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A steam sauna helps you to forget everyday life and to relax. The feeling of going into a sauna and experiencing the absolute wellness experience at home is a dream for many. However, the purchase of a steam sauna hides many hurdles, as it is usually an individually planned product.

We help you to get closer to your dream and have compared different types, from Russian to Turkish steam saunas. We list the advantages and disadvantages of each in the steam sauna test 2022 so that you can decide for yourself which steam sauna suits you best.


  • The steam sauna heats up to a temperature of about 40 to 45 °C and fills with up to 100 % humidity, which makes you sweat less. You get used to the rising temperature better.
  • The steam is generated by a steam generator and after only 10 minutes it raises the blood pressure and loosens the muscles. In general, you should not go into the steam sauna for more than 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The steam sauna offers many health benefits and can even prevent a cold. It opens the pores and thus cleanses the skin. It also relaxes the joints and muscles.

The Best Steam Sauna: Our Picks

Steam sauna: Buying and review criteria

When buying a steam sauna, there are many criteria to consider in order to find a suitable steam sauna for your home. Below you will find a list of aspects to consider so that you can compare the different steam saunas and decide which one suits you best:

In the following, you will find a summary of what you should pay attention to for each criterion.


It is important to know which material you may use in your steam sauna. Actually, it is a question of preference, but there are criteria you should pay attention to.

The most suitable materials are:

  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Tile
  • etc.

All materials that remain stable in high humidity can be used for a steam sauna. You must never use wood in a steam sauna kit because it does not remain stable in high humidity.

Otherwise, you can decide which one suits you best. The most popular material is tile, as it is very similar to the bathroom. Very modern and a big trend is also the use of natural stone.

Dimensions / Shape

The dimensions and shape of a steam sauna are incredibly important, because you should plan exactly what size fits into your house and also for how many people it is planned.

You can buy a steam shower with whirlpool to transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis.

If the steam sauna is only for 1-2 people, you could get a steam sauna with a shower, which saves space and is a 2 in 1 option, as you can have a sauna or a shower.

For 4 people or more, a large steam sauna cabin is suitable to experience the wellness feeling with several people. Here you should pay attention to what size fits in your house.

For a steam sauna cabin for 4 people, individual steam saunas are made, here you can decide on your own dimensions and shape. Normally, it is more common to create square rather than round steam saunas, but this can be adapted to suit your ideas.


No matter what type of steam sauna you want, it is also important where you place it.

The building fabric of your chosen location should always be dry.

In the cellar, the building fabric is too damp for the steam sauna. It is also important to have a power connection nearby. Another important factor is to have a cooling facility in the form of a shower or similar within easy reach.

Here you can also consider a steam sauna in combination with a shower, as this is already built in and quickly provides essential cooling.

Therefore, you should think carefully beforehand about where you want to place the steam sauna and whether the room you have chosen is suitable for it.

Steam sauna: frequently asked questions and answers

In the following we would like to answer some general questions about steam saunas. So that you know all the basics about the subject and can make a confident decision when choosing a steam sauna.

What is a steam sauna?

Basically, a steam sauna, also called a steam bath, is a room that heats up to approx. 40 to 45 °C and fills with up to 100 % humidity.


The Russian steam sauna is covered with wood, just like a dry sauna, but it is much hotter and the heat is perceived as even more effective due to the humidity. (Image source: Huumsauna /Unsplash)

The high humidity and lower temperature are the main differences to a conventional sauna. This humidity is produced by a steam generator.

Who is a steam sauna suitable for?

In principle, a steam sauna is suitable for everyone who needs relaxation, and everyone needs it. It is all a matter of preference.

For sauna beginners, the steam sauna is ideal because the low temperatures allow you to approach the heat more carefully.

However, people with respiratory or cardiovascular problems also feel much better in a steam sauna. Here it is recommended to discuss with a doctor beforehand whether you are allowed to take a steam bath.

However, a steam sauna or similar sauna stay should be avoided if you suffer from chronic illnesses.

Also, under no circumstances should you use a steam sauna or similar if you have a fever. If you are pregnant, you should avoid saunas for the first three months, as your circulatory system is weakened.

How does a steam sauna work?

The steam in a steam sauna is usually produced by a steam generator, which is available after just a few minutes. After only 10 minutes of use, blood pressure rises and tension is released.

In general, you should only spend about 15-20 minutes in the steam sauna, as your body will start to feel unwell.

If you feel uncomfortable or dizzy in any way beforehand, you should leave the sauna immediately.

After and before each sauna session, we recommend that you cool down. So shower, shower, shower. We also recommend getting some fresh air after your sauna session.

What types of steam saunas are there?

