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To avoid having to go shopping on stressful days, it is often advisable to stock up on food and drinks. This saves you a trip to the supermarket and you can choose what you would like to eat or drink in the comfort of your own home. For this purpose, it makes sense to buy shelves specially designed for this purpose, which can easily carry the load of food.

Thanks to the many different designs and versions, the storage shelves can be a visual highlight. To help you find the right model for your needs, we have compared different models and designs.


  • Storage shelves are available for different purposes and in different colours, shapes and materials. So everyone can find something to suit their taste.
  • There are suitable storage shelves for every room, so even with little space you can store your supplies in an ideal way.
  • Storage shelves are not only suitable for storing food and drinks, they are also ideal for storing kitchen utensils, pots and mixing bowls.

The Best Storage Shelve: Our Picks

To help you make the right purchase decision for your needs, we have listed our favourites here.

Buying and evaluation criteria for storage shelves

To make it easier for you to choose your storage rack, we have summarised the decisive criteria for you so that you can find the right storage rack for you.
The most important criteria are as follows:

We will now explain what you should look for in these criteria to make a good purchase decision.


No matter whether you are planning to equip a large room with storage shelves or you want to use a small niche, it is important that you choose a shelf with the right dimensions. Here, it is important to take measurements and ideally allow for a little buffer in case the product turns out to be 5 cm larger than expected.

It is also important to choose a storage rack that is tailored to your needs. So if you plan to put something tall, like kitchen utensils, on the level, you should make sure that the product fits in easily and can be removed without any effort.

If you like to store small items on one level, it would of course be annoying if the next shelf was several centimetres above the product and the space was wasted.


When it comes to materials, you should think about which items you want to store in your storage rack. If the items are heavier, there is a chance that the shelf material will sag or even break in the long run.

If you want to store and use kitchen utensils on the shelf, such as a toaster, make sure that the material of your storage cupboard is heat-resistant. If you want to store lighter items, it all depends on your preference.

Load capacity per shelf

Here, too, you should think about the items you would like to store in advance. If you want to store heavy equipment or drinks, it is of course a good idea to buy a storage rack with a high load capacity per shelf.

Even if you only want to store light kitchen utensils in it, it is not wrong to pay attention to a high load capacity. It's always possible that you'll want to repurpose the shelf one day and store something else in it.

Number of shelves

When choosing the number of shelves, you should of course consider your needs. If you want to store a lot of things, it is often better to distribute them over several levels so that the weight is optimally distributed. Here you have a free hand to choose what you like.


You should pay attention to stability when buying. If the storage rack does not offer sufficient stability, there is a risk of injury. Otherwise, the shelf may collapse and the things stored in it, such as plates or glasses, may be damaged.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about storage shelves answered in detail

To make sure you are fully informed for your purchase, we now answer the most frequently asked questions about storage shelves.

Who is a storage rack suitable for?

A storage rack is suitable for anyone who wants to keep their food, drinks or other things in order. It offers additional storage space and can often be installed in a space-saving way.


A storage shelf is ideal for storing food that has a long shelf life. (Image source: Karolina Grabowska / Unsplash)

If you don't feel like lugging groceries around several times a week or want to stock up for a rainy day, a pantry shelf is ideal for neatly storing shelf-stable foods.

What types of storage shelves are there?

There is a suitable storage rack for every purpose and need. If you want to store something in the basement, there are shelves for damp rooms. There are also chic storage shelves for the kitchen or pantry.

There are also mobile shelves with castors, or shelves for crates of drinks and fruit, but also for bottles. There are no limits to the materials and designs.

How big should a storage shelf be?

Your storage shelf should, of course, fit in the place you intend to use it and fulfil its purpose. The storage shelf should therefore be as large as your space allows and your items can still be neatly stored and quickly removed.

In addition, the upper levels of the shelf should be easily accessible for you so that you can use everything stored without any problems and you do not injure yourself.


Storage shelves are a great option for organising and storing kitchen utensils, food, drinks and much more. But also if you want to save yourself the search in your kitchen cupboards or simply want more storage space, you can get yourself a storage shelf.

Ultimately, the price and your intended use play a major role in the purchase decision. Because even if you want to store something unconventional, or you want a storage shelf in a design that matches your furnishings, there's something for everyone.

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