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The sports bag was developed with the purpose of carrying objects used during the practice of physical activities, such as sports shoes, gym clothes or team uniform, water bottle and certain objects used in the practice of certain sports like swimming, tennis, cycling, among others.

You can find several models of sports bags, from compact models to larger models, with ample internal space and several compartments. Read on to understand how sports bags can make your everyday life easier and learn how to choose the ideal model.


  • Some of the most important features of a sports bag are size, internal volume measured in litres, compartments used to organise belongings, internal and external material, closure system and design.
  • You can find the sports bag in different formats such as handbag, shoulder bag or cross-body bag. The only difference between them is the way they are carried.
  • You can also find some models of sports bags suitable for certain sports such as wrestling, tennis, swimming, golf, football, basketball, volleyball or trekking.

The best Sports Bag: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about sports bags

The sports bag is perfect for those who prioritize organization and ease in transporting the objects used in the sports routine, especially those who attend the gym before or after college or work, but can't get by at home.

Imagem de uma mulher carregando uma bolsa esportiva.

Who has a hectic routine, needs a large sports bag to organize and carry all the items used in everyday life. (Source: Andrea Piacquadio/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a sports bag?

The great thing about a sports bag is that this accessory is suitable for sporting activities, as you can store all the objects used during sporting activities, as we'll detail in the next section of this buying guide.

A sports bag offers ample internal space, spacious pockets, smart compartments and simplified openings that serve to access your objects with ease, a great advantage when you are tired and sweaty after training. We can't forget the versatility of the sports bag, which transitions easily between different environments and times, such as morning, afternoon or evening, whether at college, work, or other environments.

As disadvantages, we can mention a certain discomfort generated by carrying a heavy bag only on one hand or shoulder, especially because the sports bag is large. Another negative point is that the sports bag does not offer much security, since it is made of lightweight materials and with simplified openings, which may leave your objects a little exposed to loss and theft.

What items can be stored in a sports bag?

The sports bag is used to store various objects used in everyday life such as a sports squeeze, towel, change of clothes, sports shoes and other objects belonging to different sports such as a bathing suit, swimming cap and goggles, tennis racket, basketball, football or volleyball ball, wrestling gloves, cyclist's helmet, baseball bats and many others.

This bag has special compartments for each of these objects, so you can go to the gym directly from college or work, without having to go home to change clothes and shoes or to take a pre-workout supplement.

Imagem de uma bolsa esportiva.

The sports bag can store objects suitable for practising sports. (Source: hansmarkutt/

Are there sports bags for certain sports?

There are sports bags for general use and for specific use, i.e., suitable for certain sports as described below:

  • Football: this model has compartments for the uniform, boots and ball. Most models also offer space for a towel and personal hygiene items.
  • Tennis: the sports bag has a size and format compatible with the tennis racket(s). It also has a compartment for clothes and shoes.
  • Swimming: this model is lined with a waterproof material that prevents damage caused by humidity in swimming costumes or swimming costumes and swimming caps. It also has a compartment for flip-flops.
  • Weightlifting: a basic model is already enough to carry a change of clothes, sports shoes, water bottle and a snack.
  • Trekking: for this sport we recommend a backpack, because it is easier to carry. Ideally, the model should be made of waterproof material with a resistant finish, to protect your belongings from adverse situations such as rain and snow, for example.

In what way does a sports bag stand out from other models?

In addition to the sports bag, you can find other models with the same purpose, but with different proposals, such as the backpack and the tote bag. The differences between these models include shape, size, volume, capacity and the way they are carried.

Some models are better for some activities than others, such as the backpack for walking, running and cycling and the bag for wrestling or football. While the sports bag offers all the spaces you need to carry many other items.

Purchase criteria: How to choose the best sports bag

When we think of training quality and evolution in sports practice, we don't think that the sports bag can make all the difference in this, but analyzing critically, the sports bag allows you to carry all the items you need before, during and after practicing physical activity.

To choose the best sports bag, pay attention to the following purchasing criteria:

External material

You can find the sports bag made of synthetic materials such as plastic, polyester and nylon, the last two being resistant and waterproof, as they can be used by runners, swimmers, cyclists and those who practice trekking.

On the other hand, models made of canvas tend to last less, as this material wears out with time and may tear relatively easily, especially if it is a synthetic canvas.


You can find the sports bag in different formats. We're not talking about tennis or golf bags, which have totally unusual shapes, but rather hand, shoulder or crossbody sports bags.

One of the main differences between these models is the way the bags are carried, which directly influences their capacity. But regardless of the format, we recommend that the bag's load should not exceed 10% of your body weight.

Imagem de um homem sentado em uma escadaria.

Although it is big and spacious, the sports bag should never exceed 10% of the athlete's body weight. (Source: Andrea Piacquadio/

Internal lining

Don't just evaluate the external material of your sports bag, but the internal material, used in making the lining that lines your entire bag. Ideally, the inner lining of your sports bag should have a soft, padded feel to protect items, or even a waterproof quality to simplify cleaning and carrying damp or wet items.

Internal organisation

When the subject is internal organization of the sports bag, you should analyze two variables, the internal volume and the quantity of compartments, being that the bigger the quantity of space, better it is to organize your objects.

A sports bag with 10L is considered small, with 20L is considered medium and with 30L or more is considered big.

The dimensions in height, width and depth also influence the internal organization of your sports bag, since they are directly related to the internal space of the accessory, and the bigger they are, the better, in most cases.

Fastening system

You can find the sports bag with Velcro or zip closure. Although the model with velcro strips closure is not very indicated, because it leaves the bag very exposed, as we mentioned before, the model with zips is also not so safe, because it is easy to handle.

To avoid the risk of losing your belongings or having your items stolen, we recommend that you store your sports bag in a locker with a padlock closure.


We have left the design of the sports bag last, as this factor does not influence the usability of the sports bag, at least not directly. However, we recommend that you choose a model made of quality material, with an ergonomic design and a colour tone that is compatible with your personal style and with the environments you frequent.

Some models are plain and in neutral colours or vibrant shades, others have only the brand's logo and you can also find printed models.


Anyone who goes to the gym before or after college or work needs to take with them clean clothes, a sports shoe, a bottle of water or even some snacks to eat pre- or post-workout.

To carry all these items, you just need a sports bag that meets the purchase criteria we mentioned in the previous section. Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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