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Whether with friends or family - those who enjoy good company like to linger longer at the dining table after a shared meal.

If you know this situation very well, a table sofa could be a worthwhile investment for you to make such moments even more enjoyable. In this article, you will learn exactly what a table sofa is and why it might suit you.

We will also give you buying criteria so that you can choose the right one from the large selection of models. Furthermore, we answer questions about assembly and care and present the best table sofas for every taste.


  • Table sofas are upholstered furniture especially for the dining table. They are also known as kitchen sofas, East Frisian sofas or dining sofas.
  • Table sofas are available in many different designs. With a wide range of sizes, materials, colours and styles, they can fit into a variety of interiors.
  • The benefits of table sofas include increased comfort when dining and an attractive appearance. They can also have other practical features such as additional storage space.

The Best Sofa Table: Our Picks

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Table Sofas

With the models of table sofas available, it can be difficult to make a purchase decision. To help you decide, we'll show you what's important when buying a table sofa. You should consider the following buying criteria:

Whether you consider all of these criteria in your decision and how you prioritise them depends, of course, on your personal requirements for the table sofa.


The size of the table sofa depends on the available space. In a spacious dining room, larger models fit in without any problems. For limited space, as is often the case in combined living and dining areas, space-saving dining room benches are suitable.

The width of the dining table is also important. If you buy a table sofa for an existing dining table, it should not be wider than the table. It looks particularly harmonious if the table sofa is just as wide as the dining table.

Alternatively, a slightly shorter table sofa also looks good at the table. Finally, many manufacturers provide information on the number of people who can sit on the model. They usually designate the respective model as a two-, three- or four-seater.


Two types of materials are usually used for table sofas. These are, on the one hand, types of wood such as oak, beech or pine for the base and various cover materials for the upholstered seat.

Covers are usually made of genuine or imitation leather, polyester, cotton or microfibre. You can decide for or against a material for aesthetic reasons. Ease of care should also play a role. Properties such as lightfastness, absorption of liquids, tendency to piling and robustness can differ between cover types.

Furthermore, the available materials are priced differently. Genuine leather in particular is only available in higher price segments. On the other hand, this material is characterised by its high durability. If you intend to make a long-term investment, this could justify the relatively high price.


Table sofas are available in countless colours, from plain or colourful to gradient. White, beige, brown or grey are ideal for rather plain living concepts. If you want a bit more colour, models in blue, green, yellow or pink might be something for you. Some colours come out particularly well with certain covers. A microfibre cover with a velour look, for example, is particularly chic in petrol or red.


Table sofas fit in well with different furnishing styles because of their different materials, colours and shapes. For a modern, timeless living concept, simple shapes, a wooden base and fabric or leather covers in natural colours are ideal.

The same applies to a Scandinavian furnishing style. This comes into its own all the more with particularly simple models with natural cotton covers. The charming country house style may also appeal to you.

For this, we recommend table sofas that combine a driftwood look with white or beige fabric. The East Frisian sofa, often available with a chequered print, is also a suitable choice. Metal frames, fancy sofa feet, flowered upholstery or models in the style of Chesterfield sofas go well with retro or vintage furnishings.

Functional features

Table sofas can have practical functional features. Some of them are obvious, such as the presence of armrests. In some models, the armrests can be folded down so that the sofa can be moved closer to the table.

Furthermore, some table sofas can even be converted into sofa beds in a few simple steps. Table sofas can also be extendable, have practical storage space or be available as part of a larger dining group.

If you are concerned about the care of your table sofa, you can make sure that the model has a removable cover. If you are looking for a space-saving solution, corner table sofas can help.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about table sofas answered in detail

In the following, we answer possible questions about table sofas. These answers may help you in your own decision to buy a table sofa.

What is a table sofa?

Table sofas are upholstered furniture specially designed for the dining table in the kitchen, dining room or combined living and dining area. The table sofa has a number of advantages over conventional dining groups with simple chairs.

It brings comfort and atmosphere to your dining area, inviting you to linger and chat. A table sofa can also make doing homework and other activities at the dining table more pleasant.

A table sofa can bring more than just aesthetic benefits. Unlike conventional dining chairs, it also invites you to spend extensive dining evenings with increased seating comfort. (Image source: Andrea Piacquadio / pexels)

A table sofa should not be confused with the conventional living room couch. To be able to eat comfortably on it, it has a higher seat and longer legs. The backrest is also often higher and firmer, which promotes an upright posture at the dining table.

What types of table sofas are there?

Table sofas come in a wide variety of designs. You can be sure that you will find a model that suits your taste, your needs and your budget. To help you navigate through the wide range, you can consult our broad product selection and our buying criteria. The main differentiating aspects of table sofas are size, material, colour, style and functional features.


Table sofas are available for a small price, but they can do a lot for your dining area. If you love an evening of cooking and chatting with friends or family, you'll be thrilled with this investment. You can enhance the comfort and atmosphere you want your future table sofa to bring with the right choice of material, colour or style.

We hope that our guide has provided you with an inspiring selection of products and important buying criteria. We also hope that your questions about table sofas have now been answered. We wish you much pleasure and comfort with your future table sofa. (Cover: Leemelina08 / Pixabay)