Last updated: August 11, 2021

Are you or your partner tired of your age-old hat? Why not go for a hat? In one fell swoop, you'll not only be fashionably ahead of the game with the lady of your heart, but you'll also have a stylish companion for a holiday in Mallorca or a weekend getaway with the boys. A hat made of straw is particularly casual and comfortable on hot summer days.

The natural fibres provide shade and cool your head at the same time. With their natural look, straw hats for men are a constant eye-catcher for the beach, but also for smart parties with a suit. Choose from different shapes, colours and materials to find your perfect partner for long sunny days and hot summer nights.

The Best Straw Hat For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying straw hats for men

Men's straw hats all look the same, so why make such a fuss? Far from it! If you want to enjoy your new straw hat for longer than just one summer holiday, you should pay attention to the following features that we have compiled for you here. These are the following criteria you should look out for when buying:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Occasion

Based on the points just mentioned, you will find the right straw headwear for your new summer look. But also in winter or on elegant occasions you can set accents with a straw hat for men and show the others where the modern man wears the straw.


A straw hat is made of straw. That probably won't knock your socks off. Nevertheless, there are serious differences in the types of straw and substitute materials. The following manufacturing materials are the most common:

  • Paper straw: In contrast to its natural counterpart, the industrially produced version of the straw hat is much less sensitive to water and is also more elastic and break-resistant. Visually, there is hardly any difference to hats made of conventional natural materials.
  • Raffia straw: Hats made of raffia straw are elastic and stable at the same time. The bast fibres of tropical palm trees are particularly resilient and resistant to pests. However, the natural fibre no longer retains its shape if it comes into contact with water for too long.
  • Panama straw: This elegant material impresses with its light colour and scientifically proven cooling function. In addition, the fibre of the toquilla palm is airy and light and thus ensures a pleasant feeling on the head and high wearing comfort.
  • Hemp straw: In general, men's hats made of hemp straw offer a comfortable feel and high air permeability for a cool head. There are three sub-types of hemp straw, which are suitable for different hat types due to their properties. Sinamay is particularly malleable and stable, which is why it is mainly used to make elegant occasion hats and fancy models. Abaca is characterised by its high resistance and durability. The third and most noble type is sisal. It is particularly comfortable to wear and has a slight shimmer.

As you can see, just by choosing the appropriate material, you can find the perfect men's straw hat for your purposes.


Like any piece of clothing, a hat needs to fit perfectly. The first step to choosing the right hat size is to measure. To do this, place a flexible measuring tape on your head about 1 centimetre above your ear and then measure the circumference of your head.

A piece of string that is placed around your head and can then be measured with the folding rule from your toolbox can also help. The measured value in centimetres also gives the hat size, i.e. if your head circumference is 58 centimetres, your hat size is 58.

Many online shops also offer conversion tables for American and British sizes. The straw hat for men fits perfectly when it sits loosely on the head, but without falling off. So if in doubt, always choose the larger hat size for your casual straw companion.


Most men's straw hats come in their natural colour. This can range from a strong yellow, brown and beige to almost pure white. But that is not the end of the story. Nowadays, straw hats for men are also available in almost all other colours.

So why not wear a casual straw hat in blue with the same-coloured suit? Or set an accent with a green or red straw hat? There is also the right straw hat to match the jersey for the stadium visit. Here, the choice is up to you whether to stick to casual understatement or make your hat the highlight of your wardrobe.


Of course, the occasion for which the straw hat for men is worn is also a decisive argument. For gardening, you can also reach for the coarsely woven version from the hardware store without hesitation. This hat should protect you from sunburn on your head and neck and does not have to look elegant to do so.

With a straw hat for men, you will find suitable headwear for almost all occasions. A straw hat goes with a casual summer outfit with a linen shirt and shorts just as well as with a classy suit at a party. But even in everyday life, a straw hat for men is a great way to conceal thinning hair and even look elegant.

However, always bear in mind that men's straw hats made of natural fibres are sensitive to water and should not be worn in the rain or at the next pool party.

Straw hats for men: The most important questions answered

Up to this point, you are already a long way ahead of most others when it comes to a men's straw hat. In order to stay ahead not only in terms of expertise, but also in styling and combining, as well as all other questions, you will find suitable answers to the most frequently asked questions and a few styling tips below.

What types of straw hats are there for men?

