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Suitcases are a practical option for travellers to transport their luggage. A suitcase set includes several sizes of one model so that the right suitcase is available for every occasion. Roller suitcase sets are available in many different versions and sizes. Depending on the individual needs of the user, the trolley sets have different types of suitcases.

With our big suitcase set test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect suitcase set for you. We have compared hard-shell and soft-shell suitcases and described the advantages and disadvantages of each type. In addition, you can find answers to all the relevant questions about trolley suitcase sets in our guide.


  • A suitcase set offers you several suitcases of a certain model in different sizes. So you can use the right suitcase for every occasion, whether for short trips or long journeys. Even in the family, the suitcases in a set can be divided between the parents and children.
  • There are two different types of wheeled suitcases, namely the hard-shell and the soft-shell suitcase. They differ particularly in their flexibility, protective function and weight.
  • You can buy suitcase sets in different sizes and designs. The smallest ones contain two pieces, while the largest ones contain five pieces of luggage. In addition to the rolling suitcases, some of them also have carrying bags or cosmetic cases.

The best Suitcase Set: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for luggage sets

There are many luggage sets out there, so the choice is not easy. We have picked out a few criteria for you to consider when buying a trolley case set.

The aspects with which you can compare the luggage sets are the following:

The individual aspects are explained in more detail below.

Set parts

As the name suggests, a suitcase set consists of several parts. The size of the set can vary. You will usually find 2-piece sets, 3-piece sets or sets with 4 or 5 pieces. Most of the time, the different cases vary in size so that you can choose the right one depending on the occasion.

The set pieces do not always have to be just a normal suitcase. Some suitcase sets also include a beauty case, also called a cosmetics case. This is the ideal place to store your cosmetics. Of course, you can also transport your beauty products in the actual wheeled case if you don't want an extra container for them.

Some larger trolley sets have a business case. These are particularly small and are ideal for business trips or appointments that only last a day or two. Others offer a carry-on bag in addition to the wheeled suitcases.


In order not to have to carry your suitcase all the time, but to be able to pull it comfortably behind you, all suitcases now have wheels. But there is also a difference here.

Suitcases with two wheels are easy to set up without accidentally rolling away. To move it, you tilt it slightly and pull it behind you.

A suitcase with four wheels is easy to pull along. Make sure that the wheels can turn 360 degrees.

The other option is a trolley with four wheels. You can also push them comfortably beside or in front of you. However, you have to make sure that it doesn't roll away.

With a suitcase set with four wheels, you should make sure that the wheels of your suitcase can be turned in all directions. This makes it easier to steer.

If the wheels of a suitcase are smaller, it is best to buy one with so-called twin wheels. This means that there are two wheels next to each other at each point. This increases stability.

Size & weight

The purpose of a suitcase set is to have several suitcases in different sizes. You don't have to buy each size separately and read up on each one, but get everything you need at once. Often, luggage sets come in sizes S, M, L and XL.

The sizes differ depending on the size of the set. Most trolley sets contain one large suitcase, which can hold a lot, and one or two smaller ones.

Here you should make sure that it can be used as hand luggage on the plane.

Your new suitcases should not be too heavy, no matter what size. After all, the contents already weigh more than enough. On the one hand, it is more comfortable for you to carry a light suitcase, especially if you have to carry it up or down stairs. Secondly, many airlines pay attention to the weight of the luggage and charge extra for heavy bags.


Some suitcases offer the possibility to expand their actual size. You can open the expansion joint with a zip. A fold of fabric now allows you to expand the height of the suitcase so that even more volume is available.

A practical addition if the original space is not enough. If you don't need the extra space, you close the zip again and the suitcase takes up less space.


A lock provides security for your luggage during your travels. You can use it to reduce the risk of theft or unintentional smuggling. Many wheeled suitcases already have one built into the case.

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration

Trolleys are secured with a combination lock. Ideally, you should buy a set equipped with TSA locks, especially if you are planning to travel to the USA.

Because luggage is often checked there and if the suitcase cannot be opened, the lock is broken.

