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You like to drink sparkling water and are tired of carrying bottles / cans home? Then you can easily carbonate normal tap water by investing in a soda maker. Since the models we recommend come with reusable plastic bottles and use refillable carbon dioxide bottles, they create less waste than buying cans or bottles.

If one refill cylinder can carbonate about 60 litres of water, that means you don't have to buy 60 plastic bottles. With our big soda maker 2022 we want to help you find the best water bubbler for you. We will explain more in the following.


  • By adding CO2 to tap water, a soda maker allows you to create customised sparkling tap water by applying pressure. Among the many advantages of a soda maker is the end of lugging water boxes, as well as environmental protection by reducing the use of plastic bottles...
  • When choosing a suitable soda maker, you should consider not only ease of use but also the availability of spare parts, bubbler bottles and CO2 cylinders.
  • Continuous cleaning of the parts will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Best Soda Maker: Our Picks

Soda makers: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following section, we would like to explain to you which criteria you can use to decide between the many different soda makers.

To summarise, the aspects of buying a water sprinkler are:

Would you like to know more about each individual criterion? Then just read on here!


First and foremost, the price is very relevant when buying a soda maker. Some models are usually much cheaper than recommended by the manufacturer.

Check out online shops before you buy. In most cases, individual models are offered at a lower price than the RRP. This can save you a few euros.

Operation and features

Here it depends mainly on who will be operating the device. The simplest possible operation is of course ideal, especially if the soda maker is also to be operated by children.

  • Bubblebutton / bubble lever: They are the main feature here. The rule here is: larger knobs are easier to handle.
  • Closure: Another important aspect is the bottle closure. A self-closing SNAP cap is simpler than a screw cap. With screw caps, the bottle receptacle of many models offers too little space for a second hand to hold the body. This makes screwing the cylinder complicated for both older people and children.
  • CO2 cylinder: Replacing the cylinder should be easy. There are several criteria for this: How can the cover be removed? Is the space to the inside of the corpus easily accessible? etc.
  • Cleaning: It must be possible to clean the bottles, the body, the bubble nozzle and all parts of the bottle holder or any part that comes into contact with the bubble water. Ideally, both bottles and parts should be dishwasher safe.

Size / Weight / Dimensions

In addition to price, size and weight play an important role. Before buying, you should always consider whether the shape of the appliance will fit on your worktop or kitchen shelf. When making your purchase, it is essential to pay attention to the stability of the product.

The following applies to the majority of models: the more stable, the more space they take up. In smaller kitchens, where there is not always enough room for a soda maker, you should consider not only the size but also the weight. If necessary, your soda maker should be able to be quickly stowed away with little effort.


The accessories and spare parts of the soda maker should not be ignored; soda maker bottles should be replaced every 2 - max. 4 years. Bottles of some models are available in different sizes: PEN bottles are better than PET bottles.

It happens that the bottle cap breaks, so it is always a good idea to check if you can order a cap separately in this case without having to take one or even more bottles.

Soda makers: Frequently asked questions and answers

In this section, we have listed the most important questions on the subject of water sprays and the answers to them. The guide contains enough information that will definitely help you with your purchase decision.

What is a soda maker?

A soda maker is a device with which you can add CO2 to tap water in a pressurised atmosphere and thus produce sparkling water. This turns normal tap water into delicious sparkling water. All you need is tap water, a CO2 cylinder and your soda maker.

Another advantage of a water sprinkler is its contribution to environmental protection: fewer plastic bottles.

  • No lugging of boxes
  • less environmental damage
  • saving of time and energy
  • saving in the long run
  • bad taste with poor water quality
  • demanding cleaning

With available syrups you can make your own fizzy refreshment. If you often have guests or like to throw parties, you don't have to worry too much about drinks.

How does a soda maker work?

Soda makers inject carbon dioxide into water to create a fizz, making sparkling water, At its simplest, a good drink maker should easily add enough carbon dioxide to produce water with a snappy, Perrier-like fizz.

With a soda maker, you don't have to choose between strong or medium, you can adjust the strength of the bubbles to your liking, and it doesn't even take a minute.

A soda maker makes it possible for you to carbonate tap water anywhere with little expenditure of time, but also of energy.

Who is a soda maker suitable for?

For anyone who likes to drink a lot of water. If you have ever tasted home-made sparkling water, then you know what we are talking about.

The taste of sparkling water is far superior to mineral water from the supermarket.

Also for people who are tired of carrying boxes or trays of 6, a water bubbler is indispensable. Especially for the elderly and people with physical limitations, a soda maker is the ideal alternative to water from the supermarket. If you are a person who places a high value on vital minerals, you should prefer to use sparkling tap water rather than mineral water from the discount store.

What types of soda makers are there?

As already mentioned, there are the conventional water bubblers with CO2 cylinder and the soda siphon. With the normal water bubbler, you have many more advantages: you can connect the device directly to the tap water (with some models), the carbonic acid strength can be adjusted individually and you can also refine your water very easily with syrups.

Type Cleaning Carbonation intensity Spare parts
SodaStream Elaborate Individually adjustable Available
Soda siphons Simple No adjustment None required

With a smaller budget, you're in good hands with Soda-Siphon. You also get quite good sparkling water at a lower price, but it lacks some of the advantages, such as the individual adjustment of the carbonic acid intensity.

How much does a soda maker cost?

The price range varies between the different manufacturer brands. The price varies depending on the quality and extra features. The range goes from about 70 to over 1000 euros.

The price of a mediocre water sprinkler starts at around 100 euros, whereby the more modern and the more features, the higher the price.

Type price range
Aarke Carbonator from 100 euros
SodaStream from 70 euros
Soda siphons from 40 euros

In the long run and with constant use, it is worthwhile to buy a soda maker - ideally a mid-range one. The purchase pays for itself relatively quickly compared to the constant purchase of mineral water.

However, buying a too-expensive soda maker does not pay off compared to the continuous purchase of discount mineral water.

What are the alternatives to a soda maker?

Beverage manufacturers use a cylinder to inject the CO2, which is the most effective method. Over the years, some alternative carbonation methods have been developed, such as sodium bicarbonate tablets or trays filled with carbonator beads.

Siphons and hand-held soda makers use one-off CO2 cartridges that can only carbonate about a litre of water. However, with these carbonation methods you cannot adjust the carbonation level. Soda siphons are an ideal alternative. They are much cheaper than conventional soda maker, but still make delicious sparkling water.

How do I properly clean a soda maker?

There are many ways you can clean your soda maker One option would be to clean the surface regularly with a thorough cleaning including the nozzle and the bottle. You will also need to clean the housing regularly. However, this depends on where you have placed your soda maker. Normally, it is sufficient to clean the housing every few weeks; you can wipe away dust with a dry cloth. The best thing to do is to use warm water and normal washing-up liquid to remove grease residues.

If you want to clean the soda maker thoroughly, citric acid is an ideal home remedy for descaling.

To do this, fill the bottle of the bubbler with citric acid and let the bubbler run normally and take effect. To remove the citric acid residue, repeat the process with clean water. Descaling should be carried out weekly. For tasty clean water, clean the bottles of the water dispenser after each use, especially if you use syrups.


In our test, we were able to determine a number of differences in the operation of the many models of soda maker. Some are easy to operate, others are complicated. The taste of the water varied according to the quality of the water and the intensity of the carbonic acid. For water lovers, the purchase of a water sprinkler is definitely recommended. Ideally, you should also add syrups to refine your refreshing drink. Enjoy it!

Image source: Olga Miltsova / 123rf