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We love them all. The delicious soup that we love to eat, whether as a starter or main course. Especially when we are sick or when we want to warm up because it is cold outside, we all long for a warm soup.

But what is the best way to serve soup? Exactly, with a soup tureen. Not only is it very practical because it keeps the soup warm, but it also makes it possible to present the soup stylishly on the table thanks to a wide variety of designs. To help you decide, we have compared different soup tureens and listed what you should look for when buying one.


  • Soup tureens come in a wide variety of designs, colours, shapes and materials to suit all tastes.
  • Whether you cook half a litre or perhaps even 3 litres of soup, there are soup tureens with many different capacities.
  • In addition to soup tureens made of stainless steel, which are often found in restaurants, there are also tureens made of porcelain or ceramic, which bring style and elegance to your household.

The Best Soup Tureen: Our Picks

To help you decide which soup tureen is best for you, we have listed our favourites below. We have covered different materials, functions and designs. You can then order the respective soup tureen directly.

Buying and evaluation criteria for soup tureens

In this section, we have listed the most important criteria you should pay attention to when buying so that you can find the soup tureen that exactly meets your individual taste. The criteria are:

We explain these criteria below so that you know what to look for in the criteria.


Soup tureens are now available in a wide variety of materials, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. The classic soup tureen is made of porcelain. It looks very elegant and is particularly suitable for festive occasions. On the other hand, it is difficult to clean and very fragile.

The stainless steel soup tureen is also very durable, but more stable compared to the porcelain soup tureen. Disposable soup tureens are available in plastic and also in cardboard. Of course, you should also pay attention to sustainability.


Soup tureens come in a wide variety of sizes. There are soup tureens that can hold 750 ml of soup, but there are also tureens for 5 litres of soup. Therefore, before buying, you should think carefully about how many people you usually want to serve soup to. In the catering industry, for example, many guests are expected, which is why you should buy a larger soup tureen.

You should also take into account that some soup tureens require more space in the house than you might think. The larger the soup tureen, the harder it is to store.


When buying your soup tureen, you will come across many different styles and designs. There are antique, retro or vintage soup tureens, but also modern soup tureens. Therefore, you should think very carefully about what goes well with your interior design.

If the soup tureen is used for a special occasion, such as a wedding, you should also pay attention to the design.


Soup tureens are not only available in white, but also in all other colours. So be more specific in your search, you will find everything from Indian blue to soup tureens with gold rims.

Of course, soup tureens also come in different shapes. Besides the classic oval ones, there are also square ones.

Keep warm function

Of course, a soup tureen should keep the soup warm - after all, that's what it's there for. If this criterion is important to you, you should also make sure that your soup tureen has a lid, because there are also some without.

When baking a soup, you should make sure that your tureen is oven-safe. Also find out whether it is microwaveable, if this criterion is important to you.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about soup tureens answered in detail

To keep you even better informed, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about soup tureens in detail in this section.

Who is a soup tureen suitable for?

For people who like to eat soup and want to serve it elegantly. Especially if you often serve soup to guests and want to give them the opportunity to serve themselves several times, depending on their appetite, a soup tureen is the perfect choice.

With a large soup tureen, guests at events can serve themselves as many portions as they like. (Image source: Congerdesign / Pixabay)

How can you plant and decorate a soup tureen?

You can use the tureen not only for soup, but also as decoration! This way, your bowl won't stay empty if you don't use it for a while. One way to use the tureen as a decoration is to plant it. To do this, simply think of the soup tureen as a plant container.

For Easter, you can decorate your tureen with flowers, a little bunny and a bow. To give your soup tureen a Christmas touch, you can place candles, pine cones or even Christmas balls in your tureen.

How do you clean a soup tureen?

Depending on the material, some soup tureens are easier to clean than others. In any case, you should find out whether your soup tureen is dishwasher safe. If not, you can clean it by hand with a little washing-up liquid. Stains can be removed with lemon concentrate or vinegar essence.


If you want to present your soup stylishly and elegantly to your guests on the table, a soup tureen is the perfect option. The different designs and materials allow you to adapt the tureen to your taste and interior design.

However, don't just look at the appearance and aesthetics, but also the workmanship, functionality and quality, so that the soup tureen becomes a practical part of your kitchen!

Cover photo: Hanxiao / Unsplash