A TSA lock can be opened with a master key that only TSA staff have. This means that your suitcase can be opened, searched and closed by the staff without coming to any harm. By the way, TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration.

Decision: What types of luggage sets are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a luggage set, there are two alternatives to choose from:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Hard shell Contents are protected by robust material, water-repellent, easy to clean, clothes wrinkle less quickly Suitcase is heavier, hard shell is not flexible, scratches and similar signs of use occur quickly
Soft shell Material is very stretchy and flexible, have practical front pockets, are very light Protect less well against impacts, not all models are water-repellent, clothes wrinkle quickly

The main difference between these options is the material. Depending on which option you choose, the two types of suitcases have different advantages and disadvantages. You can read about these in more detail below. This will help you find the perfect suitcase set for you.


The exterior of a hard case consists of a solid material. As a rule, these are plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate. Both types of plastic are characterised by their high impact resistance. This offers good protection and makes your suitcase set very robust.

The contents of your trolley are therefore optimally protected. This is especially important if you are transporting delicate items that can easily break. These include, for example, technical equipment or glass containers. Thanks to the hard shell, your clothes will also crease less.

The plastic is water-repellent. So if you get caught in the rain, it’s no problem. The raindrops roll off the surface and the contents stay dry. You can easily and quickly remove water from the hard shell of your suitcase with a cloth. This makes cleaning your luggage set child’s play.

  • Robust and shock-proof material
  • clothes wrinkle less
  • protects against moisture
  • easy to clean
  • Less flexible
  • Usually a little heavier
  • Traces of use are quickly visible

Hard cases are robust, but the surface is not protected against scratches. It can easily happen that the plastic is exposed to slight strain during a trip. The contents remain protected, but the shell quickly shows signs of wear.

Due to the firm plastic, these types of suitcases are not very flexible. The shape and size remain fixed in their origins, so you may struggle to stow them away if you don’t have much space. The same goes for packing. The cases are not expandable to the outside and do not offer the possibility to squeeze in the last item.

In addition, most hard-sided suitcases are a bit heavier and don’t have a practical front pocket.


Soft-sided suitcases have a soft outer surface made of fabric, which in most cases is polyester or nylon. These two materials are considered durable. A kind of framework forms the shape, and the fabric is stretched around it.

The fabric offers a high degree of stretch and your suitcase is therefore very flexible. Especially if you want to fit more luggage in, it is easy to squeeze something in here and there, as the lid can be easily expanded outwards.

The fabric version is also lighter. If you fly a lot with hand luggage, this point is particularly important. Depending on the airline, your luggage may not exceed a certain number of kilograms. This is particularly low for low-cost flights, where every gram counts. Of course, you’ll also be doing yourself a favour if you ever have to carry your wheeled suitcase.

  • Very flexible and stretchy
  • Very light
  • Practical front pockets
  • Less sensitive to shocks
  • clothes crease more quickly
  • protection against water not always given

Suitcase sets with soft shells usually have one or two practical front pockets. Here you can store things that you need to get to quickly during your trip. For example, your travel documents or city maps.

Due to the soft fabric, soft-sided suitcases are not well protected against external shocks, because the soft material gives way easily. It’s better not to use them to transport very fragile items. Especially if you rarely fly with hand luggage, but with checked luggage, this can lead to problems. Your clothes will also crease more quickly due to the deformation of the cover.

When it comes to protection from rain, it depends on the manufacturer. As a rule, fabric suitcases protect less well against moisture than hard-shell suitcases, but there are also companies that offer sufficient protection.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about luggage sets answered in detail

If you are interested in a luggage set, you probably have a few questions that you want to have answered before you buy. Our large luggage set guide answers the most important and frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you will find the perfect luggage set for you and your needs.

Who is a luggage set suitable for?

A luggage set naturally includes several suitcases in different sizes. As a single person who hardly ever travels, you might wonder who could use so many suitcases.


