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You've probably been invited to a reception or other elegant celebration where champagne was served on high tables with white covers and people stood together at these tables in groups and chatted? This is a prime example of the use of a standing table.

But a standing table not only has its place at public events, it is also wonderful for private use. Here it can be used for garden parties and receptions or as a bar in the living room or in the hobby cellar. If you like to work standing up, then it can also be used as a substitute for a standard desk and will liven up your working day.


  • The standing table is not a normal table, because it stands out due to its height. It is so high that you can easily stand around the table or sit on a bar stool. The height of the table tempts people to socialise together and have a glass of wine or beer.
  • It is no coincidence that the standing table is mainly used for events. Be it indoor or outdoor. A standing table can be equipped for all weather conditions and even keep people warm with a radiant heater.
  • In addition, it can function as a standingin the living area or as a high desk, where standing while working relieves the strain on the back.

The Best Standing Table in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

There are an infinite number of standing tables, so we have put together a selection of those standing tables that are suitable for a particular purpose with their respective features and characteristics:

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Standing Tables

To help you find the right standing table for the right purpose, we have compiled the most important buying criteria that should help you when choosing a standing table:

Here you will find a detailed description of the evaluation criteria:

Height / Height-adjustable

As the name suggests, the high table is suitable for standing people. Depending on how tall the persons are, a certain height of a high table is required. An average high table has a height of 105 to 110 cm.

Since a high table can be used for several purposes, it often makes sense to buy a high table that is adjustable in height. This way, the table can be adapted to the respective situations. The height of a typical height-adjustable table can be adjusted between 70 and 110 cm.


In addition to the height, the size also plays a major role. Here again, the question arises as to how many people are to be seated around the table, or whether the table is to be used for other purposes.

Standing tables are available in a wide range of sizes and it is also possible to place several tables next to each other in order to increase the surface area.


In connection with the size, the shape is also an important feature. You can choose between rectangular, square, round and oval tables.

For example, a round table has an average size of 60 x 80 centimetres and a square version 60 x 60 centimetres.


The material of the standing table influences how stable the table is, how heavy or how light it is (for transporting). In addition, the material influences the colouring or the surface, which can be rough, smooth, glossy or matt. Depending on your preference, you can choose between wood, plastic, iron and metal, etc.

There are also eye-catching standing tables made from wooden barrels, tractors, pallets and beer crates, for example.

Suitability for indoor / outdoor

The material plays a role in whether the high table can only be used indoors or also outdoors. Outdoors, the table is exposed to the elements and must therefore be weatherproof. Indoors, any material is safe.

Depending on whether garden parties are celebrated or the table is only used in a banqueting hall, care must be taken to ensure that it is suitable for the respective location.


Many standing tables are used for special occasions and are stowed away the rest of the time. It is therefore essential that the standing tables are foldable, as this makes them easier to store.

If you do not use the standing table every day, it is certainly practical if you can fold the table and store it without any problems.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about Standing Tables answered in Detail

Are you thinking of buying a high table and still have questions? Here you will find the most important questions together with the answers:

For what purposes is a high table suitable?

A standing table can be used for many purposes. Above all, it is used for events where people linger with a drink and chat. These events can take place indoors or outdoors.

Menschen trinken Rotwein.

A standing table invites people to have a cosy glass together. (Image source: Kelsey Knight / Unsplash)

In private spaces, a standing table can also be integrated into the living room, as a house bar or as a dining table. Furthermore, a standing table is also useful for the office, as a computer table where you can work standing up. This is a good way to keep the work going and relieve the strain on the back.

What does a high table cost?

Depending on what the standing table is used for and what features it should have, a distinction can be made between products in different price ranges:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (30 - 60 €) Mostly made of plastic and not very stable, useful for infrequent use.
Medium-priced (60 - 200 €) Material made of wood, iron or metal, stable and protected against weathering.
High-priced (from 200€) High quality, also standing tables with unusual design (e.g. tractor front as frame) and large standing tables with matching chairs.

As a tip: Compare prices and the features and you will get a feeling for how much money you want to invest in your standing table.

What accessories are available for standing tables?

The good thing about a standing table is that you can spice it up with the right accessories. For example, a cover can be pulled over a high table, which is also available in all kinds of colours and fabrics.

If the standing table is intended to encourage people to linger, matching stools or chairs can also be added.

If the standing table is used outdoors in the evening or in winter, it can be extended with a radiant heater to keep people warm.


Are you clear about what you need a standing table for? If so, there is a wide selection and different variations of standing tables for you to choose from. Do you want to be flexible and choose a high table that can be used for several purposes? Then pay special attention to the features of the high tables and the quality, which, for example, withstands external influences or whether it is easy to store.

Although the choice is overwhelming, one thing is clear: there is the right high table and matching accessories for every purpose!

Image source: / Anshu A