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The groomer is a specific brush for animals, which can unravel curled hair easily, without having to cut the hair. It is ideal for people who want to groom their pets at home. This makes the process of grooming dogs and cats even easier. In the following article, you get all the details about this item that can optimize the routine of the necessary care with your pet!


  • The slicker brush is formed by a rubber base with bristles and, almost always, accompanied by a handle for easy handling.
  • The main functions of the slicker brush are to clean the loose hair on animals and remove tangled wires. They are ideal to optimize the pets' grooming process, besides guaranteeing more health to pets.
  • Before choosing a groomer, you must consider the characteristics of your pet's coat, such as the length and size of the animal, thus ensuring that the device will be efficient.

The Best Slicker Brush: Our Picks

Buying guide: all you need to know about slicker brush

Although it is a simple product and easy to handle, many doubts may arise regarding the operation of a slicker brush. Therefore, we have listed the main points about this equipment for you to know. Read on:

Mulher com escova azul na mão penteando os pelos de um gato branco em uma mesa azul

Opting for specific products for pets can make your pet calmer when doing the necessary hygiene routine. (Photo: Anurak Ponapatimet /123rf)

Image Caption: Opting for pet-specific products can help your pet stay calm when performing the necessary grooming routine. (Photo: prostooleh/Freepik)

What is a groomer?

Groomers are similar to hairbrushes, used specifically to remove loose hair and knots from the animals' skin. On the market, you can find several models of this product with different sizes, colours and shapes. They are recommended to keep the hygiene of dogs and cats up to date, facilitating the process of combing the animal's fur. Thus, it is avoided that the hair break or get damaged after brushing.

Groomer x comb: are there differences between them?

The slicker brushes have a rubberized pad with metal pins, and may or may not have a rubber handle, wood or metal. The combs for dogs and cats, on the other hand, are very similar to those used to groom human hair. The big difference between these accessories is in the area of reach. While slicker brushes cover a larger part of the hair due to their shape, combs are more specific and support less hair. In addition, not all breeds can be brushed with both models.

What types of groomers exist?

Even if they are very similar, the slicker brush models have some differences. The three best known formats of the market have the following specifications:

  • Conventional groomer: Traditional model with a rubberized rectangle and bristles. They are versatile and meet the primary function of combing and untangling the hair of animals.
  • Curved cl ippers: Instead of the rectangle, this format has a curved body like a "tile". This way, the bristles can get deeper into the hair. They are ideal for pets with dense and long coats.
  • Flexible slicker brush: Type formed by flexible stainless steel pins on both sides of the device, thus allowing better handling to go around the animal's body.
  • Rotary slicker brush: The difference is in the handle of the product that can comb even the most difficult areas of the coat. They are firm and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages of the slicker brush: what are they?

Besides facilitating the process of brushing the animals, dog groomers can leave the hair shinier and also stimulate blood circulation in pets. However, as no product is a miracle worker, it also has disadvantages regarding its handling. We specify the positive and negative points of this item in the table below:

  • Easy Handling
  • Low acquisition cost
  • There are models for both dogs and cats
  • Prevents the hair to stay loose around the house
  • Soft bristles to not hurt the animal
  • Prevents the appearance of diseases and bad smell in the pet
  • More beautiful and shiny fur
  • You must purchase a specific model for your pet
  • Can be unusable by pets with little hair
  • Helps in the process of brushing, but does not remove 100% of the loose hair

What care should I take when using a pet grooming machine?

Most pets do not like the bath, brushing and grooming process very much. Therefore, to carry them out efficiently without stressing your pet, take the following precautions:

  • Do not press the slicker brush: This can hurt the animal. If the fur is very tangled, spray to dampen the wires before brushing.
  • Care with certain areas of the body: Parts such as eyes, mouth and inside the ear are very sensitive, avoid getting the slicker brush near them.
  • Do the correct cleaning: It is always important to remove the hairs that are left on the device. You can also use alcohol 70 for cleaning.

Are slicker brushes suitable for all types of animals?

Not all breeds of dogs and cats can be brushed with any type of slicker brush. It is recommended to look at the specifications of the coat of the animal before choosing a product model. Therefore, know the different types of slicker brush to buy the right format for your pet. Generally, long hair requires larger bristles, while the short coat can be brushed with wider pins.

Acessórios para cães: uma rasqueadeira, coleira, ossinho de plástico e comedouro com ração.

To choose the groomer always take into account the characteristics of the animal's coat. (Photo: 9dreamstudio/ 123rf)

What is the recommended frequency for brushing the animals?

Brushing pets is not only an aesthetic issue, it also affects the pets' health. The appropriate frequency is defined according to the coat type, but it is recommended that it happens at least once a week. Long haired pets should be brushed more often, between two and three times a week. For puppies it is indicated that the brushing should be daily, getting them used to the process.

The slicker brush has a useful life of four months when used daily. However, it is necessary to change it whenever the bristles are damaged.

Purchase criteria

To be a good slicker brush for your pet, it is necessary that this product meets certain criteria. We list the points that you should observe before choosing a model:

Length of hair

This is the most important factor when defining a groomer. Generally, animals with hair up to 5cm are considered shorthaired and the others are classified as medium or longhaired. The table below shows the characteristics of the recommended groomers for each coat length:

Type of Slicker Brush
Short and soft coat Small or medium close spaced bristles
Short and hard coat Firm and close spaced bristles
Loose coat (medium or long) Small or medium lightly spaced bristles
Thick outer coat and inner like wool Firm and close spaced bristles
Fine and delicate coat Steel bristles

Bristle shape

The type of bristle of the slicker brush makes all the difference when using the product. The more flexible they are, the smoother the brushing will be. Harder bristles are great to remove knots, but require care in handling. In addition, bristles can have three shapes: curled (versatile, ideal for removing and fluffing hair), hook (best for fluffing coats) or pin (work like brushes).

Handle structure

If you choose a slicker brush with handles, prefer models that ensure comfort in handling, but are firm enough to remove tangled hair. The market already offers ergonomic and non-stick formats, which increase the durability of the product. Slicker brushes with handles coated in rubber or silicone are very popular.

Mulher escovando seu cachorro no sofá

The type of handle of the slicker brush also influences the usefulness of the product. (Photo: Olga Marc, 123rf)

Size of the animal

Analyze the size of the pet will ensure that the device meets the complete area of the coat, optimizing the time spent on the hygiene of the animal. To know the size of your dog or cat, check the measurements below:

  • Small size: up to 9kg for dogs and 8kg for cats
  • Medium size: from 9,5kg to 22kg for puppies
  • Large size: from 23kg to 40kg for puppies and more than 8kg for cats
  • Large size: over 50kg for puppies


Scratchers are essential for dog and cat hygiene, making the brushing process efficient and at the same time safe for pets. This makes it much easier to untangle curly hair and eliminate loose hair, without it affecting the pet's health or interfering with housekeeping.

Image source: guruxox/123rf