If you like to travel a lot, a suitcase set is worthwhile. It is also ideal for sharing.
(Image source: vidar-nordli-mathisen/unsplash)

For a multi-person household, a luggage set pays for itself very quickly. A set usually costs less than buying all the suitcases separately. You can save money with a two-piece trolley set.

Especially for families with children, the different suitcases have a big advantage. The smaller suitcases are perfect for the children, while the larger pieces of luggage can be carried by the parents.

Individuals who travel a lot should also definitely consider a rolling suitcase set. Whether it's for business or pleasure doesn't matter. Not every trip requires the same amount of clothing and other travel essentials. So it's better to have a wider selection of luggage, depending on your needs. Especially if you want to take less with you, a small suitcase as hand luggage is very practical.

What size suitcase set should I buy?

How many suitcases your new set should contain depends on you individually. Depending on what you need your suitcases for and how often, you choose the size of the set and the individual suitcases. As a guide, we have prepared an approximate size table here.

Size height volume
S 50 to 55 centimetres 20 to 49 litres
M 56 to 69 centimetres 50 to 69 litres
L 70 to 79 centimetres 70 to 98 litres
XL 80 centimetres and over 90 litres and over

If you fly a lot with hand luggage, you should make sure that the set includes a suitable wheeled suitcase. Smaller suitcases are also practical if, for example, you have a car with a less spacious boot. Some luggage sets also come in smaller sizes for children or business trips.

However, a large suitcase should not be missing from a rolling suitcase set. Especially for longer trips or holidays with the whole family, a lot of storage space is practical. It is also more comfortable to have only one piece of luggage than to have to carry around many small ones at once.


Your suitcase should have enough space to store all the items you need. With a suitcase set, you have several sizes to choose from.
(Image source: Anete Lūsiņa/Unsplash)

As you can see, the choice of size depends on your individual needs. Before buying, think carefully about what you need your new suitcases for.

What are the alternatives to a luggage set?

There is no real alternative to a luggage set. If you have come to the conclusion that such a set is not worthwhile for you, the only option is to buy the suitcases individually. You probably travel far too seldom, so you have decided to use only one suitcase.

If you realise that you could still use another type of suitcase, then it is of course a good idea to buy another suitcase.

Here you have the advantage of being able to choose your model individually according to your wishes. You can freely choose the colour and size.

Ideally, you can mix hard and soft cases. The best combination is a light soft-sided suitcase for your hand luggage and a robust hard-sided suitcase for your checked luggage. However, you should keep the price in mind. Sets are usually cheaper than buying them individually.

Can I buy an adapted luggage set for my car?

If you travel by car, you have limited space for your luggage. Especially if you have a small boot, you have to think very carefully about which bags you can use. To avoid this and to use the space as much as possible, there are specially adapted luggage sets for many different car brands and their models.


Hard-sided suitcases do not fit well in a car boot. That's why there are extra bags for cars.
(Image source: convertkit/unsplash)

On various websites, you only have to specify your car and you will find the right bags. Most of the time, you won't find a set of bags for a suitcase, but a set of bags, because they are more flexible and fit better in the boot. Another alternative are bags for roof boxes. For some car models, however, you can also buy luggage sets.

We have listed a small selection of companies that offer this service online.


How do I clean my luggage set?

To ensure that you can use your luggage set for as long as possible, you should clean it regularly. It is important to distinguish between hard-shell and soft-shell suitcases. Depending on the type, the case requires a different type of cleaning. We have listed the cleaning methods here.

  • Hard shell suitcase: Thanks to its plastic surface, a hard shell suitcase is easy to maintain. You can simply wipe it with a cloth and water from the outside. If the dirt is more stubborn, it is best to use washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner.
  • Soft-sided suitcases: If you have a suitcase set made of fabric, it is best to brush the surface of your suitcase dry with a brush. If that's not enough, you can also wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Castors: Whether sturdy or soft, you should pay special attention to the wheels, because this is where most dirt collects. For the best possible result, clean them with a brush. A shoe brush, for example, is ideal for this. Then go over them again with a damp cloth.

By the way, you can easily remove the dirt inside your suitcase with a hoover.

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