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A storage cupboard is an all-rounder in the household! It helps you to bring order into your home and to store all the things that have no place elsewhere. Storage cupboards, also called multi-purpose cupboards, are versatile and can be used in every room of your home. It's easy to store clothes in the bedroom, cooking utensils in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom. Our storage cupboard test 2021 should help you find the right multi-purpose cupboard for you. Here you will find a comparison of different models. With the help of advantages and disadvantages, we want to support you in your decision and make it easier for you.

The most important facts

  • A storage cupboard offers a wide range of storage options. Everything is easy to store and easy to find again. There are various organisational systems to choose from.
  • The place of use of a storage cupboard is very variable. Storage cupboards are available on the market for the bedroom, children's room, living room or kitchen. But you can also find suitable cabinets for bathrooms or offices.
  • The storage cupboard is not only versatile, cupboards made of solid wood are also very robust and can withstand knocks or scratches. They do not require extensive care. A dry to damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning.

The Best Storage Cabinet: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a storage cabinet

What is a storage cupboard?

A storage cupboard offers a lot of space for storing things. For example, a storage cupboard, which can also be called a multi-purpose cupboard, can hold kitchen utensils, food and cookbooks. Often you need different shelves, cupboards or trays for this amount of things, but a storage space cupboard stores everything in one. They are versatile, which means they are used all over the house! Whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, storage space is needed everywhere and this is exactly what such a cupboard is perfect for!


Storage cupboards are perfect in a walk-in wardrobe. Combined, they add up to a huge amount of space.
(Image source: pixabay.xom / mgattorna)

These multi-purpose wardrobes are all-rounders, so to speak. They hide a bunch of objects behind doors that have no place elsewhere. There are different ways in which such a storage cupboard is constructed. There are cabinets with two doors and shelves inside, whereas others convince with various little doors, drawers or open shelves.

What alternatives are there for a storage cupboard?

Not everyone has space at home for a new cupboard in which to store many things. However, as always, there are alternatives that can either be built into existing furniture or smaller storage solutions that stand on their own. The following alternatives offer possibilities:
Art Description
Storage boxes There are special storage boxes that create extra space in any cupboard because they stack well. These boxes are mainly used to store products that are not used on a daily basis. These are also offered as hanging boxes, so that there is also room for clothes folded on the clothes rail.
Flexible shelving systems A shelving system consisting of various cubes or elongated boxes can be flexibly expanded. It thus always offers more and more storage space and also has a decorative effect.
Chests or boxes Chests or boxes are perfect for storing things that are not used so often or can be stacked easily. These can then be stored in cupboards or placed decoratively.
Furniture with storage space There is a lot of furniture that already offers additional storage space itself. For example, mirrors with a clothes rail, armchairs with built-in storage space underneath the seat or beds with drawers underneath the bed frame.

This shows that even existing wardrobes can be turned into storage space wonders by means of small extensions. This is also made clear in this video. You will find storage space for important utensils in every cupboard, sideboard or shelf. By keeping things tidy, you can keep an overview and quickly find what you are looking for.

Decision: What types of storage space cabinets are there and which one is right for you?

A storage cupboard is divided into one of the following categories depending on its destination:

  • Storage cupboard for the living room
  • Storage cupboard for the office
  • Storage cupboard for the bedroom

Of course, these are not the only storage space cabinets on the market, but should help you get an idea and assist you in your decision.

A storage cupboard offers a wide range of options for storing your belongings in a space-saving way. It is also very flexible and a must-have in every household.

To make your decision easier, we would like to introduce you to different storage cabinets and distinguish them from each other. Based on the advantages and disadvantages, you can then find out for yourself which storage cupboard is missing in your home and which is the right one for you.

What distinguishes a storage cupboard for the living room and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A storage cupboard for the living room is first and foremost impressive because of its size. There are many different things that need to be stored in the living room. Besides books, the good service for festive days or even picture books, there are some things that need to be stored in a multi-purpose cupboard in the living room. A cupboard in this area should therefore be of a certain size so that many of these objects can be stored.

  • Many uses
  • Various storage options
  • Different compartment sizes
  • No compatible design with the rest of the living room possible
  • optimal size for limited available space

In addition, storage cabinets for the living room have different designs and are usually available as a set, so that both the cabinet and the TV cabinet match each other. However, this can also lead to problems. If a storage cabinet is purchased later, it can happen that it does not match the existing equipment.

What distinguishes a storage cabinet for the office on the move and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The quality of the shelves is particularly important for an office storage cabinet. These should be suitable for heavy files. Accordingly, when it comes to multi-purpose cabinets for the office, not too much emphasis is placed on appearance than on quality. Besides this, it is also important that file folders fit perfectly into the cabinet and that the doors can still be closed. Therefore, you should first measure what is to be stored in the cabinet so that there is really room for these things.

