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Do you quickly lose track of your spices when cooking? Then here is the solution. Often, several spices are needed for certain dishes. It is annoying and time-consuming to pick them out of a deep cupboard.

This is where a spice carousel can help. The spice carousel arranges the spices in a structured way and can be rotated. This provides a clear overview of all the spices.


  • A spice carousel gives you the opportunity to use limited space in your kitchen as efficiently as possible.
  • Spice carousels can be rotated, so you have an optimal overview of your spices and can easily find the right one.
  • When deciding on a spice carousel, the size, the number of spice jars and the material are decisive.

Spice carousels in comparison: reviews and recommendations

Buying and evaluation criteria for spice carousels

Various criteria play a role in the selection of a suitable spice carousel. We have collected them here for you to enable you to compare different models. In this way, you can make an optimal decision based on objective criteria that are adapted to your needs.

The criteria that can influence the choice of a spice carousel include:

The following is a brief description and specification of the criteria you can use to categorise the look and features of your spice carousel.


One of the most important criteria is the size of the spice carousel. There is no such thing as "better" or "worse", because they come in different sizes, widths and diameters. The choice of size depends solely on the space you have available. So before you buy, think about where you want your carousel and what the maximum size will be.

The spice carousel also gets bigger as the number of spice containers increases. For this reason, it is also advisable to think in advance about the minimum number of spices you will need.


Your spice carousel can be made of plastic, wood or stainless steel. The appearance plays an important role here. However, hygiene and robustness should also be considered. Wood is very stable and durable, but it can also swell or discolour due to moisture in the kitchen.

Plastic, on the other hand, can easily break or become porous if handled less carefully. Stainless steel is also very durable and easy to clean. This makes it very hygienic. However, you should make sure that it is scratch-resistant.

The containers for the spices are usually made of glass. This has the advantage that you can identify the spices, see the fill level and clean the jars optimally.


When asking about the components of the spice carousel that are included in the delivery, there are three other factors in addition to the actual rack. The most important is the question of whether and how many containers are included for the spices.

In most cases, containers are included, as they have to fit perfectly into the holders provided. The smallest spice carousels start at six containers, but they are also available with space for up to 20 spices.

Another question is whether you want to fill the spice jars yourself or whether spices should already be included in the delivery. If you already have a selection of spices at home, it makes sense to fill your spice carousel yourself. Otherwise, spice carousels that are already filled are an ideal basis for cooking.

Finally, labels can also be included in the scope of delivery. This allows you to label the spices accordingly and know exactly where each spice is located. When cooking, this makes it much easier to find the right spice.

Spice holder

There are different holders for the spices. On the one hand, the spices can be inserted into holes and thus attached to the rack. In other models, the spices are simply placed in shelf-like holders. The third option is to hang the spice jars in a holder.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the spice carousel answered in detail

In the following section, we will answer relevant questions about the spice carousel. This will give you a more comprehensive picture of the possibilities and advantages of a spice carousel.

What is a spice carousel?

A spice carousel is a storage option for spices. It is a round or square stand that can be filled with jars from all sides.


Spices retain their intensity much longer in glass jars. (Image source: monicore / pexels)

These contain spices and can be taken out of the stand individually. In addition, a spice carousel in particular is characterised by the fact that the rack can be rotated in a circle. This makes the spices accessible from all sides.

What types of spice racks are there?

Spice carousels are only one type of storage for spices. In addition to carousels, there are also simple spice racks or even non-swivelling round shelves. However, this wastes space on the back of the shelves. Generally, more space is needed for the same number of spices. With a rotating spice carousel, on the other hand, less space can be used optimally.

What does a spice carousel cost?

The price of a spice carousel depends on the size, the material and the number of spice containers. In addition, increased prices may result from additional functions or spices already included.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (15 - 25 €) Small number of spice jars, less high-quality material, lower durability
Medium-priced (25 - 50 €) High-quality material, larger number of spice jars
High-priced (from 50 €) Elaborate suspension, high durability, spices often included, special features

How can a spice carousel be refilled?

In most cases, you can refill your spice carousel very easily. To do this, remove the spice jars from the stand and refill them via the lid. Make sure that you clean the jars before refilling them.

Can you build a spice carousel yourself?

It is relatively easy to build a simple spice rack yourself. All you need are several wooden boards that are screwed together.

An actual spice carousel, however, is more difficult, as the round or angular shape is demanding and a built-in turning mechanism is necessary. The individual components that would have to be bought for this are usually more expensive and also more elaborate than buying a ready-made spice carousel.


A spice carousel offers an ideal way to sort spices clearly and within easy reach. Thanks to the rotating mechanism, each spice is easily and quickly accessible. This eliminates the annoying search for the right spice when cooking.

There are many different choices for the colour, size and material. This means that the right model can be found for every kitchen. The carousels can also be easily customised via the size and number of spice jars. In addition, the reusability of the jars is particularly environmentally friendly.

Image source: Shantanu Pal / Pexels