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What could be better than enjoying your free time in the sun while lying on the beach, going on a hiking tour or exploring a city?

But be careful! The scalp is quickly burnt. The solution is a sun hat for men! But the forest full of hats is big and you don't know which men's sun hat is the best for you. We are happy to help with our guide!

The Best Sun Hat For Men: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's sun hats

Since there are so many different sun hats for men, it is difficult to find the right one. But if you think about a few criteria in advance, your search will be much more targeted. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Brim
  • Size
  • Colour

In the following, we will show you what is important with regard to the criteria mentioned.


Although men's sun hats can be made from many materials, the ones below are the most common.

  • Cotton: A cotton hat is incredibly breathable and therefore a good choice for any garment in summer. Cotton can also absorb high amounts of liquid, which is also a great advantage on hot summer days. Another plus point is the fabric's sturdiness and durability.
  • Linen: Linen is also perfect as a fabric for summer hats, as it has a cooling effect and is also very absorbent. It also has a smooth surface and a noble sheen. In addition, linen is very easy to care for and resistant to bacteria and dirt.
  • Straw: The straw hat is probably the summer hat par excellence because it is very light and permeable to air. It also brings with it a unique style that cannot be copied by any other material. The disadvantages of such a hat are clearly that it needs special care and is sensitive to wetness.
  • Felt: A felt hat actually provides the best protection against UV rays thanks to its density and heaviness, but it also gets very warm underneath. Therefore, it's not really for summer, but it's great for Oktoberfest or winter.

Which textile is ultimately the best for your men's sun hat depends very much on wearing comfort and personal preference.


The brim is the edge on a hat that can vary in width. For a good sun hat for men, we recommend a medium to wide brim, so that not only the head, but also the neck and eyes are protected from the sun's rays. But if you don't like a wide brim, that's okay too. In that case, we recommend applying sunscreen to the exposed skin areas and putting sunglasses on your nose.


The right summer hat size for men is extremely important so that your summer hat does not give you a headache because it is too tight or constantly covers your eyes because it is too big. The right size should therefore be measured beforehand, especially when buying online. To do this, simply take a movable measuring tape and put it around your head.


Although the summer trends are mostly dominated by light colours, anything goes when it comes to men's sun hats. Whether white, yellow, with dots, without or black, they all protect you from the sun's rays and thus fulfil their purpose. However, dark colours have the advantage that they absorb the warm infrared rays better and thus do not transmit them to the skin underneath.

Men's sun hat: The most important questions answered

Is the choice still too big despite the criteria described above? Are you perhaps still wondering why you need a sun hat for men at all? Then you've come to the right place! Because here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about summer hats for the modern man.

Why should you wear a men's sun hat?

Sun hats are great companions for the fashionable man, but they can also do more. They also help prevent sunburn and sunstroke as they provide UV protection, are air-permeable and absorb moisture. This makes a trip to the beach or the mountains much more pleasant.

What types of men's sun hats are there?

A hat is a hat. But it's not quite that simple, because there are very different styles of men's sun hats that give an outfit a completely different direction. Here are the most common sun hats for men:

  • Panama hat: The absolute classic among men's sun hats, they are usually made of straw. They are trendy accessories that have been worn by many famous people such as Theodore Roosevelt. The Panama hat is considered a sign of the modern and famous man.
  • Pork pie: The pork pie has a round shape with a relatively flat crown and a brim that usually curves upwards. This hat became famous through the jazz and blues scene in the 1920s.
  • Traveller hat: If you want to try your hand at history's greatest mysteries like Indian Jones, your outfit needs a traveller hat. It's easy to roll up and stow away when you're about to do a somersault over a ravine. It's still dirt and water repellent and defies all weather and temperatures.
  • Outdoor and trekking hat: This hat is the perfect companion in any weather. Its practicality against wind and weather combines a pleasant wearing comfort. To keep the rain and sun off the face and neck, outdoor and trekking hats usually have a wide brim.
  • Fishing hat / Angler's hat: The fishing hat is also designed to protect against wind and weather, as fishing for fish takes a lot of time and stamina in all weather conditions. But recently, the fashion world, has discovered this functional and practical hat as a highlight and are designed by well-known brands. The fishing hats are made of waxed cotton or felt and have a wide brim.
  • Safari hat: The classic safari hat is beige and can be fastened well below the chin with a long ribbon. Wearing one of these reminds you of great wild-life excursions and encourages you to dream. The insanely wide brim protects the face and neck wonderfully from the hot safari sun.
  • Western and cowboy hats: Everyone probably knows these hats from Lucky Luke films or old westerns. Not only does it offer ideal protection from the sun with its very wide brim, but it also looks adventurous. The western hat can be made of straw, wool, felt, hemp or cotton and is characterised by its durability.

No matter which men's sun hat you choose, it will stay with you for a long time as a companion and reliably protect you from the sun.

And most men's sun hats add a touch of adventure to your style! What would a safari explorer be without his safari hat, Indian Jones without his Traveller hat? You too can benefit from this association.

Which men's sun hat protects best?

How good a sun hat for men is depends on what material it is made of, how wide the brim is and what colour it is. Because a sun hat is only good if it really suits you and fits your needs. For example, if you don't like it and don't wear it, it is absolutely useless and cannot protect you.

How do I clean and care for my men's sun hat?

The first rule of sun hat care is: all types of men's sun hats should be dried again as soon as possible. Cotton hats in particular can often be put in the washing machine after use and they will be as good as new again. Linen sun hats, on the other hand, crease quickly, so they should be ironed in between so that they can shine stylishly again.

Straw men's sun hats, as mentioned above, are a little more complicated. They should be stored away from the sun and large amounts of moisture. Nevertheless, from time to time they need a little steam or careful cleaning with a little water and soap.

Which men's sun hat suits me best?

To find a men's sun hat that suits you and also looks good, you need to consider your face shape. The following applies:

  • Heart shape with pronounced cheekbones: It is best to take a sun hat with a narrow brim and a high crown, this will visually elongate your face.
  • Round face: Keep your hands off hats that make your face look wider. This refers to sun hats with a low crown. Instead, go for irregular hats with, for example, an irregularly wide brim. This breaks up the soft impression and makes them more angular.
  • Square face: Here try the reverse of the round face. Round hat shapes make them look less angular and more harmonious.
  • Oval face: You have a hat face. You can try practically any hat type and do not have to take any recommendations into consideration.

If you are not sure what your face shape is, ask a friend.


Men's sun hats provide the modern man with ideal protection from the sun and often look stylish at the same time. The hats differ mainly in material, brim size and style. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to which men's sun hat is perfect for you.

You need to be aware of where and for what purpose you want to use the sun hat and what shape of face you have. Only then will you find the perfect men's sun hat.

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