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Welcome to the Wellness Guide, your review site on the internet. During winter or on colder days, there is nothing nicer than warming your feet in a cuddly and comfortable slipper.

Much more comfortable than slippers or traditional footwear, slippers are much softer and ideal for using indoors. In addition, they come in a variety of fun shapes, for both children and adults.

So, if you are looking for a pair of slippers to warm your feet with a unique and relaxed style, check out our review so you can choose the best model.

First things first

  • Before buying, check the size of your foot and of the product to avoid that it is too wide or too tight.
  • To avoid accidents on slippery floors, choose slippers with non-slip soles.
  • Check the product specifications and if it can be taken to the washing machine.

Slipper: Our Selection

Slippers can be found in a variety of shapes, with fun themes and different types of padding. To help you choose the best model, we have prepared a list with the best slippers on the market.

Buying Guide

Slippers stand out for being extremely comfortable, as well as having a unique appeal for having fun shapes that appeal to both children and adults.

To keep your feet always warm with lots of style and personality, check out our Shopping Guide to understand a little more about all the benefits that a slipper can offer.

Imagem das pernas de uma mulher com pantufa na cama com bandeja de café e tablet ao lado.

Slippers are comfortable and will keep your feet much warmer. (Source: tashka2000 / 123RF)

What is a slipper?

Slippers are a type of shoe - closed or semi-closed - whose main characteristic is having a filling that offers more comfort and helps to warm the foot on colder days.

They are lighter and softer compared to other types of footwear, besides being easy to put on and take off without the help of hands. In many parts of the world they are so common that they are often confused with slippers or sandals.

With their popularization, they have gained a lot of shapes inspired by animals or famous characters, gaining more personality and allowing the person to choose according to his/her personal style.

Did you know that in some versions of the Cinderella story, she wore glass slippers instead of high heels?

What are the different types of slipper?

There are two main types of slippers, fully-enclosed slippers and semi-closed, slipper-style models. The traditional models warm the feet more, as they wrap them completely, and also because of this they cost a little more.

Slipper-style slippers offer more freedom, can be worn on warmer days without causing discomfort or accumulating sweat and, because they are simpler models, they cost less. For more details, see the comparative table below.

Traditional slippers Slipper style slippers
Format Are fully closed Are semi-closed models
Indication of use Ideal for colder days Can be used even on warmer days
Price These models cost a little more expensive Simpler, they cost cheaper

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a slipper?

Slippers offer numerous benefits, the main one being keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

Their soft material makes them perfect to wear indoors on a daily basis and it is possible to find them in a multitude of customised themes.

However, they are easier to get dirty, most of them come in one size that ranges from two to three sizes and they cost a lot more than traditional slippers.

  • They help to keep your feet warmer
  • They are more comfortable and ideal for wearing indoors
  • They have stylish models with varied themes
  • Their material is easier to get dirty
  • Most slippers are one size fits all
  • They cost more than traditional slippers

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a slipper

Slippers are much more fun shoes than slippers, ideal to wear indoors, especially after a good shower, before going to sleep and right after waking up so as not to put your bare feet on the icy floor.

But to choose the ideal model, it is important to consider some purchasing criteria, such as material, size and especially the type of sole, to avoid accidents and slipping.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Colours and shapes
  • Type of sole

In the topics below you will find detailed information on these and other points to which you should pay attention to choose the slippers that best suit your style.


Slippers may be made of various types of materials, such as various types of fabric, cotton, plush, synthetic materials that imitate animal skin or polyester.

When buying, it is important to check the type of filling and choose non-toxic materials, such as silicon fibres, which reduce the accumulation of dust and are non-toxic, i.e., they do not cause irritations and allergies when in direct contact with the skin.

Although they are recommended for colder days, look for breathable materials, which allow for easy circulation of air to avoid odors or the formation of sweat during use.

Imagem de par de pantufas com estampas de flores rosas.

Slippers are much lighter, softer and more comfortable, which makes them ideal to use indoors. (Source: Tatiana Gladskikh / 123RF)


Before making the purchase, pay attention to the size of the slipper. Some have similar numbering to slippers and shoes, but others have unique sizes.

In these models, they usually come in two or three sizes. Manufacturers also advise you to choose a size a little larger than traditional footwear, so that your feet are more comfortable.

If you are in doubt about your size, use a ruler to measure your foot and use our table below as a reference to choose a slipper that fits perfectly.

Foot length in centimetres Slipper size
21.4 - 22.0 33
22.1 - 22.7 34
22.8 - 23.4 35
23.5 - 24.1 36
24.2 - 24.8 37
24.9 - 25.5 38
25.6 - 26.1 39
26.2 - 26.9 40
27.0 - 27.6 41
27.7 - 28.0 42
28.1 - 28.7 43
28.8 - 29.4 44

Colours and formats

The great attraction of slippers and one of the main differences that make them stand out among so many other types of footwear is that they are casual, colourful and have an infinite number of embroideries, ornaments and shapes.

It is common to find slippers that imitate animals and famous characters from cartoons and famous animations of princesses or superheroes. Whatever your style, it is possible to find a slipper that matches your personality.

Imagem de pés com pantufa de coelho com lareira ao fundo.

Slippers are fun and it is easy to find a model with your favourite colour, animal or character. (Source: Maria Dryfhout / 123RF)

Type of sole

The sole of slippers is located at the bottom and is the part that comes into direct contact with the floor of your home. Especially in models for the elderly and children, it is important to choose non-slip soles to avoid accidents.

The most commonly used materials for the soles are fabric (which may be of the same material as the slipper), cotton or rubberized plastic materials such as PVC, with textures that ensure greater safety when stepping.

(Source of the highlighted image: FotoEmotions / Pixabay)

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