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The eyes are among the most important organs of the body, especially considering that sight is the most frequently used sense. Because of this, you need to know how to protect this powerful tool, so that it lasts in a healthy way.

Wouldn't you like to protect your eyesight while looking amazing? Well, that's what sunglasses do. They are the perfect accessory to complete your look, and while they give you a stylish and fashionable touch, they keep the sun's rays out of your eyes. Without a doubt, they are a great and practical tool.

It may seem like a simple decision, but it's not. Everything you need to know about sunglasses you will learn in this article we created for you, so you can make sure your purchase will be the right one, making you look amazing.

The most important facts

  • Sunglasses are a perfect accessory to complete your style, they are ideal for daytime outings where the sun is prominent. They protect your eyesight from the light, to avoid temporary blindness or glare. They are highly recommended for sports or driving, due to the reflections produced by the sun's rays.
  • Depending on your activity, there are certain types of lenses that may be more suitable. For athletes, anti-glare lenses are a good choice. Mirrored lenses are better for people with sensitive eyes, and photochromic lenses are for anyone who wants to protect themselves from the sun.
  • There are several factors that determine the ideal sunglass lens model for you, always based on the need you have, and what you expect it to satisfy. Lens type, lens colour, face shape and bridge fit are critical.

The best sunglasses: Our picks

Buying Guide

After considering what the market has to offer, you may already have a fairly good idea of what you want to buy. However, there are a few terms you should know before you buy sunglasses, so that you choose the ones that completely meet all your needs.

Sunglasses can be the key to completing your style so that you reflect your personality. (Photo: The Hillary Clark/ Pixabay)

What are sunglasses and what are their advantages?

Sunglasses are an accessory to complete a style. They allow you to protect yourself from the sun while decorating your face, and they add attitude and presence to your wardrobe. They are often associated with sensuality, summer and fun. Depending on the style you're wearing and where you're going, sunglasses are a great choice.

The main advantage of sunglasses is that they protect you. Not only are they a fashion accessory, but they also help prevent the sun's rays from hitting your eye directly, allowing you to see clearly on sunny days, without headaches or momentary glare blindness.

Like any product, sunglasses have advantages and disadvantages, which you should take into account when buying, so you know what you're really buying, what you're getting, and what the downside may be.

  • They complement any wardrobe
  • They are easy to carry
  • They protect the eyes from the sun's rays
  • You can't see colours properly
  • They can slip down the bridge of the nose
  • They can cause headaches if worn too tightly

Mirrored, anti-reflective and photochromic sunglasses - what should you look out for?

Depending on what you are looking for you will have to choose a type of lens, and there are several models for different functions, so it's good to know what each one is and what it works for, so you can choose the right one for you.

Mirrored lenses: This lens is perfect when you are exposed to direct light rays, as they make it bounce on itself outwards, preventing the light that goes directly into your eyes from damaging them. They are an excellent choice for people with sensitive eyes.

Anti-reflective on the inner side: When light is reflected from the side, it can stun or blind us, so this type of lens is perfect, as it makes the reflection diminish in intensity inwards, so that it does not disturb our vision. It completely avoids glare.

Photochromic sunglasses: These lenses are the most technologically advanced on the market, as they adapt to the intensity of the light, to protect you from any type of reflection or impact of light, ensuring complete protection of vision against sunlight.

When the light intensity increases, the photochromic lenses get darker, preventing the light from hitting your eyes directly, and when the light is less intense, it reaches its clearest point.

Mirrored lenses Anti-reflective lenses on the inside Photochromic lenses
Protection Protects eyes from direct light rays Prevents glare Protects according to intensity.
Recommended use For people with sensitive eyes For drivers or sportsmen For anyone who wants protection
Price Accessible Affordable Can be a bit expensive

What are polarised sunglasses?

One of the most popular sunglasses of late is polarised sunglasses. Many people nowadays wear them, but what are they really and what makes them so functional? It's important to know before you buy them, as they can be expensive depending on the brand.

Polarised sunglasses are those that avoid the annoying reflection of sunlight, which is generated on water surfaces, asphalt roads or snow. When this happens, depending on the intensity of the sunlight, a momentary blinding effect can occur.

Are sunglasses dangerous?

This effect, non-polarised sunglasses, has led to accidents, especially car accidents. If you wear polarised sunglasses, in addition to preventing a possible accident due to unclear vision, it also protects your eyes from constant deterioration due to light.

When is it recommended to wear polarised sunglasses?

This type of model is commonly recommended for truck drivers, fishermen or sportsmen, as they are the ones who would be most frequently exposed to this type of situations. However, it is also perfect for everyday use, as light can be reflected everywhere.

People with sensitive eyes or if you suffer from migraines can also use them, as it will save you a hard time on a sunny day. It is common to wear them on holidays at the beach, for example, for comfort and enjoyment.

