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Snowboarding is becoming more and more popular. And the amount and demand for clothing for this sport is also increasing more and more as a result. Especially with snowboard trousers, you have to pay attention to many important things. There are many criteria for buying snowboard pants and most people don't know that.

This lack of knowledge can lead to several problems when buying and later using snowboard pants. If you are thinking about buying a pair of snowboard pants, you have come to the right place. In this snowboard trousers test 2022 we have listed and explained the most important information about snowboard trousers to make it easier for you to buy snowboard trousers.


  • Nowadays, snowboarding without snowboard trousers is unthinkable. There are different types and therefore also important things to look for when buying snowboard pants
  • Snowboard trousers should help you to make snowboarding as easy and comfortable as possible. And, of course, to make your falls a little smoother.
  • They also have things like extra padding around the knees and buttocks, since you'll be in contact with the board more often when snowboarding than when skiing with your skis, and you'll always have to sit on the slope even when you're standing still.

The Best Snowboard Pants: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for snowboard pants

Of course, you shouldn't just buy any pair of snowboarding pants without taking a good look at them first. Especially when it comes to winter clothing, such as snowboard pants, it is very important that you choose a good pair. That's why we have selected the most important buying and evaluation criteria for you and described them in more detail to make it easier for you to buy snowboard pants.

The criteria that you can use to compare snowboard trousers with each other are:

In the following sections we explain what you should look for in the criteria already mentioned.


Of course, your snowboard pants should not let any water through. Especially when you start snowboarding, you will often come into contact with snow or ice. Snowboarding is known for the fact that you often fall or slip, especially in the beginning. It is therefore very important that your snowboard pants are water-repellent.

The water column indicates how waterproof your snowboard pants are.

But even as an advanced or professional snowboarder, you often come into contact with snow or ice. So of course it's not only important for beginners to have water-repellent snowboarding pants. Either way, you should not get wet through your snowboard pants.

Therefore, this point is one of the most important criteria for your purchase of snowboard pants. You can determine how water-repellent your snowboard pants are by the so-called water column. Normal trousers are waterproof from a water column of 4,000 millimetres.

However, since your pants are often exposed to extreme conditions such as wind, snow or ice, you should not buy snowboard pants with a water column of less than 15,000 millimetres. However, if you are looking to buy a high quality pair of snowboard pants, they should have a water column of 27,000 millimetres or more.


Snowboarding is one of the most wind-exposed winter sports. You are always on the mountain and the wind is usually strongest there. Therefore, your snowboard pants should be as windproof as possible. Everyone wants to be warm and comfortable when snowboarding, and the wind shouldn't stop you. But there are differences in how windproof they are. So you should find out exactly how windproof they are before you buy them, because by the time you get to the slopes it's too late.


Another important criterion is whether your snowboard pants are breathable. Snowboarding is of course not an easy winter sport. Whether it is very cold or not, you can still sweat easily. Therefore, it is very important that your snowboard pants are breathable. This makes snowboarding much easier and more comfortable for you.

With snowboard pants, it is very important that your sweat does not stay on your body, but can easily escape from the pants.

If this is not the case, you could catch a cold or get sick. And you should not be exposed to this danger every time you go snowboarding, but you should be able to go snowboarding without any worries.

Including snow guard

It is also very important that the legs of your snowboarding trousers are well fastened to your boots. This is why there is a so-called snow skirt, which should not be missing from any pair of snowboard pants. This is usually overlooked by many, but it plays a big role in your snowboard pants. It perfectly connects the trouser leg to the snowboard boots.

The snow guard prevents snow from getting into your shoes or onto your legs. After all, who likes to have wet and cold feet when snowboarding? Nobody! That's why you should pay close attention to an integrated snow guard. If you don't have one, we recommend that you keep looking for snowboarding pants.

Reflectors present

When buying snowboarding pants, you should not do without reflectors. They could save your life. For example, you are on the slopes at night or in the evening. If you are dressed in dark clothing, things like snowcats will not be able to see you.

Reflectors react to light and therefore do not need batteries.

But if you have reflectors on your snowboard pants, they will reflect the light and you will not be so easily overlooked, but noticed. Reflectors are also a great help for mountain rescuers. If people in accidents have reflectors, they can be seen and rescued much more quickly and easily.

Many people also tend to go off the beaten track sometimes. This is usually very risky, of course, and reflectors are very helpful and make the journey safer. In addition to reflectors, you should also think about the colour of your snowboard pants. Dark clothing makes it much more difficult for you to be seen and noticed than bright and flashy clothing.


Of course, your snowboard pants can get dirty very quickly due to the various weather conditions and the numerous possible falls. Therefore, it is important that they are washable. Of course, it is best if they are machine washable. That makes washing much easier, of course. You can easily tell from the label whether it is washable or not. When washing snowboard pants, there are three important things you should keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to the label
  • do not wash with normal detergent
  • do not wash too often

The most important thing is to look at the label. This is where you can find everything that is important for washing your snowboard pants. It shows you how many degrees Celsius the snowboard pants can be washed at and whether you need to wash them on the delicate cycle.

