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Welcome to your review site on the internet. If you are looking for a new way to have fun while enjoying a ride, rollerblades are the perfect choice for you.

On three or four wheels, skates can offer a great form of recreation and can make getting around much more fun and enjoyable, as well as being an exercise that will be good for your health. In case it's your first purchase or if you want to bring back that nostalgia from the past, check out the models of skates that we've separated for you.


  • Check the manufacturer's specifications and make sure you choose a model that is ideal for your foot size.
  • When skating, it is important to always wear safety equipment, such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads.
  • There are inline (with inline wheels) and quad (with parallel wheels) models. Each one offers a different skating experience.

The Best Skates: Our Picks

Buying Guide

As well as being an excellent physical activity, skating is also a form of leisure that never goes out of fashion. If this is your first model or if you want to get back into the world of skating, stay tuned for our complete Buying Guide. Here, we'll show you the prices, where to buy, the differences between the models and what to consider before choosing your pair of skates. Let's go?!

Imagem de homem e mulher andando juntos com patins inline na rua.

Nothing like enjoying a beautiful day skating with the one you love most. (Source: pasja1000 / Pixabay)

What are rollerblades?

Skates are nothing more than boots fixed on a base with wheels that allow you to glide over flat surfaces, such as streets, parks or bike paths. First developed in the 18th century, skates are timeless and never go out of fashion. With them you can perform physical activities, get around more quickly or have fun in your free time.

Since they were created, skates have undergone several technological developments, making them more resistant, faster and comfortable, whether for professional or recreational use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having roller skates?

Roller skates are an excellent way of having fun while practising physical exercise. But with so many models, it is important to take some care, especially related to safety.

Among the advantages, we highlight the encouragement of physical activity outdoors, even more in such a connected world. It is an excellent way of getting children to get out of their electronic devices and practice exercise. For this very reason, it is an activity that helps physical conditioning and balance.

And if you live in a city with a lot of traffic, have you ever thought of going to work on roller skates? It is excellent for urban mobility, just like bicycles.

Regarding the disadvantages, if you start skating during the growing period, you will need to change the skates according to the size of your foot, just like any other shoe. This is because you should not skate with skates that are too big just so that the child can enjoy the model for longer. Another point is that you need to buy safety equipment, and this generates another cost.

And the maintenance of skates can be expensive according to the model and specifications. Check our table below before making the decision to buy skates and if it will be useful and safe for you to enter the skating life.

  • Ideal for outdoor recreation and physical activities
  • Helps physical conditioning
  • Allows you to move around faster
  • For children it is necessary to change skates according to their growth
  • Safety equipment is essential and represents an extra expense
  • Skate maintenance can be expensive

What are the types of skates?

Today the main models are inline skates and quad models, and the main difference between them is the pattern of the arrangement of the wheels. In the inline models the wheels are arranged in line, while in the quad model, they are aligned in parallel, similar to what we see in cars.

The two models have some differences, such as the brakes. On the inline, the cold system is rear, while on the quad, it is front. Before you choose which model is ideal for you, take a look at our comparative table below.

Inline skates Quad skates
Ideal for Intermediate and advanced level skaters Beginner skaters
Brake Inline skates have rear brakes On these models the brakes are front
Movement Their inline wheels allow a more fluid movement It has a more limited movement

Although they are not very common in Brazil, it is also possible to find skates for ice skating, with blades instead of wheels. Even with our tropical climate it is possible to find special acclimatized places for this practice.

Did you know that the first roller skates were patented in London by John Joseph Merlin, a Belgian inventor, in 1743? The roller skates we know today were developed from the blade skates for ice skating

Can the use of roller skates bring benefits to your health?

Yes, skates are highly recommended by experts to help in physical conditioning by promoting a healthy and low-impact practice, bringing a series of benefits to your health. Skates are ideal for those who are starting a fitness journey, as they allow a complete aerobic exercise, which especially helps to prevent heart problems.

In addition, with just one hour of skating you can burn around 330 calories. Research has also found that inline skates cause 50% less impact on the joints when compared to running. Considering all these factors, inline skates are ideal for providing a great form of recreation while benefiting your health.

What sports can you do on roller skates?

Human beings are competitive and we love the feeling of speed. When you can put wheels under your feet, you can enjoy more than the feeling of freedom. Although the first models of roller skates with blades were born out of necessity, it didn't take long for roller skates to allow the development of new sports.

Perhaps the best known is hockey, which can be practised on ice, but also has its court and street versions. Figure skating also has an important role, appearing in the Olympics. And, of course, there are the running modalities, focused on the athlete's endurance and speed.

With the popularisation of extreme sports, roller skating has also found its place in the manoeuvring categories, becoming very popular in the X Games.

How can you incorporate roller skates into your business?

Have you ever watched those American films set in the 50's or 60's and noticed the waitresses taking orders, circulating around the restaurant and serving customers while gliding on their roller skates? It is not uncommon to see this scene nowadays in some of our fast-food chains or large hypermarket chains, making customer service much quicker and more convenient.

If you have a business in a large space with a large movement of customers, think about equipping your staff with roller skates, it can add practicality and speed to the service. In addition, the skates also have a special charm, providing a much more pleasant and striking experience for your customers.

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying your skates

Ever since they were developed, skates have been in and out of fashion, but they are timeless products that are perfect for having fun, getting around or exercising. If this is your first skates or if you think it is time to change your model for a newer one, it is important to consider some criteria carefully to determine which is the best option for you.