Besides the material and colour, straw hats for men, like their felt and leather relatives, also differ in shape. In addition to classic hat shapes, there are also a few special variants of straw headgear:

  • Pork Pie: The Pork Pie hat is a circular, flat hat with a narrow brim and a slightly upturned rim. This hat shape is known as the iconic hat covering of Walter White's alter ego from the series Breaking Bad.
  • Florentine/Circular Saw: The Florentine or Circular Saw hat is very similar to the shape of the Pork Pie. However, a Florentine is taller and is also characterised by a wider brim.
  • Fedora: One of the best-known hat shapes is the Fedora. Its characteristic features are the pinched crown and the wide brim that slopes down at the front. The best-known supporter of this hat shape is the tireless Indiana Jones on his adventures.
  • Trilby: The trilby is a variation of the fedora. Typical is the more compact appearance with a narrower brim, which is folded steeply upwards at the back of the head.
  • Cowboy: If you like it more eccentric and in the style of the Wild West, go for the cowboy hat. The crown of this classic hat is also tipped in. The large, sweeping brim is slightly curved upwards at the sides. There is usually a strap attached to keep the hat in place even on the wildest of rides.
  • Foldable straw hats: Especially for summer holidays, it is practical to be able to transport the hat in a space-saving way. Practical straw hats made of particularly elastic material can be folded or rolled up and thus take up hardly any space in your suitcase. However, get the hat back into shape quickly after arrival to avoid permanent dents.

Whether classically elegant with trilby and pork pie or wild and adventurous like Indiana Jones or the cowboys in the Wild West. There is a suitable straw model for every hat lover for hot summer days and nights.

How can I tell if my straw hat for men fits well?

A straw hat for men, like any other hat, should sit comfortably and loosely on your head. If you feel pressure at the temples or anywhere else, you should choose a larger hat size. Especially when worn for a long time, a hat that is too tight can become very uncomfortable. For an accurate result, have your head circumference measured.

This value in centimetres will then give you your hat size. The measurement is taken approximately 1 cm above the ear. If you are between 2 sizes, choose the larger of the two. You can achieve a perfect fit for oval and circular head shapes with cork straps, which are attached to the underside of the hat band and compensate for unevenness.

If you want your hat to sit above your ears instead of behind them, add 1 centimetre or one hat size to your actual head circumference.

How do I care for and clean my straw hat?

As already mentioned, straw hats made of natural fibres are particularly sensitive to prolonged contact with water. This can lead to deformation of the hat or even mouldy fibres. Therefore, avoid wearing the hat in the rain.

For a rainy men's day out, it is best to go for a men's straw hat made of paper straw. Likewise, men's straw hats should be transported in a protected manner, such as in a hat box. To prevent the fibres from drying out and breaking and fraying, moisten your stylish straw companion regularly when storing it for a longer period of time.

However, if you wear your straw hat for men often, the evaporating moisture from your skin is enough to keep the fibres elastic and stable. To remove dirt from the hat, you can use a damp cloth and curd soap. Be careful not to get the hat too wet and dry it as quickly and thoroughly as possible after successfully cleaning it.

Styling tips for men's straw hats: how to achieve the perfect straw hat look

  • For a light and airy summer look, a straw hat for men can be combined with linen shirts and trousers. You can achieve a natural look in earthy, soft colours for the perfect beach look.
  • A straw pork pie or trilby can also be worn with a smart suit to liven up your evening outfit and create an eye-catching effect. You can wear the hat in a matching colour to your suit or in a contrasting colour to your shoes and belt.
  • The hat band also provides visual highlights! An imposing red or yet elegant black sets a fine but unmistakable accent. Materials such as leather or accessories like bows and feathers also make your look modern and unique. This will not only catch the eye of the other gentlemen.

Men's straw hats give their wearers a natural and casual look. The airy headgear is a stylish helper, especially in summer, to keep a cool head at all times. But even in the cold season, the door is open for the straw hat to be combined with a coat, scarf and gloves.


Straw hats for men have not been simple headgear for summer work for a long time. In addition to providing shade and good ventilation, the stylish hats made of natural fibres also give their wearer a casual look and make for a fashionable eye-catcher at any party. With the right choice of natural or industrial fibre material, you are assured of a long-lasting fit and comfortable wear.

Join the ranks of those hat lovers like Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with a Fedora straw hat, or get that Wild West feeling going with a cowboy hat made of straw. There's a straw hat to suit every character.

Contributed image: Annie Spratt/ Unsplash