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With an innovative personal organisation concept, the smart notebook helps people to get organised, students to graduate and companies to grow.

The smart notebook differentiator is that this material adapts to your needs and not the other way around. And the smart notebook's intelligence is its versatility. You can remove, add and reorder pages without causing any damage to the structure of the notebook. You can also personalise the smart notebook with different accessories. Read on to learn more about this product.


  • The smart notebook is perfect for personal, professional or student organisation. It can be used as a notebook, diary, notepad or planner.
  • One of the differentials of the smart notebook is the economy, because you can use the same notebook for a long time, just replace the sheet blocks, dividers and accessories.
  • You can find the smart notebook in four sizes: Inteligine, A5, Medium and Large. All of them come with 80 pages - 60 lined and 20 plain - four tab dividers, plastic bag, pencil and pen holder and elastic band.

The Best Smart Notebook: Our Picks

Smart Notebook: Shopping Guide

Technology is constantly evolving in almost all segments, including stationery. Very different from the double spiral or brochure, the smart notebook is an innovative product because it uses plastic discs that allow you to remove, replace and rearrange the sheets.

Available in four sizes, this material can be used for different purposes: agenda, notebook, diary with personal notes, notebook for school or university use. Learn more about the product in this Buying Guide.

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The smart notebook is the best alternative for students. (Source: Nastya_Gepp/

What is a smart notebook?

The smart notebook is customizable. The goal is for you to assemble the notebook the way you prefer by inserting, removing or rearranging different elements in a disk notebook. Initially, you must choose a smart notebook of the size you want.

There are four options: Intelegine, A5, medium or large. The basic configuration includes a name sheet with calendar, 80 pages, 60 lined and 20 blank, four dividers with tabs for identification, elastic holder for a pen or pencil, plastic bag, elastic to close the notebook and the disks.

As you fill this content, you can purchase new blocks, dividers, accessories, disks and even new cover and back cover, making the smart notebook a customizable and renewable item. You can also remove, replace and rearrange the pages as the smart notebook is a disc notebook, meaning instead of spiral or paperback, it has discs, while the sheets have holes with an opening that fits these discs.

The smart notebook allows the replacement of sheets

As the smart notebook allows the replacement of sheets, it is a renewable-use product and has less impact on waste than a standard notebook, which must be discarded after all the sheets are used. You can use the smart notebook for whatever purpose you want: Agenda, planner, diary, study notebook, notepad, among others.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a smart notebook?

The great thing about a smart notebook is that you can customize it. The sheets can be removed, replaced and rearranged whenever you want. You can also buy different refills according to your needs.

Another highlight is the quality of the smart notebook, both the material used in making the cover and back cover, as in the sheets with a weight of 90g that allows you to use any type of pen without smudging the pages. The quality of the product is essential, because the smart notebook was developed to be used for a long period - promotes conscious consumption, reducing waste production and helps preserve the environment.

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Durability is one of the distinguishing features of a smart notebook. (Source: TPHeinz/

The variety of sizes is another plus point. You can find options in four different sizes and they all have the same structure. But stay tuned, prices vary according to the size of the notebook. We would also like to highlight the practicality of a smart notebook.

You can print out summaries, drawings, mind maps, images and photos on any smart notebook sheet and place it back where you want it. The only downside is the price. As the product is handmade and made of excellent quality materials, the price is higher than that of a regular notebook or binder.

But although the initial investment is higher, it is worth buying a smart notebook, because if you add how much you pay for a common notebook and multiply by the number of times you need to change it, you will see that the price will be quite compatible. Learn all the advantages and disadvantages of the smart notebook in the table below:

  • Perfect for personal, professional and student organization
  • Models in four different sizes
  • Simple hard cover, covered in fabric or synthetic material
  • It is a reusable item
  • Only one brand manufactures the smart notebook in Brazil
  • The price is relatively high

Can I customize the smart notebook?

Yes, of course. You can buy refills of lined, white, dotted, grid, photo or tracing paper - colored or black and white - for all sizes of smart notebooks. In addition to the basic contents of a smart notebook, you can buy other accessories to make your notebook functional.

