a beautiful design if you want to steal your guests' attention or surprise someone special.

Café. We continue in the line of kitchen utensils. But on this occasion, this siphon is made to delight the palate and awaken the five senses of those who love coffee. Do you feel identified? Buy it and enjoy a delicious hot drink.

It works with the use of two glass containers where the combination of pressure and vacuum produces an aromatic coffee. In fact, this method of brewing through the siphon has many supporters around the world.

Soda. This device is used to dispense carbonated water, by means of a valve, while maintaining the tension inside the bottle. It has been famous since before World War II, and its peak of popularity was in the 1920s.

Today seltzer siphons are widely produced, allowing bubbles to appear in the water when the drink loses pressure. Portable and static presentations are available, for home, bars and businesses that require them.

Traditional Coffee Soda
Material Stainless steel Glass Glass
Charge 500 ml - 1 l 5 cups 1 l
Usage Amateur, professional Home Amateur, professional
Accessories Yes Yes Yes
Certification NSF International No No

Collects antique vintage soda siphons. (Photo: Barescar90/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate the different siphon models

You have reached one of the most important sections of our article. Pay close attention to the purchasing factors we have selected for you. It's time for you to check how useful they are during the process where you choose which of the online proposals you feel best with

  • Materials
  • Capacity
  • Decorating nozzles
  • Load


There are only three internationally recognised elements from which siphons are made. Before clicking on that unit that has stolen your gaze, check that it is made of the materials presented below. If not, it is best to discard the idea, as it could be of dubious quality.

Stainless steel. Siphons for baking, cooking and coffee are made almost entirely of stainless steel. Invest in one of these, it's durable, it won't rust, and if it suffers minor scratches from gastronomic work, there's nothing to worry about.

Silicone. The nature of this hard substance makes it a less resistant material compared to the previous one. Although it withstands high temperatures, it occasionally exhibits cracks. It definitely has a shorter lifespan, so buy it if you will use it very little.

Glass. It makes up the bottles used to serve soda and those designed to make coffee. Handle with care to avoid breakage. On the other hand, enjoy its elegant and distinctive look, in order to turn objects into decorative accessories.


This point refers to the property of the siphon to store up to a certain amount of content. It is worth identifying what is the certain limit of the instrument you want, as making the wrong choice could negatively affect your goals.

Low. Kitchen units with this capacity allow you to fill up to 500ml of material. If you are a beginner, or simply have amateur-like aspirations, take one of these home with you. With it you can decorate simple desserts and bring the most delicious dishes to life.

Media. We must state that such equipment is exclusively focused on professional use. If you work as a pastry chef, baker, ice cream maker or have a business related to these areas, consider purchasing a siphon for 1 litre loads. It is ideal for foams, hot and cold sauces.

High. It is attractive to include in your list of modern utensils a device with sufficient dimensions to hold 2 litres of liquid content. It is oriented to business use, in gastronomic shops and alcoholic beverage outlets.

Decorating nozzles

Let's see, cream, mousse, foam and drinks with their own texture require a particular nozzle to make a visual impact and give a unique touch. Today we will show you the three types of finishes that these specific accessories for syphons can create.

Needle or nozzles. Take these stainless steel nozzles with you in order to fill cream, cream or sauce inside a foodstuff. For example, they are suitable if you want to maintain the structure of a cake, thus preventing it from falling, being ruined or damaged.

Flower. Creatively present your desserts, vegetarian dishes and soups with this practical nozzle with flower motif. Drawing shapes and patterns on the plane has never been so easy, because you can make beautiful flowers in one step, leaving aside difficulties of any kind.

Square. Use these patterns to decorate and serve liquids with volume. For example, soups, drinks, soda water and ice cream. They are perfect for the kitchen and the bar, so you can keep them at home, take them to a party or use them in your gastronomic business.

Look for one with enough capacity for drinks. (Photo: JosepMonter/


We have to make it clear that a siphon without the right load does not work. In other words, to handle it correctly it must be filled with a well-filled cartridge. This will help you to avoid unnecessary accidents and enjoy the equipment you purchased.

N2O. Place a capsule filled with this gas in the tank intended for this purpose, screw it in and wait for the gas to be introduced completely. When it is empty, remove it and insert a new one. If you don't know how to do this, read the instructions or find someone to assist you safely.

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