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storage jars are a stylish yet functional addition to your kitchen. They offer the perfect way to store different types of food and help organise your home.

They are also the perfect way to transport your food on the go. They come in a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes - there's sure to be something for everyone! Want to know what to look for when choosing?

With the help of this guide, we want to make your purchase decision easier!


  • Before you make a purchase decision, you should be clear about your needs in terms of material, shape and volume.
  • Storage tins can help you keep your kitchen tidy and your everyday life more structured.
  • Airtight storage containers keep dry food fresh longer and also protect against food moths and other pests.

Best storage tins: Our Picks

In the following, you will find our storage jar favourites to help you make a purchasing decision. We want to help you find storage containers that are perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for storage tins:

Before you decide to buy a storage tin, you should consider the following buying and evaluation criteria:

In the following sections you will learn how to choose the perfect storage tin and which storage tin meets your personal requirements.


Storage jars are available in a wide range of materials - from stainless steel to glass to plastic. Each material has its own special features that should be taken into account when buying. In the following, you will find out which material is most suitable for your needs.

  • Plastic: Because of their durability, plastic storage containers can be used for a long time. You can use them for all kinds of food and get them cleaned in no time! Since plastic is not temperature sensitive, you can heat your food in the microwave or put it in your fridge or freezer for storage.
  • Glass: Storage jars made of glass not only impress with their modern look, but also with their taste and odour neutrality. You can also put them in the microwave or oven to heat your food without any problems.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel storage jars are perfect for storing your coffee, tea or other spices. Another plus is the durability and the unbeatable, elegant look.
  • Ceramic: Whether as a butter dish or as part of a crockery set: storage tins in ceramic look embellish your home in no time. With different designs and patterns, there's something for everyone!
  • Wood: Wooden storage containers are ideal for storing dry food. They are also sustainable and stand out with their unique look.


Whether high or flat, square or round: storage jars can be found in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Flat tins are perfect for storing your cold cuts or cheese. They can often be stacked to save space in your fridge.

For foods such as spaghetti, muesli or cornflakes, tall tins are a good option: they make it easier to remove them and also offer plenty of space. Rectangular shapes are perfect for your break or lunch on-the-go: their shape makes them easy to store in your briefcase or school bag.

Round shapes, on the other hand, are ideal for storing flour or sugar. This ensures that no residue gets stuck in the corners. The shape you choose depends on your individual needs.


In addition to the shape, you should also consider the volume you need before making a purchase decision. Be careful: a larger can does not necessarily mean more capacity! So pay attention to the indicated diameter.

The volume is usually given in litres and ranges from 0.2 to 4 litres. Storage tins with a small capacity are ideal for spices or tea, while large tins are best suited for food such as cornflakes.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about storage tins answered in detail

In the following, we will deal with the most important questions about storage tins.

For whom is a storage tin suitable?

Storage boxes are generally suitable for anyone who wants to bring order and structure into their home.


Storage tins are ideal for your weekly meal prep. You save a lot of time and have your lunch ready to hand at all times. (Image source: Ello/ Unsplash)

They also serve as the perfect form of storage when you're on the go - no matter what age: for your lunch at school, your lunch at work or for a snack in between. Everyone can enjoy a storage tin.

Which storage tins protect against food moths and other pests?

To protect your food from moths and other pests, make sure your food storage containers are airtight. This is the only way to guarantee no moth infestation. The material also plays a role: stainless steel and glass are particularly moth-resistant. Pay attention to the manufacturer's product descriptions and customer reviews.

Can my storage tin be put in the dishwasher?

The majority of storage tins offered are dishwasher-safe. However, be careful here too: always check the manufacturer's product information and make sure! If the storage tin is not dishwasher safe, designs or labels may change colour or fade completely.

What is the best way to clean storage tins?

If your storage tin is not dishwasher safe, you can clean it by hand as a precaution. A sponge, warm water and washing-up liquid are usually sufficient.

However, make sure you use a soft sponge. Scrubbing brushes are too brisk and can leave unsightly scratches. This applies especially to plastic, but also to more fragile materials such as ceramics or glass.


There are many different storage containers. They differ in terms of material, shape or capacity. Whether square or round, stainless steel or plastic, for the housewife or the primary school pupil.

Thanks to a large assortment, everyone is sure to find what they are looking for! Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find out what you should look out for when buying, which storage containers you need and which ones meet your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Nothing should stand in the way of your purchase. Good luck! (Image source: Ello /