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Welcome to Monederosmart UK. Today we will talk about the swimming costume, a swimming costume that until recently was only used for those who wanted to "hide" the body, because this piece has always been very closed and, to some extent, dull.

But this has changed, the swimming costume has gained new fabrics, necklines, prints and details that brought the sensuality of the bikini and kept the elegance of the larger pieces. Because of the sophistication, the swimming costume can be used in other environments, not only at the beach or pool.

But before buying yours, check out this Buying Guide. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of this piece, what the different styles of swimwear are, tips on how to choose yours and buying suggestions.


  • Swimwear is a great swimwear option to wear to the beach, pool and for water activities like swimming, diving and surfing. It can also be worn as a garment in different settings in the summer.
  • You will find one-front swimming costumes, low-cut, with details on the straps, with or without lace, different neckline styles, coloured, printed, plain, in different fabrics and the so-called 3D models.
  • The swimming costumes may have technological features such as sunscreen, thermal balance, antibacterial protection, resistance to chlorine, treatment with Aloe Vera (to moisturize the skin during use) and high breathability, which protects the female intimate area from the proliferation of fungus.

The Best Swimming Costume: Our Picks

For many years the bikini dominated beach fashion and swimming costumes were worn only by older women. But, after a phase of reformulation, they have come back with everything and started to conquer women of different ages and biotypes.

If you're looking for a swimming costume to enjoy the beach or pool, check out our selection of the best models.

Buying Guide

In Brazil, the bikini is still the most popular bathing suit because it highlights Brazilian women's curves. But swimming costumes are also a great option because they hide localized fat, provide support for the breasts, comfort, versatility and charm.

Imagem de duas meninas de maiô deitadas em boias na piscina.

You can find swimming costumes in different styles, colours and prints. (Source: Tony Cuenca / Pexels)

What are the differentials of a swimming costume?

The swimming costume offers several advantages, one of them is safety, because you don't need to worry about the piece getting out of place or coming loose during a dive, as can happen with bikinis.

The piece also offers support, ideal for those who have large breasts. Some swimming costumes are more structured and offer a slight compression on the belly, providing instant measure loss.

The swimming costume is also ideal for those who are a little out of shape and feel uncomfortable wearing a bikini for leaving the body very exposed and highlight the folds in the back and belly.

Imagem de uma menina usando maiô na praia.

The swimming costume also helps minimize the appearance of cellulite and culottes. (Source: Artem Bali / Pexels)

For thin women with small breasts, the swimming costume is also a good choice. As the piece is more composed, you find models with a little more filling (bulge) on top.

The swimming costume is also great for short women, because the piece lengthens the silhouette and gives the impression of "one thing only", giving the feeling that you are taller than you really are.

The swimming costume is a versatile piece, as you can combine it with a skirt (long or short) or shorts, add accessories and use the piece as a blouse to go out to lunch or have an ice cream right after swimming in the sea or pool.

  • Versatility: you can wear it straight from the beach or pool to lunch
  • Hides imperfections
  • Variety of models
  • Enhances all biotypes
  • For covering larger areas, when sunbathing, the body acquires different shades
  • Makes it more difficult to use the bathroom
  • Stays longer wet

How to keep swimming costumes?

To take care of your swimwear and make it last longer, you must take some care with this piece. Every time you use it, wash it with running water and neutral soap. Never use bleach or bleach to wash it, because besides being unnecessary, these products will damage the fabric of the swimming costume.

Wash the swimming costume right after use, because the chlorine from the pool and the salt from the sea water can make the piece look faded or opaque.

When you extend the swimming costume on the clothesline, turn it inside out, especially if it is dark or printed, because the sun rays can fade or make the piece change color.

As swimming costumes are usually made of synthetic fabric, they can't be ironed, as excessive heat can damage them. But swimming costumes generally do not wrinkle, so ironing is dispensable.

What are the different models of swimwear?

Swimwear enhances women of all biotypes, because there is a wide diversity of models in different models, neckline formats (breasts and back) and trims. Check out the differentials of each model throughout this section.

Flared Swimwear

The bandeau swimming costume is ideal for women with small breasts, because it highlights the neck and arms, taking the focus off the bust. It is also ideal for short women, because it helps to lengthen the silhouette and give the impression that you are taller.

This model is also very elegant and does not leave the famous "marquinha", which draws attention when you're wearing certain types of clothes after the summer is over.

Mother's trick

With a curious name, the "mommy deception" swimming costume is a hybrid model, because despite being only one piece, from the front it looks like a swimming costume, but from the back it looks like a bikini (hence the name).

The "mommy-deception swimming costume" is an excellent alternative to the bikini. This, which is the most sensual swimming costume model, has less fabric and leaves a larger area of the body exposed.

Imagem de uma moça de maiô engana mamãe.

The "mommy trick" swimming costume is a more sensual model. (Source: Joseph Kellner / Unsplash)

This style of swimming costume is ideal for those who want to enhance the waist, because the cutouts in this area help to create the feeling of thinning the region. But, if you have wide hips need to be careful, because this model causes the impression that the hips are even larger.

The disadvantage of the "mommy trick" swimming costume is the sun mark that it leaves. So, if your goal is to get a tan, this model is not recommended for you.

Retro swimsuit

The retro style swimming costume (inspired by the 1950's) may have different colours and prints, in a sweet and gentle style. This model is more closed, so it leaves less skin on show and valorizes women of all biotypes.

The vintage swimming costume has differentiated stitching and structure in the bulge, so this is an excellent option for those who have large breasts, because it will provide more support.