Do I need a special frame to have polarised lenses?

The lens has nothing to do with the frame, so you can have your custom polarised sunglasses made by an optician, but there are also ready-made models on the market with this lens built in.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of sunglasses

Finally, it's important to be aware of certain criteria that will make it easier for you to choose a sunglasses model based on your needs. You should take these aspects into account because, although they may seem like small things, they can completely change the experience you will have.

  • Temple width
  • Fitting bridge
  • Lens colour
  • Face shape

Frame width

A fundamental part of a sunglasses frame is the temple, which is colloquially called the "legs" of the lenses. The dimensions of this part may vary according to the model, but this leads to certain benefits and disadvantages, depending on the case.

Wide temples: Models with a wide or thick frame are likely to have wide temples. It is not really a disadvantage, but you should take into account the material it is made of.

The strength may be greater, as the rod has more body, and is less likely to break or be damaged. However, the weight may increase, and while you won't feel this at first, over time it may bother you.

Thin rods: If the opposite is the case and the rods are very thin, this also has its positive and negative side. Being very thin, it will give you a less loaded look, reaching a minimalist point. If this is what you are looking for, you should choose a model like this. Besides, they are very light, which will avoid discomfort.

However, extreme thinness can be synonymous with fragility. For this reason, this type of glasses should not be worn by people who are not careful, or who are exposed to activities where the lenses can easily fall off accidentally.

The beach is one of the best places to wear your sunglasses. Among so many types of lenses, you can choose the best one to avoid damaging your eyes and still complement your style.(Photo: Aaron00023 / )

Fitting bridge

The variety of sunglasses on the market makes it difficult to choose, and between models there are certain differences, some that stand out more than others, such as the fitting bridge, where the frame is supported to prevent it from slipping while you wear it.

Silicone fit bridge: This type of bridge is the definition of safety, as you won't have to constantly push up your sunglasses, this is because the small silicone "pads" adjust the bridge to fit any type of nose.

The fit of the lens on your nose is important so that it doesn't fall down, and doesn't obstruct your vision, which would be the opposite of its true function. This is why these types of models are highly recommended, although they can cost a little more. They are perfect for people with a small nose, where the standard size does not hold.

Standard fit bridge: All sunglasses are designed with an integrated bridge, which is the "standard", this is smooth, with no extra adjustments beyond the shape of your nose and bridge. They are minimalist, so they enhance looks that are of this style. A very popular model is the square and black lenses.

If you have a big nose, you don't have to worry too much about this aspect, as the standard bridge will fit you perfectly, even if your nose shouldn't be too big, but if it's wide, for example, you don't need to measure too much.

People with small, thin or "snub" noses will probably need a silicone nosepiece. There are even double-bridge lenses for added safety. Remember that sunglasses should fit your face, so fit is essential.

Lens colour

It's normal to want a summer look, especially if you're out and about on a coast, and usually the styles of sunglasses that go with this have coloured lenses. However, you should take this into consideration, as the colour of the lenses should not determine the colour of your vision.

Even if you see blue, green or fuchsia lenses, the truth is that, if the lens is a quality one, you should not see with a filter of that colour, as this can be detrimental, especially if you are driving. When protecting you, sunglasses should not obscure or confuse your vision, but protect it so that you can see perfectly.

The same goes for very dark, or brown sunglasses. Even if they look like sunglasses, they should not alter your vision. This is a very typical mistake that is seen in low quality lenses or older models. While it is normal for some lenses to have a special filter that reduces the intensity of light on the outside, this does not mean that your vision will be altered.

Face shape

Depending on the shape of your face, there are certain sunglasses frames that suit you, and others that don't. It all depends on what you look like. It's similar to clothing, it should fit your body. So, according to your face type, we'll explain the frames that suit you best.

Diamond: It can also be understood as a rhombus. This type of face is wide at the cheekbones, but narrows at the chin, like a kind of point. For these cases, the best frame is one without a lower base on the lenses, but with slightly pointed upper ends, similar to eye make-up.

Oval: This type of face may start square at the top, at the forehead, but begins a curve from that point to the chin, being narrow enough at the cheekbones not to be a circle. In this case, a square frame with pointed top ends is perfect.

Inverted triangle: Wide at the top, pointed at the bottom. A thin face with a somewhat wide forehead. The best way to see if this is your face type is to try to fit an upside-down triangle into a photo. In these cases, sunglasses with "dropped ovals" and straight across the bridge are ideal.

Triangular: Similar to the previous one, only the tip is at the top of the forehead, being narrower than the cheekbones, which are quite wide. Oval sunglasses frames without points, with a lower base, fit very well.

Square: A "flat" face with width provides. The best way to highlight it is to wear the opposite frame shape to the face, i.e. a completely circular one. It will make your face stand out rather than dull it.

(Featured image photo: Carlos Hilario/ Pixabay)

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