  • Mostly simple design
  • Large load capacity of the shelves
  • Suitable dimensions for files
  • Often not attractive
  • Narrow dimensions

Because this is exactly what matters and can also be seen as a disadvantage if there is no space for file folders in a special office storage cabinet. In addition, the visual appearance is not necessarily important, but it should still be appealing to the eye, otherwise the feel-good atmosphere in the office is missing.

What distinguishes a storage cabinet for the bedroom and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

In the bedroom, a storage cupboard must be able to cope with the demands of this living area in particular. Here it is important that a storage cupboard has compartments adapted for different clothes. For example, a multi-purpose wardrobe for the bedroom needs compartments for T-shirts, smaller ones for underwear, but also a clothes rail for dresses or jackets. Accordingly, the requirements here are similar to those for a storage cupboard for the living room.

  • Optimal storage options for clothes
  • Various compartment sizes
  • Clothes rail
  • Large space requirement
  • No space for hinged doors in small rooms

Hinged doors, which a storage cupboard typically has, can be a disadvantage. Multi-purpose wardrobes in the bedroom are usually very large and accordingly these hinged doors have a certain size for which there is usually no space in small bedrooms. Sliding or floating doors would be an alternative.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate salt and pepper shakers

Before you decide on a storage cabinet, the following criteria offer you an opportunity to compare:

These important characteristics should make your decision easier. In the following section you will find more detailed explanations.


Size is particularly important for storage cabinets! You only have limited space, so the wardrobe must not be too big. But you want to store as much as possible, so it can't be too small either. Difficult matter.

Before buying, it's very important to measure the space you have and think about what you want to store.

There are very narrow wardrobes with a width of about 25 cm, which are perfect for a narrow bathroom or hallway. Otherwise, there are also wardrobes up to a width of approx. 3 m that find their purpose in the bedroom or office. These offer a wide range of storage options. Because of these variable dimensions, it always depends on what you actually need and want.


The material of storage cupboards varies just like the size. For example, you will find a lot of offers with veneer, as this is cheaper than solid wood. What do you have to bear in mind about the different materials?

  • Veneer: Thin layers of wood are glued to carrier boards (e.g. chipboard or MDF boards). This makes a cabinet with veneer more sensitive to scratches or knocks than a solid wood cabinet.
  • Solid wood: A solid wood wardrobe has the advantage that it is very stable and durable. This means that minor damage can be repaired by sanding or polishing, whereas in the case of veneers, it is the support plate that comes to the fore. This is not so easy to repair.

With this criterion, your decision is already one step further and you now know which material is suitable for you and what you want.

Door type

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, it is also important to know how a storage cupboard is constructed and what kind of doors it has. A distinction can be made between the following door types:

Type Description
Hinged doors with handle The cabinet can be opened easily with the help of a handle.
Hinged doors without handle The door is pushed open from the inside by gently pressing against the door.
Floating doors The doors are hung on the top of the wardrobe. The door is opened by sliding it.
Sliding doors The sliding doors are attached to the inside of the wardrobe and are opened by sliding.

The available space can be a problem with hinged doors. When hinged doors are opened, no objects may lie or stand within the radius of the door width. This is completely eliminated by sliding doors, because they are opened directly at the cabinet.


If you love the feel of a wardrobe, handles are a must-have for you! You can easily add new handles to the wardrobe door to suit your style.
(Image source / terimakasih0)

That's why it's important when buying not only to pay attention to the look, but also not to disregard local conditions.


The features of a storage cupboard include the doors already described, but also built-in drawers or special compartments.

Some models offer a wide range of storage options. These have a variation of shelves or even integrated hanging devices in which smaller objects can be stored.

Some wardrobes also have lights built into the wardrobe that come on automatically when the doors are opened, making it easier to find the desired T-shirt, folder or picture book. Special systems can also be individually extended and enlarged or reduced again according to need. This creates great flexibility.

Facts worth knowing on the subject of storage cupboards

How should a storage cupboard be cared for?

Wooden furniture is very robust, but it still needs to be worked on carefully. Wood does not tolerate water particularly well, so simply dusting is sufficient for most cabinets.

Microfibre cloths leave fine scratches on the cupboard!

However, if the storage cupboard is now full of fingerprints, these can be wiped off with a damp cloth. It is best to dry the surface immediately afterwards with a cotton cloth. Storage cupboards made of solid wood can be polished again with furniture polish. Natural multi-purpose cupboards can also be treated with oils or waxes to protect the cupboard.


To keep a solid wood storage cupboard looking like new for a long time, it should be left in with oil or wax once a year.
(Image source: / Julian Hochgesang)

Here, solid wood cabinets behave similarly to veneer cabinets, but the manufacturer's instructions should be followed in each case!

Can a storage cupboard be built by yourself?

If you have very specific ideas about how your storage cupboard should look, it makes sense to dare to build the cupboard yourself. Your local carpenter can also help. However, these cupboards are a little more expensive. If you want to build a cupboard yourself, you must first plan and measure thoroughly so that everything fits in the end. In the following video you will find one of many DIY instructions for a wardrobe: In this way, you can create an individual wardrobe that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

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