You can buy a plastic bag, a case that connects to the notebook, organizer folders, bookmarks, ruler, stickers, mirror, card organizer and decorative pendants - there are several options such as symbols of signs, professions, letters and various icons. Another excellent option is an accessory which is used to attach a tablet, smartphone or Kindle to the smart notebook.

Imagem de refis de folhas utilizados em um caderno inteligente.

Remember to buy sheets in a size compatible with the smart notebook. (Source: Ana Cruz/

What care should I take with the smart notebook?

The smart notebook is not a cheap product, so you need to take some care to maintain usability and prolong the life of the product. Some key instructions are:

  • Hold the sheet with your fingers close to the disks and pull it gently from top to bottom when you want to remove it.
  • Never pull the sheets from the side, as this can damage them and impair the fit in the smartbook.
  • To replace a sheet in the smart notebook, place it on the discs and snap it in place by pressing with your fingers.
  • You will find disks of different sizes, each one holds a maximum number of pages. Respect this limit to avoid problems with the sheets coming loose.

What are the differences between the smart notebook and the binder?

The smart notebook offers the same freedom of organisation as the binder, but there are some differences between the two products. First, the smart notebook has disks that make it possible to remove, replace or rearrange items such as cover and back cover, sheet blocks, dividers and many other accessories unavailable in a binder.

The binder, on the other hand, has rings that must be opened and closed to put on and remove the sheet pads or dividers. These rings can hurt you if they close on your fingers - this little "accident" happens easily. In a binder, you cannot change the cover or back cover. Another differentiator is the sheets.

While the smart notebook carries snap-in sheets that can be - literally - pulled out and put back in, the sheets in the binder are more fragile and can easily detach from the structure. We can also mention that the smart notebook is available in four sizes, while the binder can be seen in two sizes, which limits the possibilities of use.

Purchase criteria: How to choose a smart notebook

The smart notebook can be used for different purposes. Establishing the purpose of use is the first step to getting it right when choosing a smart notebook. But it is important to evaluate other features such as those listed below:

We will evaluate each of the features throughout this section. Don't forget to rate and share this content with your friends.


You can find the smart notebook in four sizes. Find out which is the best alternative for you below.

  • Inteligine (101 x 142 mm) is the smallest smart notebook on sale - it fits in your handbag. Although small, it has everything you need to use the notebook for different purposes. It is perfect to use as a notebook or address book.
  • A5 (155 x 220 mm) is slightly larger than the previous model: Exactly half of a sulphite sheet in A4 size. It provides enough space to write, draw and doodle without taking up space in the backpack. It can be used as a diary, journal or notepad.
  • Medium (190 x 255 mm) is an intermediate between A5 and university size notebooks. In the medium size smart notebook you can write a lot without feeling the weight of carrying a larger notebook. It is ideal for students who don't want to carry a backpack every day. It is also perfect for a business meeting.
  • Large (215 x 280 mm) is ideal for those who need a lot of space to write notes, like students or university students. It has the same format and size as an A4 sheet of paper.

Material and design

The smart notebook can have a simple hard cover, a fabric lining or an eco-friendly material. The design is the smart notebook's distinguishing feature. You can find plain or printed options. The plain models are colored. They can be in pastel shades - pink, yellow, green, blue or lilac - or in vibrant colours - sky blue, cherry, gold, black or white. The notebooks of the Sereiando collection have holographic covers in pink or blue.

Imagem de um caderno inteligente.

The eye-catching design of a smart notebook. (Source: Miesha Moriniere/

Standard or customisable smart notebook

In addition to the conventional models, you can customise the smart notebook through the brand's website. You can choose your preferred cover and back cover, disc set, elastic band colour and sheet types.

Did you know that it is possible to order a personalised version of the smart notebook to gift your company's employees or customers with fully customised with your branding? The smart business notebook features a special cover, back cover, dividers and content. The coolest thing is that the corporate prices are more advantageous

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