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The passion for cars for some people has no limits, so they look for all kinds of accessories to keep it impeccable and in the right condition. Therefore, in this article we will focus on steering wheel covers and everything related to this product. There is a wide variety of brands and models of this type of accessory, so although it can be complicated, you can find a cover that suits your tastes and preferences.

Thinking only about the design can mean that it doesn't fit your car's steering wheel, or that it's too uncomfortable to drive. Currently there are vinyl and leather steering wheel covers on the market and each one has features that make them very different from each other. In addition, they have innovative designs and are easy to install. Therefore, we will focus on providing you with various purchasing factors to help you make the right decision.


  • A steering wheel cover is a product that can be made of different materials, with the aim of protecting the steering wheel of a car, both from daily use and from the sun's rays. Extending its useful life, as well as giving your vehicle a touch of personalisation through original designs.
  • The most commonly used materials for this product are vinyl and leather, and each one offers your car's steering wheel additional protection and a distinctive touch that makes it look like you. On the other hand, they are used for the type of steering wheel you have, so you need to know all about this protection.
  • The buying factors that are essential to consider when purchasing a steering wheel cover are: design, thickness and size of the steering wheel. Finding the right one for you will help you enjoy any car ride, no matter how small, and at the same time give your car that distinctive, personalised look.

The Best Steering Wheel Cover: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best steering wheel cover

If your car is an important part of your life and you are looking for every opportunity to protect it from damage, a steering wheel cover is the ideal accessory for you. So you need to know the relevant aspects of this product to make your decision a successful one.

It is the ideal accessory for your steering wheel, keeping it free from damage by the sun's rays. (gorosi/

What is a steering wheel cover and what are its advantages?

A steering wheel cover is a product that is created to give the necessary protection to the steering wheel of a car, both from constant use and from the sun's rays. By using it, you extend its useful life, prevent any possible damage, and it can be made of different materials, as well as personalised with an original design.

Nowadays you can find in the market different types of car steering wheel covers, either vinyl or leather, offering your vehicle very different characteristics, however, both of them fulfil the objective of protecting it. In addition, you can find colourful models that go hand in hand with your preferences.

  • They provide additional protection for your vehicle's steering wheel
  • add a personalised touch to your car
  • are easy to find
  • can be installed in minutes.
  • There are some poor quality models
  • discolour or fade in the sun
  • are uncomfortable to wear.

Vinyl or leather steering wheel cover - what to look out for?

The challenge you often face when looking for a product is finding the right one for you, and steering wheel covers are no exception. Therefore, you have to consider that depending on the type of car it is the accessory you need to protect it.

Vinyl steering wheel cover. It is a material of great resistance and at the same time flexibility, so it can take any shape and adapt to any surface. All its joints are made with seams to give it greater durability, and you can also find them in a wide range of colours.

As for their designs, you can find them in a wide variety of shapes and colours; some manufacturers customise them in such a way that you won't find them anywhere else. Because of the type of material, these cases are about 1.5 to 3 cm thick, so they can be a bit tricky to get used to.

Leather steering wheel cover. This is a very elegant material, usually available in black and brown. They are very durable, usually 2 years if they are given the perfect care, although the material can become cracked and sometimes even release small pieces of leather.

There are special creams for leather-based products. With these creams, you can take better care of them by constantly moisturising them, preventing them from drying out and being damaged by heat and sunlight. Moreover, with these products you can extend their lifespan.

Their designs are very simple, some manufacturers make this product in one piece to provide the driver with greater safety when driving, as well as durability to the product. The thickness is thinner than vinyl, on average 1 cm, and is the most widely accepted by users.

Vinyl Leather.
Design Casual and colourful Elegant and usually black or brown.
Thickness From 1.5 to 3 cm 1 cm on average.
Durability Medium, they can fade and peel High, although they can crack.
Manufacturing It is made by sewing It is made in one piece.

How much does a steering wheel cover cost?

The cost of the steering wheel covers is limited by the designs, but above all by the materials with which this product is made. For this reason, below we show you the price ranges of each one of them.

Vinyl steering wheel covers. They are the cheapest and also the most designs can be made with this material. Their price ranges between 5 GBP to 20 GBP.

Leather steering wheel cover. They are the most elegant and the quality of the material makes them very durable. Their value is between 25 GBP and 35 GBP.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of steering wheel covers

If you already have a material of your choice, the next step is to take a closer look at the most important buying factors to make your choice perfect. In addition, you need to take into account the type of car you have. Therefore, we mention each of them below.

  • Design
  • Thickness
  • Size


This concept can be segmented into two main concepts. Each one offers a very pleasing personalisation to the steering wheel and at the same time the protection that your steering wheel needs to keep it in optimal conditions.

Casual. You can find an endless number of models in this segment, looking for innovation through shapes, figures and very colourful and original structures. We recommend this design for small and medium-sized steering wheels. Preferably on compact cars and buses.

Formal. They are usually plain designs, with no striking figures or colours. However, elegance is their advantage over the others. We recommend this style if you have premium cars and medium to large cars, vans also use this design.


You need to analyse in detail the issue of thickness, as sometimes you can find the perfect model, but never feel comfortable enough because of the width of the steering wheel. So, we explain each one below.

Single thickness. This type of thickness is about 1 cm. If you are very used to the width of your steering wheel, this model is ideal for you, you can easily find it in leather covers.

Double thickness. If you are one of those who like to hold the steering wheel with your whole hand and the wider your grip is, the more comfortable you feel. It is a thickness of between 1.5 and 3 cm and we recommend this type of thickness, you can usually find it in vinyl covers.


First of all you have to be clear that you can't know all the sizes of the steering wheels but you can segment them in order to start looking for your new cover. Therefore we mention the 3 most common segments in detail.

Miniature and small. They are the most demanded, because in this segment the taxis are very used by them. If the steering wheel of your car measures no more than 25 cm in diameter, we recommend this segment of seat covers. Compact cars generally use this size.

Midsize. Nowadays they have become very popular due to the large number of cars with steering wheels in this range. If your car's steering wheel is between 25 and 40 cm in diameter, you will definitely find it in the medium size segment. Premium cars and SUV's use these steering wheel dimensions.

Large. These are the least demanded, mostly steering wheels that are installed in buses and trucks. If the steering wheel measures more than 40 cm in diameter, we recommend steering wheel covers for large steering wheels, which are usually double thickness.

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