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As if it were a child's game, we adults want to enjoy that bit of fun that only superhero costumes make us feel. Who hasn't felt like saving the world in style? In this enjoyable instalment we'll be sharing some great information to help you choose a great costume.

When you dress up as a superhero your mood changes, even your body posture is different. Well, that's the effect that these outfits have by bringing the image of an animated character to our real life. Do you already know what you want to dress up as? Think carefully because the options are numerous and varied.

Let's see, why do you want to look like a superhero? Maybe you want to impress someone, go to a party, become your children's favourite character or simply satisfy a personal taste.


  • A superhero costume is a replica of the costume worn by a famous character. This item of clothing is used for artistic purposes. Thus, the wearer represents a fictional hero during a special event or circumstance that merits it.
  • You must distinguish whether they are originals, imitations or homemade. All three are good options depending on what you need to use the costume for. Therefore, it is in your best interest to evaluate the qualities of each.
  • We have compiled 4 buying factors that are of great importance. Evaluate what sizes the suit comes in, what the construction materials are, what the washing method is, and the amount of accessories included in the seller's offer.

The Best Superhero Costume: Our Picks

Buying guide

Chances are you can relate to some of the superhero costumes. However, making a final purchase decision is not as easy as it seems at first glance. So we put together this guide with relevant information to help you choose the best fictional costume for you.

Feel like Wonder Woman every day of your life. (Photo: Luis Molinero Martnez/

What is a superhero costume and what are its advantages?

It is a piece of clothing that allows you to hide or change your identity to that of a fictional character that appears in movies, TV series and animated comics. Additionally, it has the purpose of attracting attention with an artistic aim, as it represents the superhero during a special circumstance.

Wearing a costume exalts your creativity during situations that warrant it. Among them we can mention parties, fan conventions, box office premieres, as well as any particular request the costumed person has received. You should know that on the internet you will find many high and low quality alternatives.

Your final choice will influence the experience you have with the costume. So, it is best to choose a competitive product, which guarantees excellent factory finishes. Finally, indulging yourself and looking like your favourite superhero will be immortalised for life in your memory.

  • They build confidence
  • They break the monotony
  • They stimulate creativity
  • They develop empathy
  • They are fun clothing
  • Some are of low quality
  • They hide the real identity of the costumed
  • They can be used for vandalism
  • They are not unisex
  • They have a moderate to high cost

Original, imitation and homemade superhero costumes - what should you look out for?

There is no doubt that costumes are related to particular tastes, including the personality of the buyer. So what do you prefer, which alternative is the best? Definitely, your appreciation makes the difference, that's why we invite you to read on to find out which is the ideal costume.

Original. These are officially licensed costumes. That is to say, the manufacturer can produce superhero clothing because he has the permission of the owner of the work. This allows customers to feel more confident when purchasing these products, backed by intellectual property and competitive commercial value.

Imitations. Some suppliers distribute imitation costumes without an official licence. These are cheaper replicas with unique manufacturing details to distinguish them from the original superhero costumes. You can find a wide variety of models on the market, which do not necessarily guarantee high quality standards.

Homemade. Unlike the previous ones, these costumes are made by superhero fans at home. They make use of cheap materials, easily available in any store. Obviously, the end result does not resemble the original costume, but it essentially embodies the idea of representing the character.

Originals Imitations Homemade
Accessories Yes No No
Official License Yes No No
Duration Prolonged Medium Reduced
Quality Guaranteed Medium Low
Price High-Moderate Moderate Low

How much does a superhero costume cost?

In tangible terms the cost of costumes will depend on the quality they offer in comparison to other superhero outfits. With this information, before deciding how much you are willing to pay for the piece of fiction, evaluate the emotional and practical benefits that this product brings to your life.

To purchase an original superhero costume you should have an average amount between 30 GBP and 60 GBP. You will find different options that adapt to this range under the official license modality, which ensures a quality costume made by manufacturers with permissions from the intellectual author, such as Marvel.

Now, if you have a lower budget to make your investment, you can also find affordable costumes on the internet for around 20 GBP. However, the final value of the costume is directly related to the character it represents and the amount of accessories added by the manufacturer in the offer.

Conquer the world around you with your best superhero costume. (Photo: Iowaborn58/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to shop for and rate superhero costumes

Here are the buying factors to consider when you are thinking of purchasing a superhero costume. Pay attention to every detail, because you deserve a product that meets your expectations and makes you feel comfortable.

  • Size
  • Washing
  • Fabrics and materials
  • Accessories


We know that the determining criterion when buying a full body costume for adults is the size. Generally, manufacturers calculate the size based on the average height of a person. Ideally, before you buy it, you should know what size you identify with so that the costume fits you perfectly.

Size M. It is the conventional measure designed for those who have a height ranging from 1.50 cm to 1.62 cm tall approximately. It is also known as medium size.

Size L. Represents the size of the costume for people whose height is between 1.63cm and 1.75cm. This size can be suitable for those who are looking for a loose-fitting piece.

Size XL. Indicates the designated length for those who measure from 1.76cm to 1.85cm. You can also get it if you are looking for extra large costumes.

Size XXL. Specially designed for thick bodies with an average height between 1.86cm and 2.06cm, that is, more than two metres tall.


Keeping your superhero costume in good condition for several seasons is a task that requires the ideal washing. This is to take care of your fabrics, stitching and accessories. In addition to safeguarding its cleanliness, and preserving the costume by following the instructions on the label.

Hand wash. Before washing, we suggest you to remove the metal and plastic accessories. Then put it in cold water and rub gently with a special soap for delicate garments. This will ensure that you prolong the life of the suit and prevent wear and tear.

Washing machine. We recommend using this appliance only when indicated on the label. Select the programme for delicate garments in your automatic washing machine, with short spin or squeezing. In this case you should also choose cold water for immersion.

Dry cleaning. This is a more expensive alternative because it involves taking your costume to a specialised laundry. However, the experts will make sure that the fabric gets the right treatment. So in less time than you expect your garment will be as good as new.

Clothing materials

Designers often choose synthetic fibres for costumes. Why? Because they enhance the appearance of the costume and provide greater comfort to the wearer. For this reason, it's wise to know which fabrics make up your superhero garment.

Polyester. If you buy a polyester suit you will not have to iron it because it does not wrinkle. Moreover, buying a piece of this fibre is a good option because it does not warp or shrink. You will be able to move your costume from one place to another comfortably, without worrying about the appearance of the fabric.

Lycra. A lycra costume will make it easier for you to manoeuvre like the superhero you are playing. We recommend you to check the amount of this material used in the manufacture, in order to enjoy the comfort of this fabric, which can be combined with other natural fibres.

Live a fun experience dressing up as your favourite character (Photo: SilentPilot /


Almost all superhero costumes come with accessories that the character uses to fight for justice, love and peace. Take note of the most common ones and enjoy the versatility they bring to your fictional costume.

Shield. If your favourite hero uses a shield in movies, comics and series, check that the costume manufacturer includes the accessory in the offer. This way you're sure to get a fairly accurate representation of the character.

Sword. Another defensive tool that fans often look for is the metal or laser sword. Check that it doesn't bend or break easily. This item should be sturdy, as you will be tempted to imitate the manoeuvres your hero does with it.

Cloak: Have you heard that cloaks can be dangerous? Your feet risk getting tangled in the cape if it's too long. Before buying the costume, check the length of the accessory to avoid unwanted accidents.

(Featured image photo: Luis Molinero Martnez/