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The food processor by Smeg will delight you with its well thought-out functionality and quality workmanship. The round design and the colourful palette in the style of the 50's combined with the latest technology will definitely make your heart beat faster. The Smeg food processor not only looks chic, but also has something to offer from a technical point of view. 800 watts of power, planetary mixer, a wide range of accessories, 10 speed settings and much more make the Smeg food processor indispensable in a kitchen

With our big Smeg food processor test 2021 we want to help you find your perfect food processor. We have done our research and found out all the requirements that you should have for a Smeg food processor and summarised them for you in the following. In this way, we want to make your purchase decision easier.


  • The Smeg company is particularly known for its products in the style of the 50s. Smeg relies on extravagant design and high-quality materials for its kitchen machines.
  • The Smeg kitchen machine is very popular with hobby bakers as well as professionals. The powerful Direct Drive motor with 800 watts ensures a perfect mixing result.
  • The Smeg food processor is an all-round talent, because the extensive accessories allow you not only to mix, but also to cut, slice, grate, make pasta and even mince.

The Best Smeg Food Processor: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Smeg Food Processor

What price range are Smeg kitchen machines in?

Smeg food processors are in the upper price range and are comparatively cheaper than other food processors.

Compare prices on various comparison sites - there are always fair offers.

However, the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. The price only depends on two features, namely whether the food processor comes in full colour (both swivel arm and base) or not.

The standard model costs €449.00 and the price increases the more specifically the food processor is designed. A Smeg food processor in full colour costs €529.00 and is available in many colours.

What distinguishes Smeg kitchen machines from other manufacturers?

The special thing about Smeg kitchen machines is the modern technology and the distinctive style. Creativity and the special design reflect the Smeg company to its fullest. Smeg stays true to its line and always launches products in 50's retro or nostalgic style. The company is particularly outstanding in the field of innovation, because Smeg guarantees features such as durability, safety, style, longevity and versatility in its kitchen machines.

For more than 60 years, Smeg has been convincing with its diversity and quality in the field of household electronics

Smeg not only has high-quality kitchen machines in its range, but also ovens, refrigerators and even washing machines, which not only convince with the latest technology, but also with a distinctive style.

What other kitchen gadgets does Smeg have to go with your food processor?

If you're convinced that the Smeg food processor is perfect for you, then here are some other suggestions that would look great next to your new food processor:

  • The 50's Retro Style Kettle
  • The 50's Retro Style Toaster
  • The 50's Retro Style Espresso Coffee Maker
  • The 50's Retro Style Stand Mixer

What other variants are there of the Smeg food processor?

Smeg Food Processor 50's Retro Style in Full Colour

With the standard model of the Smeg food processor, only the housing was in colour and the stand was uniformly in metal. The new models, however, bring more colour into the kitchen- The Smeg Food Processor in Full Color. This food processor comes with a full paint finish in red, black, cream and white.

As already mentioned, Smeg focuses on eye-catching design in the style of the 50's and therefore the style elements and ergonomic shapes have a definite recognition value.

Smeg Food Processor 50's Retro Style with Glass Bowl

Another novelty that Smeg has in its assortment is the food processor with glass bowl in 50's retro style. It differs only minimally from the other versions, but this small detail makes a big difference in the look. A glass bowl instead of a stainless steel bowl is not a novelty, but the Smeg company clearly had an idea behind it: clear and simple in combination with style and eye-catching.

We would like to briefly show you the advantages and disadvantages of the Smeg food processor so that you can get a better idea of your future Smeg food processor:

  • Direct Drive motor prevents power loss
  • Overload protection prevents motor overload
  • Planetary mixer processes all ingredients equally
  • Smooth whisk can handle even the toughest mixtures
  • High-quality manufacturing guarantees durability
  • Has moderate volume
  • Comes with a weight of 9.1 kg
  • Model selection is very limited
  • Tends to be in the upper price range

Buying Criteria: You can use these Factors to compare and evaluate Smeg Food Processors

We have summarised the most important features of a Smeg food processor for you so that you can get a good overview right from the start.


The Smeg food processor is equipped with a planetary mixer. This type of mixer achieves the shape of staggered ellipses with its movements. This ensures that all ingredients are processed evenly without any residue sticking to the edges.

