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Welcome to ReviewBox Brazil, your complete online guide to buying automotive parts. Is the spark weak when you turn on the ignition and there are problems starting your car? Maybe you need a new spark plug. Except you can't take just any spark plug just because the price is cheap. Besides questions about compatibility, there are some important details to consider when looking for the best deals on the market. Truth be told: those who do not know much about mechanics can encounter some difficulties when searching for the best offers. For this reason, reading this article is indispensable for you to excel when buying the product.

First things first

  • Bosch and NGK are the best spark plug brands.
  • Do not confuse spark plugs for chainsaw engines with automotive engine models.
  • Platinum and iridium spark plugs last longer and conduct energy better.

Spark Plug: Our Picks

Buying guide

Did the engine stall right after you flicked the ignition? Relax, sometimes servicing the problem costs low prices, especially when you only need to change the spark plug. Read on for important information that will better prepare you for the purchase.

Uma mão com luva segura uma vela de ignição.

Changing the spark plug with gloves is safer and more hygienic (Source: parilovv/

What is a spark plug and what is it used for?

The spark plug is an indispensable part for the operation of car engines, motorbikes, chain saws, among other motorized items. It provides the spark (or, electrical spark) for starting, considering combustion engines. When they are not in perfect conditions for use, spark plugs make the vehicle consume more gasoline or alcohol. There can also be problems in engines, including when starting the vehicle.

Always check the owner's manual, the service manual or even the website of the spark plug manufacturer to identify, for example, which is the proper model for the vehicle that is being repaired". Antonio Eduardo Rosendo dos Santos, Brazilian, professor of mechanics at Senai-SP.

Spark plugs were invented by Bosch in 1902.

How long does a spark plug last?

The useful life of a spark plug can last from 40 thousand kilometres to up to 100 thousand kilometres, approximately. This variation occurs according to the type, drivability, brand, and characteristics of the engine. Is there a loss of power in the car? Is the engine dying? These may be signs that the spark plug needs to be replaced.

3 velas de ignição usadas em cima de um chão de cimento.

Sometimes the exhaust emits excessive pollutants due to spark plug problems (Source: drazen_bajer/

What are the advantages of a spark plug?

There are spark plugs of different prices. In specialist automotive parts shops you find packages with 4 or more units. The spark plug is a small detail that makes a big difference in the quality of the tuned engine's rumbles. You must resort to a specialized service to install it, unless you have technical knowledge. Check out more advantages and disadvantages in the table:
  • Different types
  • Easy to buy
  • Helps maintain engine power
  • Decreases the chances of failures at startup
  • Small and light
  • Less emission of pollutants in the exhaust
  • Requires technical service to install
  • There are products with less durability
  • Need for preventive maintenance of the spark plug

Do not confuse: Spark plug for vehicles or chainsaws?

Although they are products for different functions, the types of spark plugs have a similar appearance. You need to know each option in detail to avoid confusion when purchasing:

  • Spark plug for vehicles: It has an average length of 12 centimeters, with a variation of one or another centimeter according to the manufacturer's brand. This product is available in kits of several units that depend more on the compatibility of the type of fuel that feeds the engine.
  • Spark plug for chainsaws: Most of the time it is a production sold by units, although there are some kits. It weighs from 300 to up to 600 grams, depending on the choice of brand, with a length of 16 centimetres, approximately.

Better absorb in your mind the differences of the two products:

Vehicle spark plug Chainsaw spark plug
Size Smaller Larger
Weight Less More
Kits Yes No
Fuel system compatibility More Less

How much does a spark plug cost?

A spark plug can cost from $ 3 to $ 20 per unit. Those who need several options should opt to buy kits of up to 50 issues at lower prices. The types of productions influence the pricing. The brand name is also something that makes production more expensive, especially for famous labels that have a differentiated production method. Certain editions of non-certified manufacturers last less time than the specification on the packaging.

Where to buy a spark plug?

Find versions in certain hypermarkets and certain department stores with shelves of automotive parts. Beware, chances are you won't find editions that are compatible with your vehicle. Visit Americanas, Carrefour Kalunga or Extra. On the Internet, it is easier to find the ideal model according to your technical needs. With a few simple clicks, you can compare several offers. Buy spark plugs at online shops such as Amazon Brasil, Shoptime or Submarino.
Did you know that in order to last longer, spark plugs and ignition cables should have a preventive maintenance in any engine shop? This can help save money and mechanical worries in the long run

Buying criteria: how to compare spark plug models

There is no point in you thinking about tuning up your car or motorbike engine without also considering the purchase of a spark plug that is resistant and powerful in generating sparks. The ideas listed below can guide you in finding the perfect choice:

Don't stop reading here. Read on to find out more about the definitions of the purchasing criteria:


You can select between the lowest price option or the models with high quality material. Unravel the mysteries of each of the main material versions:

  • Copper spark plug: A flexible product for use in many different conditions, from popular car engines to tuned vehicle motoring. They are editions that cost less than a motorbike lock.
  • Silver spark plug: A resistant, medium-priced and long-lasting production. It is among the most popular versions today. It stands out for its excellent energy conduction to generate sparks.
  • Iridium spark plug: These versions conduct electricity better, last longer and are resistant. Due to its high resistance at the maximum melting point (2454°C), it does not require as much voltage to work properly.

Keep an eye on the table showing the differences between the spark plug types:

Copper spark plug Silver spark plug Iridium spark plug
Durability 40,000 km 100,000 km 100,000 km
Price Low Medium High
Melting point Less Medium High
Mechanical strength Less Medium High
Voltage requirement for spark More Medium Less


Basically you can find the following types of vehicle spark plugs:

  • Conventional spark plug: this is the most basic production that should be used in an engine dependent on the work of the carburetor to function.
  • Resistive spark plug: this model is suitable for use in vehicles which run on electronic injection.
  • Competitive spark plug: It is engineered to withstand the high performance of race cars or tuned cars that fry tyres.


Although it costs a little more, it is worth giving preference to the spark plug that has 4 electrodes, known because of the 8 points for activating the flames that feed the automotive engine start. In addition to increasing the quality of the engine's performance, this type of model also helps to make the ignition go faster.


The first point that you should be careful is with regards to the conformity of the spark plug with your car model. Actually, when buying online and reading the descriptions it is easier to know if the advertised offers are compatible with the year and the vehicle. A second important aspect is to understand if there is compatibility of the spark plug offer to the fuel type of the automotive. (Featured image source: dezay/