There are countless types of steam saunas. Below you will find a comparison of the five most common steam saunas.

We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each of the five to help you decide which one suits you best.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Roman steam sauna Longer stay of 30-40 minutes Not feasible at home due to the different rooms
Russian steam sauna Birch twigs and birch decoction have healing properties for humans higher temperatures of up to 100°C although it is a steam sauna
Turkish steam sauna no constant temperatures, it varies depending on the body area different rooms cannot be implemented at home, as well as the associated body peeling.
Mobile steam sauna can be set up anywhere, inexpensive alternative head and arms are left out: these parts of the body do not benefit from the steam
Steam sauna combination saves space in the bathroom and many different variations possible not a real steam sauna

There are many more types, basically the normal steam saunas for home are built the same way, with a steam generator and the temperatures are between 45 to 50°C.

All types of sauna have similar health benefits, which you can read about in more detail below. However, if you would like to try different types of steam baths, it should be no problem to find and visit the steam sauna types listed above in your area.

How much does a steam sauna for home use cost?

A steam sauna for the home is usually in the higher price range. This can vary from a four-digit to a five-digit sum.

However, it also depends on whether you want a steam sauna/shower combination or a real sauna cabin. The steam sauna with shower is of course space-saving and also saves you the money for a shower, which is included directly.

Type price range
Steam sauna/shower combination approx. 1,000 to 5,000 GBP
Individual steam sauna approx. 5,000 to 20,000 GBP

Of course, it depends on what you like and how you want to design your sauna, but it's definitely a good idea to look for a combination so that you have many combinations in one.

What are the health benefits of a steam sauna?

Every type of sauna is basically healthy. With a steam sauna you don't sweat as much as in a normal dry sauna, because of the steam, but the immune system is strengthened just as well.

In addition, the steam sauna promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, which has a soothing effect on rheumatic complaints or sporting tension.


By adding essential oils, herbs or similar, you can create an aromatherapy that can relieve the pain of asthmatic complaints. (Image source: Brooke Lark, Unsplash)

The steam opens the pores and also stimulates the circulation. The breath is cleansed by the steam, which is good for loosening mucus and the lung volume is increased, which is good for preventing a cold.

What alternatives are there to a steam sauna?

In addition to the steam sauna, there is also the classic dry sauna, which is probably familiar to everyone, and the infrared sauna, which is a further development of the classic dry sauna.


The Finnish sauna is the classic dry sauna most often encountered at every wellness visit. Steam baths, on the other hand, are usually found in more luxurious spas. (Image source: Dnipro Hotel,Pixabay)

In the following section you will find an overview and description of the steam sauna alternatives. Both have the same health benefits, but the process is slightly different.

Alternative Description
Dry sauna Here the humidity is less than 25% and the temperature is between 85 and 100°C
Infrared sauna A further development of the classic dry sauna. Here the cabin temperature is rather low, but the body temperature is warmed up by infrared rays. This method is therefore gentler and more gentle than the dry sauna.

Each type of sauna has something special that should not be ignored. It is a question of your needs which one suits you best. However, the steam sauna with its high humidity stands out.

How do I clean a steam sauna?

Cleaning a steam sauna is easier than you think. The sauna should only be cleaned when it is switched off and has cooled down.

It is also important to ventilate the sauna to prevent mould from forming.

A glass wiper is also a great way to get the sauna free of steam on the glass doors, just like in a shower. If there is any other dirt, it can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

How do I descale a steam sauna?

It is common for the steam generator of a steam sauna to build up limescale. Although many systems come with an additional drainage system, it does not prevent limescale formation, but only reduces it. The first descaling should be done two weeks after the first use.

The following steps should be followed for manual limescale cleaning:

  1. Cool down the steam generator
  2. Switch off and disconnect from the power supply
  3. Open the service cap of the steam generator and add the descaling agent (e.g. citric acid or purchased descaling agent)
  4. Allow to act

There is also the option of electronically descaling the steam generator with a descaling pump. This is the more expensive option, but then the pump does everything for you. You only have to add the descaling agent.

Both variants work, you can decide which one you like more and whether you want to spend the money on a descaling pump.


The steam sauna is perfect to create a spa in your home and to relax completely.You should spend a maximum of 15-20 minutes in a steam sauna, but you should also listen to your own well-being. Due to the high humidity, the steam sauna is best suited for sauna beginners.

In case of cough, bronchitis or similar illnesses, the steam can help to loosen the mucus. The steam sauna not only offers many health benefits, but is also a great product to relax in and you should try it out. Once you have decided on the ideal model, your oasis of well-being can be created in your home.

Image source: Olegdudko/ 123rf