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Welcome to ReviewBox! This time we will talk about which are the best staplers we can buy on the market today. A stapler is a mechanical or electronic device that is used to bind papers together.

The papers are joined together by means of a fastener called a staple. This has a 2-pronged shape that is usually made of metal. When pressure is applied from the stapler, it drives the staple through the papers, which bends the ends down to create a firm bond.

Here at ReviewBox we want you to have all the information you need to choose the best one for you. For that, we will go beyond the technical details and show you from the basic models to the most advanced staplers. All together with the features you should take into account when buying this equipment.


  • There is no exact record of when the first stapler appeared, it is believed to have been manufactured in France for King Louis XV during the 18th century. It is not known why Louis XV requested the creation of the stapler
  • There are two types of staplers. There are the manual staplers, which are the classic models that require pressure to eject the staple; and the electric staplers that have a sensor that, when it detects the paper, ejects the staple to hold it.
  • Nowadays we can find a stapler in different places. From offices to homes and businesses, and these devices are becoming smaller and more compact, which makes them very easy to transport.

The best Staplers: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about staplers

Since their invention, staplers have been part of working life. Thanks to their simple mechanism, size and model, they can be used to bind sheets together to maintain a neat work area or to bind a book.

There are several models of this office tool to suit the needs of each user and a flexible budget.

Staplers have even served as a source of inspiration for the creation of these tools to be used in other fields such as furniture manufacturing, mechanics or in the medical field, among other activities.

Staplers allow us to keep order over a group of documents so that we do not lose or confuse them.
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What is a stapler and what are its advantages?

A stapler is a piece of equipment used in offices, homes and establishments that need to join papers. This is achieved by means of a fastener called a staple, which has 2 tips that bend inwards when pressure is applied so that it is also ejected from the stapler.

The use of staplers has spread outside the office and there are various areas such as medicine, decoration, manufacturing and other areas.

In the case of office staplers, these allow you to have control and order of the documents that are printed so that no important information escapes.

  • They are easy to use
  • They come in various sizes and models
  • They allow you to group a large number of sheets
  • They are made of plastic or metal
  • They are not heavy for the hand
  • They can get stuck
  • Depending on the model you can use different staples

Types of Staplers - What should you pay attention to?

Within the market of office staplers there are several models that can be purchased depending on the work to be done with it. In total there are 5 models of this equipment: desktop staplers, handheld staplers, heavy duty staplers, long reach staplers and mini staplers.

Desktop staplers. One of the most universally recognised stapler models. A widely used accessory in offices and homes. As its name suggests, it has a base that allows you to work with it on a table. Some models allow it to be opened to be used on billboards.

Hand-held staplers. This is the second most popular model of stapler. Unlike the desktop stapler, this model is used in the hand. It has a soft-grip handle for comfortable use. Only works for bundling sheets of paper.

Heavy duty stapler. Similar to the desktop stapler, this model typically staples more than 100 sheets at a time. This model style may include clamps and staple guns, which are often used in industrial applications.

Long reach staplers. This model of stapler features an extra long adjustable throat that is perfect for large binding projects, booklet making, card mounting. Typically allows stapling up to 20 sheets.

Mini staplers are the smallest staplers on the market. This model is the most used by students because they fit easily into any bag as they are so compact and light.

Depending on the reason for which you want to buy a stapler, it is important that you take into account certain features so you can choose the best equipment for your home, office or business.

Desktop Stapler Handheld Stapler Heavy Duty Stapler Long Reach Staplers Mini Staplers
Environment Home and Office Home and Office Copy and Print Shops Cards, Brochures, Calendars Home and Student
What is it used for? Documents, Letters Documents, Letters Construction projects Book binding Small stapling projects
Design Desktop Handheld Desktop Desktop Handheld
Stapling capacity 10 to 20 sheets 10 to 20 sheets 100 to 150 sheets More than 150 sheets Maximum 10 sheets

Purchasing criteria

For the average consumer, choosing between the different models of staplers can be a bit complicated because they will surely think that they can all perform the same function.

But as we have seen throughout the article, each model of this work tool is designed for a particular type of work.

Knowing which stapler is best for you will depend on certain factors to take into consideration when purchasing one. That is why wants you to know what you should take into account when buying a stapler that suits your work and your pocket.

Each of these points will be discussed in depth so you can know which is the best stapler you can find on the market according to your needs and budget. This way you will always be sure that you have your documents in order and not mixed up.

The work to be done

Stapling 10 or 20 sheets is not the same as stapling a book of 500 or 600 sheets. It is important that when we choose our stapler we know exactly what we will do with it on a daily basis.

If we work in an office where we do not exceed twenty sheets, a desktop or handheld stapler will be enough to do the job.

Now, if we work in a printing or copying centre where the minimum we staple is more than 150 sheets a day, we must resort to other models of staplers to do the job without problems. This way we guarantee that our documents will be stapled together without any problems.

Desktop staplers are the most popular model because they can be placed on a surface.
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Its stapling capacity

This is undoubtedly the first thing to check when choosing a stapler. Depending on the model a stapler can bind from 10 sheets to more than 150.

Depending on whether the stapler will be used in a home, office or print shop will depend on the choice of stapling capacity.

For home use. If the equipment is to be used for home use, where it will not be very demanding, the best option is to purchase a stapler that can staple between 10 to 20 sheets as it is unlikely to exceed this number of sheets.

For the office. In the case of an office, a stapler that works with 40 sheets is the most recommendable, as in this environment a lot of information and a large number of documents are handled and if one were to get lost it would be an inconvenience in the line of work.

For printers and copy centres: If what you need is more holding power for your sheets, the only option is to have a stapler that can bind 100 or more sheets without major problems.

Zero jams

Nowadays the vast majority of staplers are more than reliable equipment and generally do not get jammed. But as with any tool, there is always a small percentage of it getting stuck in some part of its mechanism.

In these cases, we must pay attention if the stapler we want is easy to open in order to remove any fragment of staple that may be blocking the mechanism with precision and speed. This will ensure that we can continue to use it without major inconvenience.

Having a stapler that is jam-free is essential in any work environment
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The staples

A stapler would be useless without the staples inside it. These are the actual fasteners that hold documents together. Staples come in various sizes and shapes, but their overall design remains the same.

Staples are classified according to their leg length. Depending on which model of stapler you choose, you will use which model of staple. Staples are divided into two models: those used in equipment such as heavy duty staplers and those used in desktop and handheld models.

Thick and sturdy staples. They are designed for heavy duty and long reach staplers. The staple teeth are chiselled and defined to penetrate thick materials. Can staple a large number of sheets. Comes in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" inch sizes.

Desk staples. They have the most common size which is 1/4" inch and is used in the vast majority of desktop and hand held staplers. They can hold 20 to 40 sheets without risk of coming loose.

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