Last updated: August 12, 2021
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They come in a wide variety of designs. From a desk, to a bathroom shelf, to a side table for the couch. Each has its own individual characteristics that need to be taken into account. So before buying, you should know what requirements it should fulfil. So what are the decisive criteria and distinguishing features?

What do you have to pay attention to? In the following article, we will go into all these questions in more detail and thus provide you with a guide and a few points of orientation for making the right choice. In addition, we will show you some of our favourites and compare them on the basis of the different criteria.


  • To make the right choice, it is important to have a choice in the first place and to know what to look for based on the distinguishing features.
  • Should it roll, have adjustable legs, drawers, a large storage surface or simply be visually appealing? Here you will find an overview of all the questions you should ask yourself before buying.
  • The price ranges for storage tables are just as varied as the storage tables themselves. There are also very good examples in the medium price range.

The Best Storage Table: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for storage tables

In the world of storage tables, there are many different variations and areas of application. Therefore, it is all the more important to know which criteria are particularly important when making a choice. To make it easier for you to distinguish between the products and criteria, we have compiled the most important points for you below. With this list, you can now distinguish between the products more clearly and filter out the right one for you. The distinguishing features include:

Intended use

Are you looking for a side table for your bed, a console table or rather a shelf? It's always good to know what it's going to be used for in order to know its necessary characteristics. These are also the next criterion.


What special features should the storage table have? Perhaps it needs castors on its feet, or it should be collapsible to make it easier to transport. It may also need a particularly large storage surface or a waterproof surface. Drawers or intermediate storage areas can also be an advantage.


The size should also be taken into account. After all, the storage table you choose should fit in the intended area! It would be annoying if, after the purchase, it turned out to be too big or too small for the space you have chosen.

The finish

In order to be able to enjoy the storage table for a long time, it is of course good if it has been designed for durability. That means robust workmanship and easy maintenance. This can be seen, for example, in the way it is held together. Is it glued, screwed or plugged together?


The material not only plays a major role visually, but also in the area of use. Because the requirements for robustness vary from material to application. For example, pressed wood boards should not be chosen for a storage table in the bathroom or kitchen, as moisture can cause the individual wooden parts to swell


Depending on the size and construction, there are different degrees of difficulty in assembly. Many are delivered to your home already assembled and only need to be put in the right place. Others, on the other hand, come in individual parts and you have to assemble them yourself. This often requires tools such as a screwdriver and hammer, or even a drill. Generally, assembly instructions are included in such cases. If necessary, it is important for you to check how much effort you are prepared to invest in the assembly and whether, if so, you have the right tools. If necessary, these can also be borrowed.

Guide: Frequently asked questions on the subject of storage tables answered in detail:

In the following, you will see a list of the most frequently asked questions on the subject of storage tables, answered by us for you. We would like to help you gain a deeper insight into the topic.

What kind of storage tables are there?

The range of different applications for storage tables is quite large. Whether for outdoors or indoors is irrelevant. It also doesn't matter whether they are furnishing pieces or practical all-round talents for work, the kitchen and the buffet.


Small stools or even chairs can also be used as storage tables. (Image source: Benjamin Voros/ Unsplash)

From a normal sofa table, folding table, desk, side table for the bed, console table and garden table to a simple hallway storage unit, there are no restrictions. Small chests of drawers and shelves also fall into this category.

When are storage tables helpful?

With the great variety of storage tables, their range of application is naturally very versatile. Depending on what you expect from it, you should therefore orientate yourself. In any case, it can help you bring order to your home or workplace, place products in your shop or serve as a shelf for your cup of tea and book.

It helps you sort your documents and can also drape your flower vase as a visually appealing eye-catcher. Either way, it has many helpful features that can make your life and living easier.

Which design should I choose?

Of course, individual taste plays a decisive role. But it should also harmonise visually with your other furnishing style. Colours can also play a major role here. White or natural wood, for example, are particularly popular here and are also often used in combination with each other. It is also possible to choose a storage table that is quite simple in design, so that it can charmingly adapt to the style of its surroundings.

What are the quality features of storage tables?

Special features are, on the one hand, the workmanship and the stability of the materials. Each material has different properties and degrees of quality. Among other things, they are available in metal, glass, plastic, cane, bamboo or wood.

Even there, not all have the same properties. Even with wood, there are strong differences. Spruce, for example, is one of the cheaper varieties. It is very light, but not quite as stable. Robust heavy wood is oak and beech.


To keep an overview in your home or workplace, a matching storage table is certainly one of the best solutions. Due to its versatile variations and distinguishing features, it is important to see which storage table suits you and which criteria it should fulfil.

When buying, the intended use, features, size, assembly, material, workmanship and price-performance ratio should be taken into account. They come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. Also consider their special properties, such as scratch and water resistance.

Image source: Natural Goods Berlin/ Unsplash