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In life you are born, you grow up and one day you have to wear strapless. Because inevitably there comes a time when the ideal blouse or dress is in front of you, but you can't wear it with straps, it wouldn't be right, it wouldn't be fancy and of course it would go against any basic rule of good dressing and good looks.

Second step, buy the ideal bra, but just thinking about it and imagining ourselves in a situation we suspect the worst, a misaligned bra, that slips or even worse that lets out our strengths unexpectedly, but if we choose well, no chaos should exist. At ReviewBox we'll give you the lowdown so you can buy them without fear.


  • Strapless bras are recommended in order to be able to wear garments that leave the shoulders and collarbone uncovered. They are used in the same way as traditional bras, but taking care of their support so as not to lose reinforcement in the bust, or that the garment moves.
  • According to their design and the purpose for which they have been created, there are basically 4 different types of bras that can be adjusted to different needs: bandeau, strapless push-up, backless or bustier.
  • Buying the right strapless bra requires the necessary attention in order not to spend in vain. Some points to look at carefully in order to make the right choice are the gusset, the adhesive and the fit.

The Best Strapless Bra: Our Picks

Buying Guide: what you need to know about strapless bras

The more informed we are, the easier it will be to find the ideal product, so in this section we will talk about the most important aspects to resolve any doubts that may occupy your mind and that you can solve and decide what type of bra you want and need.

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How to wear a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is used in the same way as a bra with straps, only that it will stay in place thanks to a non-slip system usually made of silicone and with the same intention of staying in place, they tend to tighten a little more the body -without hurting it- unlike a traditional one.

Why use a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is used to wear a blouse or a dress that is uncovered from the shoulders, leaving the collarbone part uncovered, in some cases it also keeps part of the back uncovered. By using a bra with strapless features, we avoid dirtying our appearance by showing the straps.

Strapless bandeau, strapless push-up, backless or bustier bra - what should you look out for?

Among the wide variety of options that brands develop to meet women's needs, they have created products that are categorised as strapless but are designed with different structures, materials and purposes.

  • Bandeau. Strapless bra characterised by its design as a horizontal elastic band to cover the bust. Its design does not contain underwires, padding or any other additional support. With its use a more natural look is obtained. It is recommended for use with transparent shirts, open shirts, under overalls, etc.
  • Strapless Push-up. Strapless bra, with the quality of outlining the bust with underwire and/or padding, in addition to the defined design of its cups help to enhance and shape the chest. They are very similar to traditional bras but guarantee good control, firmness and freedom when worn with open top garments.
  • Backless. In Spanish known as a backless bra. This is another strapless option but is also designed to be worn with open back garments for plunging necklines. This type of bra is fastened using a silicone band that holds it in place, while its design gives support and shape to the bust.
  • Bustier. This is a bra that, like the others, has no straps but it provides additional support, as the corset has a wide extended band that goes all the way to the waist or even the hip. This corset can be worn by any body type and is highly recommended if you have a large bust.
Bandeau Strapless Push-Up Backless Bustier
Main feature Elastic band without underwire or padding Bra with padding and/or underwire Bra without straps or back Bra with a wide extended band
What to wear Sheer blouses, open shirts, overalls Off-the-shoulder and collarbone blouses or dresses Off-the-shoulder and back blouses or dresses Blouses, dresses
Bust type A, B or C cup A, B, C or D cup A, B or C cup A, B, C or D cup

Apart from the straps, are there any differences between a normal bra and a strapless bra?

Yes, there are differences between a normal bra and a strapless bra, the most essential difference lies in the design of the band. Its design, position and silicone included, will make it stay in place successfully or not, without the need to be supported by the straps like the traditional ones.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of strapless bras

If when choosing a traditional bra we need to take into account certain criteria so that it fits perfectly to our contour and size, when it comes to a strapless bra even more so, we must take certain precautions and decisions to get the right one and more.

  • Gusset
  • Adhesive
  • Fit


Most strapless bras reinforce the weight of the bust in their underwire and band. This last one, an aspect that you should evaluate carefully when choosing, since it is the feature that will give you security when using it.

We recommend that the more bust you have, the wider the band and the better the grip. On the other hand, regardless of your cup size, some experts recommend buying one size smaller so that the band fits tighter, you can try it, but make sure it doesn't hurt you. Start by measuring your size and check the fit from there.


Once the band has fit you properly, another important aspect is the adhesive inside the band. This is usually made of silicone and is responsible for ensuring that your intimate garment does not slide down your body creating discomfort. If the adhesive is not the right one, we assure you that the garment you want will not stay still.

Look for a thick adhesive or two to hold it in place, on the other hand, we recommend you avoid tricks like using talcum powder, oil or deodorant because instead of holding it in place, they make the bra slip.

Did you know? In 1939, with the advent of nylon, strapless bras began to be used


If the size is not right, the fit will not be correct

Although much depends on the band and its adhesive, another indisputable factor is that if the size is not right, the fit will not be correct. To verify that we are getting the perfect fit, we can be guided by a couple of things.

  • Separating and lifting. These are two benefits we want to find in the strapless bra. If on the other hand the bust droops, if it feels saggy or too close together, then we are probably not getting what we need.
  • Mobility. As a general rule, it is ideal that you try on the bra and in doing so you should move around, stretch your arms, walk, jump, dance, etc. If after doing all this, the bust stays in place, then it is ideal.
  • Clothes. Take into account the clothes with which you want to wear your strapless, because if for example you wear a very heavy dress, it will cause the bra to slip. Your comfort and safety must be guaranteed.

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