Elaborate swimsuit

You can also find more elaborate swimming costume models, with application of gemstones, embroidery, details in acrylic, plastic or metal and with differentiated fabrics.

The so called bodysuit is excellent for trips, because of the versatility it offers: it can be used for lunch, dinner, going to a pool party or on a boat ride. On the other hand, this piece is not very functional in practice, especially on the beach, because the salty water damages this kind of swimwear.


When buying a swimming costume, choose a model in your size (it cannot be too tight, nor bigger than your size), comfortable and flexible to facilitate your movements under water.

If you swim outdoors, choose a model with a similar neckline to your bra, as most swimwear have a straight neckline, which leaves an ugly tan line.

The size of the strap is also important, choose the thin ones if your breasts are small and choose the thick ones if your bust is bigger (it gives support).

Swimming swimming costumes can have a circle on the back, be whole or swimmer style. The swimwear is ideal for those who have big breasts, because it accommodates and supports more.

But if you are a bikini fan and are in doubt whether or not to try a swimming costume next time you go to the beach or pool, check out the comparative table we prepared:

Swimsuit Bikini
For whom is it indicated Enhances the short, those who are out of shape and the skinny It is ideal for those who are "all up"
Advantages It supports the breasts better, offers light compression in the belly and disguises imperfections It is ideal for those who want to gain a tan. You can combine different models
Disadvantages It is not recommended for those who want to get a tan, because it leaves the body with different shades It does not offer as much support, it shows imperfections and can get out of place during the swim

Which model to choose according to the shape of the body?

When choosing a swimming costume, take into account the shape of your body, know how to enhance your strengths and mitigate the features that you do not want to draw so much attention.

Women with hourglass-shaped body have shoulders proportional to the hips and thinner waist. This body shape is proportional, so it goes well with any swimming costume model.

Imagem de uma menina de maiô.

The swimming costume should enhance your strengths and hide imperfections. (Source: Free-photos / Pixabay)

The pear-shaped body is characterized by narrow shoulders, waist and wider hips. The ideal swimming costume for this type of body is printed on top and a little flatter on the bottom, to highlight the breast region.

If you have a rectangular body shape, i.e. shoulders, waist and hips almost in the same proportions, you should create a feeling that you are more curvy, so choose a model without straps, straight tank top style.

Who has the body type inverted triangle, ie shoulders and back wide and narrow hips should choose a swimming costume with thick strips and a lower part with more volume, such as frills.

How much does it cost?

The cheapest swimming costumes are the swimming models, which cost between £70 and £120. There are excellent quality models between £150 and £250, and more expensive options that cost between £400 and £680.

The children's models are cheaper, you will find options around £45, intermediate models for £65 and some more expensive ones, around £80.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare swimming costume models

When buying a swimming costume, you need to take into account some features that can make all the difference in how the piece will look on your body. With the right model you will enhance your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and convey your personality.

  • Fabrics
  • Prints
  • Colours
  • Straps
  • Neckline

We will explain each of the items mentioned above in detail. Check them out!


Most swimwear models are made of synthetic fabrics like polyester, polyamide and elastane.

The elastane is an important component because it gives elasticity to the piece and allows it to return to the original size and shape, even after being stretched many times.

Crochet swimming costumes are artisanal (handmade), charming and have been a trend in recent years. The best thing is that you can make your own or even order a made-to-measure model, so that it looks perfect on your body.

Imagem de uma mulher vestindo um maiô de crochê.

The crochet swimming costume is handmade. (Source: Roberval Lima / Pexels)


The prints can be used to highlight and balance the proportions of your body, so it is ideal that you choose the pattern of the swimming costume in relation to your biotype, body shape, bone structure and height.

If you're a little overweight - and it bothers you - don't choose prints with polka dots and horizontal stripes, as they create the visual sensation of expansion and fuller body.

This doesn't mean you can't wear a printed model, on the contrary, versions with small designs like florals and minimalist graphics look great.


Although the colour is a detail that many people do not take into account when buying a swimming costume, it can make all the difference in the visual, because the colour reflects your face.

If you choose a plain model and your eyes are light (green, blue or gray), you can choose a model in the same shade, the effect is amazing.

If your skin is light, opt for dark swimming costumes such as black, brown and navy blue, because these colours offer an interesting contrast.

If you are brunette or black, use cheerful tones like pink, warm colours, purple, green and light blue. Or bet on contrast and choose a white swimming costume.

The white swimming costume is also interesting for those who want to enhance the tan. But you need to take certain precautions, especially to check if the swimming costume has an efficient lining, so as not to run the risk of becoming transparent when wet.

Imagem de uma mulher de maiô branco.

If you choose a white swimming costume, choose a model with lining so it won't be transparent when wet. (Source: TC-TORRES / Pixabay)


The model with wide straps is ideal for those who have enough volume in the breasts and, therefore, need more support in the region. In addition to support, the wide straps offer comfort and safety.

The thin straps are recommended for women with small breasts, as they do not need much support.


The maxi neckline offers a generous cut in the bust area and is an alternative for those who want to balance the body parts that are hidden by the piece. This model has a strong sensual appeal, use only if you feel comfortable and secure in relation to the curves, neck and breasts.

Imagem de uma mulher vestindo um maiô com maxi decote.

The swimming costume with maxi neckline is good for women with small breasts. (Source: Stocksnap / Pixabay)

The neckline can also be in the back, which may be exposed, be in swimmer style (ideal for those who have large breasts) or with design in circular format, with or without closure.

(Source of the highlighted image: Stocksnap / Pixabay)