In addition, you should never wash your snowboard pants in the normal wash cycle with a normal detergent. These detergents can only harm your trousers. There are special detergents for this purpose, which also impregnate your snowboard pants at the same time.

Nevertheless, you should only wash your snowboard pants if it is really necessary. The less you wash your snowboard pants, the longer their protection lasts and the longer they remain impregnated. So it's best not to put your snowboard pants in the washing machine because of every little stain.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying snowboard pants

In the following sections, we have summarised the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you to make buying snowboard pants easier.

What is special about snowboarding pants and what advantages do they offer?

Snowboard pants are specially adapted to the demands of a snowboarder. They are made of two-layer outer materials that are totally tear-resistant. In addition, the snowboard pants are water-repellent, windproof and yet breathable.


Snowboarding is becoming more and more popular and trendy. Therefore, it is also important to have the right snowboard clothing.
(Image source: Naomi Hutchinson / Unsplash)

Snowboard pants are one of three important layers of snowboard clothing:

layer Description
base layer This is the first layer. The layer that is directly on your skin. It causes the sweat that builds up while snowboarding to move away from your body and not stay on your body. For example: long underwear.
Insulation layer The middle layer. It traps heat and keeps the cold away from the body. For example: leggings
Outer shell The outermost layer. It protects your body from water, rain, snow and wind. These are the snowboard pants.

Because you often come into contact with the board or the slope when snowboarding, snowboarding pants have a high abrasion resistance. Snowboard pants also have thicker padding in the knee and seat area. This means that you are well protected in this area with snowboarding pants.

This is also important when snowboarding because, as already mentioned, you often come into contact with the board. To make this more comfortable for you, there is padding.

What types of snowboard trousers are there?

Snowboard trousers are mainly divided into softshell and hardshell snowboard trousers. So that you can buy the right snowboard pants for you, we have listed and explained these two types in more detail in the following section.

Softshell snowboard pants

Softshell snowboard trousers usually consist of two or three layers. The outermost layer is the most durable, which is either its own layer or sewn to the inner layer. These snowboard trousers are lightweight and very flexible. In the table below, we have listed the most important advantages and disadvantages of softshell snowboard pants.

  • Breathable
  • Soft wearing comfort
  • Easy transport
  • Low waterproofness
  • Heat escapes relatively quickly

Softshell snowboard trousers are very breathable. However, as a result, they have a lower waterproofness. They are known for being very soft and comfortable to wear, which is why these types of snowboard trousers are very popular.

Hardshell Snowboard Pants

Hardshell snowboard trousers have a special membrane. This is laminated into the outer fabric or between the inner and outer fabric. This gives these snowboard trousers a powerful durability. They are also very important and absolutely waterproof, which is unfortunately noticeable in the breathability.

  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • Keeps very warm
  • Less breathable
  • Usually feel hard
  • Usually more expensive than softshell snowboard trousers

Hardshell snowboard trousers are characterised by the fact that they are 100 percent waterproof. Unfortunately, this is reflected in the breathability, which is not as good as that of softshell snowboard trousers. However, hardshell snowboard trousers keep you very warm.

Who are snowboard pants suitable for?

Basically, snowboard pants are primarily suitable for snowboarders. They are therefore also designed for snowboarding and have things that ski pants do not have, such as reinforced padding in the knee and seat area.


Snowboard pants are primarily designed for snowboarding. However, they can also be worn for skiing.
(Image source: Yann Allegré / Unsplash)

In addition, snowboarding pants have a wider cut than skiing pants, because snowboarding requires more leg work than skiing. And that's why you need another pair of pants. Of course, you can also use snowboarding pants for skiing. However, you have to keep in mind that snowboarding pants are not the same as skiing pants.

What length should the snowboard pants be?

The comfort is the most important part of your snowboard pants. This includes the size and, more importantly, the length of the snowboarding pants. When choosing the length, you should make sure that the snowboarding pants go well over your shoes. However, it is important that the snowboard pants do not go too long over the shoes, otherwise they could get caught in the binding of the shoes.

When trying them on, you should always bear in mind that you will still be wearing clothing underneath the pants when you go snowboarding later on. You always have to calculate this when you try them on.

When you try on your snowboard pants, you should always try them on with your snowboard boots, if possible. This way you can see how long the pants go over your snowboard boots and whether the length fits. In addition to the length, the size is also a very important criterion for wearing comfort. Your snowboard pants should therefore fit comfortably at the waist and go well over your boots.

What do I have to consider when washing snowboard pants?

As we already mentioned in the buying and evaluation criteria section, washing snowboard pants is very important and you have to pay attention to several things. The most important thing you should pay attention to when washing your snowboard pants is: check the label! The most important things to look out for are written on the label of the snowboard pants.

It shows how many degrees Celsius you can wash the pants at and whether you should wash them on the delicate cycle. In addition, you should never wash your snowboard pants with ordinary detergent. If you do, there is a risk that the protection on the pants will become weaker and weaker.

You should only wash your snowboard pants when it is really necessary, otherwise the protection can be lost.

There are special detergents that are suitable for washing snowboard pants and impregnate the pants at the same time.

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