With the Smeg food processor, you can easily process even the toughest mixtures without much effort, such as shortcrust pastry, sponge cake dough, puree, cream puffs or preparations for meat dishes.


Motor power plays a very important role in kitchen machines. When buying a food processor, you should make sure that it does not have less than 500 watts, because only a powerful motor can knead wholemeal bread dough or pizza dough. The Smeg food processor is a trendsetter here, because it has an 800-watt motor.

Smeg Küchenmaschine-1

If you want to make not only sponge dough but also shortcrust pastry or pizza dough, make sure you choose a food processor that has a powerful motor. (Image source: Amin)

The planetary mixer and the motor power together achieve an optimal dough with the Smeg food processor. Even heavy doughs are easily managed by the Smeg food processor with the dough hook, as the motor is mounted in the swivel arm.

Speed levels

The Smeg food processor has ten power levels, allowing you to adjust the speed to suit your recipe. Smeg has solved the problem of operating the appliance for left- or right-handed people very well: The slider is mounted on the top of the food processor and is therefore easy to operate for everyone.

The Smooth Start function ensures a slow start, preventing splashing and churning of ingredients.

At the back of the mixer arm is a button with which you can fold up the swivel arm, so changing the attachments is quick and easy. We would like to mention here that Smeg pays attention to safety with its food processor, because you cannot operate the machine with the mixing arm in the up position. This means that you can't switch on the food processor while the swivel arm is up and mess up your kitchen.


Smeg focuses on quality instead of quantity in its food processors and therefore uses excellent materials. The kitchen machine from Smeg is kept simple, but still has a very stylish design. The motor head is in the mixing arm and the housing is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium. The metal base with rubber studs provide additional stability.


The Smeg food processor is not only suitable for mixing and stirring, the list of accessories is much more extensive compared to other manufacturers. The attachments are mounted directly on the front of the swivel arm, no additional attachment is necessary. To give you a brief overview of the accessories, we have listed the most important attachments:

  • The Smeg pasta roller attachment: With the pasta roller, you can easily make your own pasta from the comfort of your own home. If you want to try something different, there are other attachments for the pasta roller. With these you can easily make fettuccine or ravioli without being a top Italian chef.
  • The meat grinder attachment by Smeg: The meat grinder set is made of stainless steel and processes raw meat, be it coarse, medium or very fine, without any effort. With the meat grinder set, you get two more attachments for stuffing sausages and a kebab, turning your Smeg food processor into an all-purpose appliance.
  • The Smeg vegetable slicer attachment: This attachment is versatile because you can process vegetables, cheese or fruit in no time, even for a large family. The housing itself is made of high-quality plastic and the various attachments are made of stainless steel, with which you can cut medium and fine slices and also grate coarsely and finely.

Smeg Küchenmaschine-2

Smeg has a well-stocked range as far as accessories are concerned, including a pasta roller attachment with which you can make Italian pasta at home. (Image source: Zapata)

Facts worth knowing about Smeg Food Processors

Can you make bread dough in the Smeg food processor?

The Smeg food processor can easily process any type of bread dough. It is capable of doing so because of the 800 watt motor and the planetary mixer. You can successfully make wholemeal bread dough, pizza dough and even shortcrust pastry with the Smeg food processor.

What else can the Smeg food processor do besides mixing?

The Smeg food processor is truly an all-round talent. With the extensive attachments, you can process almost anything. Making pasta the Italian way is child's play with the pasta roller attachment. Minced meat of any consistency will no longer be a problem for you with the meat grinder attachment and you will know exactly what goes into your minced meat.

Make the Smeg food processor your all-round kitchen helper and use it for more than just baking.

If you need to cut and slice a lot of vegetables or fruit in a short time, even then the Smeg food processor can help you with the vegetable slicer attachments.

How heavy is the Smeg food processor?

The Smeg food processor has a proud weight of 9.1 kg. On the one hand, it is very advantageous if the food processor is heavy, as there is no danger of it "wandering". For older or weaker people, however, this weight can become a problem if it has to be moved.

The weight is made up of the high-quality aluminium housing, the motor inside and the stainless steel mixing bowl with a capacity of 4.8 litres. Due to these features, the weight is no longer relevant and is outweighed by all the positive aspects.

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