Last updated: August 6, 2021
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Relaxation like on a sunny island, and on your own property. With a sun island for your garden or balcony, you can create an oasis of well-being and a place of relaxation for the whole family. They are available in many different sizes and colours. With their elegant design, they visually enhance any environment.

Whether it's an evening out or a lively barbecue with neighbours and friends, a sun island is versatile. For this reason, our editorial team has selected various models and compiled all the necessary information for you. So that you can find the perfect sun island for your garden.


  • Sun islands usually consist of several components and are therefore very suitable for families or smaller groups.
  • The materials most sun islands are made of are rattan and polyrattan. Rattan is a high-quality natural material and polyrattan is a very resistant plastic. This means that most sun islands can be left outside all year round.
  • There are sun islands in a wide variety of versions and with different additional functions, so with the right information you can find the right sun island for you.

The Best Sun island: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for sun islands

To help you decide on your sun island, we have put together the most important criteria. This will help you find the right sun island. The criteria are as follows:

Now we will explain what you should look for in the individual criteria in order to decide on the right product.


In the question of the right size, you should think about how much space you have available. The sun island should not be too dominant in a garden or balcony. The shape also plays a role. They are available in round and oval shapes, so you should think about what suits your ambience better.


There are many sun islands that consist of different components. Some have a table included or several individual seats. This means that the sun island can be adapted to suit your needs. You should pay attention to the weight of the construction. For example, you can also use the sun island as a sofa or beach chair. An inflatable version can be set up and taken down very quickly and can therefore be used in any location. At the same time, it is still very comfortable.

Weather resistance

Since the sun island is usually left outside all year round, great attention should be paid to weather resistance.Most sun islands have a frame made of weatherproof materials. However, the cushions should always be kept dry. It is advisable to put a rain cover over the sun island. This not only protects against the rain, but also against soiling by birds and other animals.


The material is of great importance for a product that is mainly used outdoors. The three main components of a sun island are the frame, the wickerwork and the cover. Aluminium or stainless steel is usually used for the frame. We clearly recommend aluminium because of its light weight.

High-quality sun islands often have an elaborate wickerwork made of rattan. (Image source: Hans Braxmeier / Pixabay)

Rattan or polyrattan is usually used for the wickerwork. You should know that rattan is a natural material. This means that more attention must be paid to weather protection. However, it is considered to be of very high quality. Polyrattan is a synthetic material and is less susceptible to weather damage.

Maximum weight

When it comes to the question of maximum weight, you should consider how the sun island will be used in your household. If several adults often sit on the sun island, a more stable product should be chosen accordingly.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about sun islands

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about sunny islands. This should help you to be well informed when you decide to buy a sun island.

For whom is a sun island worthwhile?

Sun islands are an ideal place to relax and unwind. However, you need enough space to set them up. For people and families who use their balcony or garden intensively, a purchase would be very worthwhile. The inflatable version is ideal for people who like to do things frequently with friends in different places and go to the lake a lot when it is warm.

What types of sun islands are there?

A distinction is generally made between the two types:

  • Lounger island: This is the classic sun island for the garden. It is available in many different sizes, colours and variants.
  • Bathing island: These are the inflatable versions. They have a low weight and are also cheaper.

How much does a sun island cost?

The price of sun islands depends on the material and the size. It can be said that the bathing islands are on average much cheaper.

Price classes Sun islands
Low-priced (11-200€) This price segment mainly includes inflatable bathing islands.
Medium-priced (200-1500€) This price segment includes products made of polyrattan or plastic.
High-priced (1500-6099€) Products made of natural rattan can also be found in this price segment.

It shows that the bathing islands are much cheaper to buy. There are also differences in quality depending on the price, which can affect the longevity.

What alternatives are there to sun islands?

If a sun island is too expensive for you or you don't have enough space, we have put together a few alternatives for you here.

  • Sun loungers: They are light and save space. They have a sunshade and an adjustable backrest. High-quality sun loungers come with comfortable cushions. You can find more information about sun loungers here.
  • Balcony furniture: They are usually made of the same materials as sunbeds and also often come with cushions. They are angular and can therefore be placed well in corners. However, they also come in a wide variety of shapes. Here you can find more information about balcony furniture.
  • Beach chairs: Beach chairs have an iconic look and are an eye-catcher in any garden. They usually offer space for 2 people.
  • Hollywood swing: This is a mostly upholstered bench that lies in a swinging device. These are also available in different sizes and variations. Here you can find more information about Hollywood swings.


A sun island is a very high-quality and versatile piece of furniture. If you want to have even more fun in your garden or balcony, then a sun island is very worthwhile for you. They are fashionable and timeless and visually enhance their surroundings. A sun island combines several different pieces of furniture in one. This means that they can be adapted to a wide range of requirements and provide enjoyment for the whole family.

(Cover picture: pixabay / wurliburli)