Last updated: August 18, 2021

Today we will talk about the cream for stretch marks, a dermocosmetic used for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, that bother women and also men every day. This product helps in regeneration, hydration, nutrition and stimulation of skin elasticity. It should be used daily in areas of the body prone to the appearance of stretch marks such as buttocks, breasts, legs and abdomen. In this article you will understand how stretch marks form, what are the main causes of the problem, which is the best product to treat each case and how to use the cream correctly.


  • Stretch marks are scars that form on the skin due to the breakdown of elastic and collagen fibres. The use of treatment cream helps to reorganize the damaged fibers, minimizing the appearance and amount of stretch marks.
  • Some areas of the body are more prone to the appearance of stretch marks, such as buttocks, thighs, breasts and belly, because these regions expand when women gain weight.
  • The cream for stretch marks can act to prevent and treat stretch marks. It is most effective in red and purple stretch marks and little effective in the case of whitish stretch marks, which are older.

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For you to know how to choose the best treatment cream against stretch marks, you need to understand how they appear in the skin, what are the possible causes of the problem and what is the best way to treat them, according to the coloration and depth of stretch marks.

Mulher no espelho sorrindo.

Look in the mirror and feel good about yourself is the dream of every woman, and the cream for stretch marks can help in this. (Source: ElenaVagengeim / 123RF)

What are stretch marks and how do they arise?

More than half of our body is made of water. The liquid is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the body and make the skin healthy and beautiful. But we lose water during the day, through urine and sweat, so it is essential that it is replaced.

Besides drinking 2 litres of water a day, topical hydration (through the skin) is also very important, mainly by stimulating the production of collagen, the substance that maintains the skin's elasticity.

If the person has dry skin and gains weight, a stretching may occur which ruptures the fibres of the epidermis and creates an inflammatory process, in which the body develops scars (stretch marks) to try to heal this rupture. The process of formation of stretch marks can have various causes. Some people get them during adolescence, a phase in which the body changes a lot and the presence of hormones decreases the resistance of collagen and elastin in the skin. Those who suffer from the so-called "accordion effect" also tend to notice the appearance of stretch marks. The same goes for women who put silicone breast implants or use corticosteroid medication constantly. In cases of pregnancy, the appearance of stretch marks is also common, especially in the region of the breasts and belly, because both areas grow a lot and in a short time. At first, stretch marks have a reddish or purplish colour. This is the best time to treat them, because after they become whitish, the chance to remove them falls a lot.

Imagem de uma mulher aplicando creme para estrias na barriga.

During pregnancy, the incidence of stretch marks on the belly and breasts increases, so you need to prevent them with anti stretch mark cream. (Source: / Pexels)

How to treat stretch marks?

When the skin is hydrated, with the appearance firm and uniform, it is more difficult that stretch marks appear. That is why it is essential that you use moisturizing products, especially those that contain components that prevent them from arising. If you already have the problem, know that there is a multitude of creams indicated for the treatment of stretch marks. These products act to reorganize the skin fibers, softening the appearance and reducing the amount of stretch marks. The effectiveness of the product depends on some factors such as the colour of stretch marks, the depth of these scars, skin condition (if moisturized or dry) and treatment time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cream for stretch marks?

Obviously, the biggest advantage of this type of cream is the treatment against stretch marks, especially red and purple. There are creams with different textures, for different skin types, and these creams can be used anywhere on the body. On the other hand, the cream for stretch marks is not as effective in whitish stretch marks, and takes a while to have effect. In addition, it ends up being a little expensive, depending on your budget.

  • Prevents the appearance of stretch marks
  • Treats existing stretch marks, especially red and purple ones
  • Different textures: thicker cream, fluid, gel or oil
  • Can be used in various areas of the body: breasts, buttocks, abdomen and legs
  • It is a relatively expensive product
  • Needs to be used every day for a long period to treat stretch marks
  • It is less effective in whitish stretch marks

What changes from one stretch mark cream to another?

Creams for the treatment of stretch marks can be very different from each other in formulation. There are numerous assets that can be used in the treatment of scars, from vitamins to acids. If the product you choose has acid in the composition, it is ideal to do the treatment in winter, because sun exposure can burn and stain the skin, making the problem even greater. The texture also changes from one product to the other. Most are in cream, which can be thicker or fluid. There are also gel or oil products, although they are not very common.

Imagem de duas mulheres tomando sol na praia.

If the cream you are using to treat stretch marks has acid in the composition, do not expose yourself to the sun. (Source: Free-Photos / Pixabay)

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the models of cream for stretch marks

It is necessary to be aware of some details when buying a cream for the treatment of stretch marks. It is worth taking a few minutes to read the label (or description) of products and check what are the following characteristics:

  • Substances in the cream
  • Product texture
  • Indications for use
  • Extra benefits

We will explain each of the items listed above, so that you do not have any doubts and get it right when choosing a cream for stretch marks.

Substances in the cream

A cream for stretch marks can contain a multitude of substances. Let's list the most common so you understand what each one is capable of:

  • Urea: is an ultra moisturizing active, responsible for retaining and transporting water to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Dimethicone and Cyclomethicones: form a protective film that prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Elastin and Hydrolyzed Collagen: stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin and reorganize the skin fibers, leaving it moisturized and firm.
  • Glycolic acid: decompresses the cells of the first layer of the epidermis (called the horny layer) and promotes cell renewal, which makes stretch marks less visible.
  • Glycerin and paraffin: lubricants of the outer layer of the skin.
  • Nano rose hips: nanoparticles of encapsulated rosehip oil, which helps in the formation of the structure of the epidermal cell membrane, giving flexibility to the skin.
  • Hydroxyprolisilane CN: promotes tissue regeneration and stimulates collagen formation ensuring elasticity to the skin.
  • Aspartic acid: amino acid that inhibits melanin synthesis and restores natural skin texture.
  • Omegas 3 and 6: rich in antioxidant substances, they contribute to the improvement of skin texture, forming a protective layer that retains water.
  • Vitamin E: this vitamin activates the skin's blood microcirculation, contributing to the hydration and regeneration of the skin.
  • Avocado peptides: this natural ingredient is composed of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that nourish, promote elasticity and softness to the skin.

Texture of the product

Another important factor when choosing a cream for stretch marks is to observe what is the texture of the product. You can find creamy versions (dense or fluid), gel and oil. The choice is more related to your preference than to any other factor such as product effectiveness. For dry skin, products with a denser texture or oil are ideal. If you have oily skin and are prone to acne, prefer products with a light and fluid texture or gel. These products are absorbed more quickly.

Imagem de uma mulher aplicando creme corporal.

The stretch mark cream may have different textures. Choose the one that best suits your skin, because the use of the product is daily. (Source: chez beate / Pixabay)

Indications for use

Be aware of the indication of use of the cream of stretch marks that you are buying. Some products only prevent the appearance of stretch marks, others help reduce the appearance of stretch marks already formed and prevent the emergence of new ones.

Extra benefits

Because of the nourishing and emollient components, creams for stretch marks ensure hydrated and showy skin, so at least in the region where you are applying the product, it is not necessary to use moisturizing lotion. Creams for stretch marks may have some extra benefits. One example is the products with the effect of firming the skin that help restore elasticity to the areas of the body more sagging. (Source of the highlighted image: Dusanka Visnjican / 123RF)