  • Boot material
  • Boot size
  • System of closure
  • Boot material
  • Wheel specifications
  • Relationship between wheel hardness and desired activity
  • Bearing types
  • Weight supported
  • Brake type
  • Customisation and spare parts

Check each of these points carefully and consider which is the best model of skates and the cost/benefit for the type of activity you intend to do.

Boot material

When putting on your skates, you don't want it to be uncomfortable. So it's important to consider what materials the boots are made of to best accommodate your feet. Boots of more traditional models, such as Quads and skates with blades for ice, are usually produced in leather, synthetic leather or in plastic alloys such as polyurethane.

In the Inline models it is common to find double boots, being the outside made of plastic alloys and the inside a padded boot, ideally with breathable fabrics to offer more comfort to the skater and helping in the hygienization.

Imagem de patins vermelho sobre superfície de madeira.

The more classic models have the leather boot. (Source: RyanMcGuire / Poxabay)

Boot size

To make your skating more enjoyable, it is essential to choose a model that fits your foot perfectly to avoid discomfort and possible injuries. In addition to children's models, traditional models for adults offer a size from 25 to 41, with special models can reach up to 45.

Manufacturers recommend that you choose skates one size larger than your shoe size, as they should be worn with socks to protect your feet. Most models also feature adjustable fastenings, allowing them to fit your feet better. If you are looking for imported models, check the conversion table below to choose your ideal size:

Foot length Brazil Europe / China USA
22.1 - 22.5 32 34 4
22.6 - 23.0 33 35 5
23.1 - 23.5 34 36 6
23.6 - 24.0 35 37 6.5
24.1 - 24.5 36 38 7,5
24,6 - 25,0 37 39 8,5
25,1 - 25,5 38 40 9
25,6 - 26,0 39 41 9,5
26,1 - 26,5 40 42 10
26,6 - 27,0 41 43 10,5
27,1 - 27,5 42 44 12

Locking systems

Important for maintaining your safety and comfort, the skates' locking systems vary according to the models. In the Quad models, with parallel wheels, the most usual are the laces, which allow your foot to be well fastened in the boot while you practice skating.

Inline models have larger boots, which protect even the leg, so they usually have laces and straps that can be attached with Velcro or through adjustable straps, ensuring that the skates are well fixed on your feet.

Imagem de patins rosa e preto.

The skates are closed with laces and straps, with Velcro or clips. (Source: Muscat_Coach / Pixabay)

Base material

Serving as a connection between the boot and the wheels of the skates, the sturdier the base is, the more weight it will be able to support and how much impact it is able to withstand without suffering damage.

Today it is possible to find different materials of the base, or chassis, such as steel, aluminium (even aluminium developed for aviation), and synthetic alloys such as polyurethane or carbon and magnesium alloys.

The lighter and stronger the base material, the better it is, especially for sporty use when you want the best possible performance.

Wheel specifications

When it comes to skating, it is very important to choose which wheel model is best for your skates, taking into consideration the size, hardness and material.

  • Size: Skate wheels range from 55mm to 125mm. While the smaller models offer more stability and grip, the larger ones provide more speed and maneuverability.
  • Hardness: The hardness of the wheel ranges from 78A to 92ª. Softer wheels offer more comfort and grip, while harder wheels offer more speed and durability.
  • Material: Today it is possible to find wheels made of PVC, a low performance plastic best suited for beginner models. For intermediate and advanced models, polyurethane wheels are more resistant and durable.

Types of bearings

No matter how good your wheels are, bearings directly influence performance, making your skates slower or faster according to their specifications and qualities.

The quality of bearings is controlled through a classification known as ABEC, which has grades from 1 to 15, where the closer they come to qualification 15, the less friction they produce and the higher their performance. While common models fall between the ABEC 1 and ABEC 5 tables, it is now possible to find more specialised bearing models that are qualified as APEC 5, 7 or 9.

Relationship between wheel hardness and desired activity

You can find an incredible variation of brands and models of skate wheels, but depending on what activity you want to practice, what matters is the hardness of the wheels and how they can benefit your performance.

  • Recreational: Ideal for amateur skaters and enthusiasts who are beginning to take up skating, the wheels with hardness between 76A and 80A provide more stability and comfort.
  • Urban: Developed for the streets, the models with hardness above 82A provide more speed and resistance if you want to use the skates as a means of locomotion.
  • Speed: The harder wheels are ideal for flat surfaces, providing much more speed and performance in competitive sports.

Weight supported

The weight supported by skates varies according to the size of the boot and the specifications of the base. The larger the boot and the sturdier the base, the greater the weight supported. In this case, it is important to check the producer's specifications and if the model you have chosen fits for your use. There are many models that support more than 100 kg.

Type of brake

Brakes are essential for skates, especially for beginner and intermediate level users. Depending on the model, the positioning of the brake can be found at the front or rear. On Quad models, the brakes are found at the front of the skates, allowing the user to just gently tilt their feet and press the brake against the ground to slow down.

With a more speed-oriented design, Inline skates have brakes on the rear, where you just gently tilt your foot backwards to cause deceleration. It's worth remembering that some Inline models don't have integrated brakes, so check if it's possible to adapt a brake if you're a beginner skater and still can't get used to slowing down just by moving your body and feet.

Imagem de freio de patins.

The cold of the skates can be in the front or back. (Source: PIX1861 / Pixabay)

Customisation and spare parts

Skates not only provide the feeling of freedom and speed, they end up becoming extensions of your style and personality. While you are choosing which skates model is best, apart from all their essential features, it is also important to choose colours and graphics that best represent who you are.

Featuring many moving parts, skates are easily customizable. You can change the base, wheels and bearings, whether it's for maintenance purposes, styling or to enable them to deliver greater performance.

(Featured image source: Couleur / Pixabay)