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We know that summer is still some time away, but that doesn't mean that we can't start looking at swimwear options that will make us look spectacular. Swimming costumes never stop innovating, offering more and more interesting designs.

They have managed to preserve their original essence, but adapting to new trends in design, colours and styles. We can't deny that when buying a new swimming costume we get carried away more by how it looks, without paying attention to the elements that can let us know if it is the best one to highlight our silhouette and personality.

Swimming costumes have become a fashion item like any other, with fun, daring, demure and even elegant models. We want to help you choose the best one by showing you the types that exist and their main characteristics. After reading this guide, you will be able to identify the factors that you can compare.

The most important

  • Swimming costumes are items of clothing that are worn only during the hottest days, to enjoy environments such as the beach or swimming pool. They generally leave a large part of the body uncovered in order to achieve the ideal tan that accompanies this season of the year.
  • They are pieces that are a must in the wardrobe of anyone who enjoys the sun and the summer. As they are rarely used during the year, their useful life is longer than the rest of our clothes. However, it is very common for us to want to update our swimwear inventory with the arrival of a new season.
  • What most people look for in a swimming costume is that it is strong, durable and comfortable so that they can make the most of the best time of the year. In addition, finding a model that makes you look fashionable and highlight your figure seems a difficult task, but it is not impossible if you know the characteristics of every swimming costume.

The Best Swimsuits: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about swimwear

Shopping for the best swimming costume may seem simple. Some people think you should just look for a nice model. However, those who know about comfort will agree that there are a number of factors to consider in order to make the best choice.

We want you to be clear about each and every aspect of swimwear. That is why in the following sections you will find information that we hope you will find useful.

Brightly coloured swimming costumes go very well with dark skin. (Photo: Sasint/Pixabay)

What are swimming costumes and what are their advantages?

It is an article of clothing that completely or partially covers the intimate parts of a person when swimming or sunbathing in public places such as beaches, rivers or swimming pools. It is essential that they are made of a quick-drying fabric to avoid colds due to the constant contact with water.

The design of swimwear has undergone a great transformation over time. Previously they were more conservative, covering a greater amount of skin. However, nowadays there are different sizes and shapes, adapted to the needs of each user.

Swimming costumes are pieces that although we use eventually, we can also combine with our style and personality. Choosing the right one will not only allow you to look great but also to feel comfortable in any of the contexts where you are going to use it. We invite you to learn more about their characteristics here.

  • There are models that allow an all-over tan. Their styles are varied. They protect your most sensitive parts from the sun.
  • They stylize your figure.
    You can wear them for walking. They are durable garments.
  • If they have padding, they take longer to dry. In some cases they reduce the mobility of the body. They require specific maintenance. They are not machine washable.
  • Wearing them on the beach can wear them out more quickly.

Nylon or Polyester Swimsuits - What should you look out for?

When buying a swimming costume the most common thing to look for is an interesting design, quality and comfort. As there are many variations on the market, it is important that you know the fundamental differences between the types of swimming costumes you can find.

Both types of swimwear have their strengths. The main difference lies in aspects such as speed of drying, durability, elasticity, comfort and combination with other materials. We will talk more about each of them below:

Nylon. Swimwear made of nylon is the most common type of swimming costume you will find, as it is a lightweight and easy to maintain material. It is perfect for any type of swimming costume, as it has enough elasticity, which gives a greater range of movement to the wearer.

Polyester. This type of material is not as common in swimwear as nylon but it is one of the most widely used. This material has dominated the training and competition swimwear industry for many years. New technologies have improved the technical qualities of this material.

Polyester swimming costumes keep their shape and also protect the coated skin from the sun's rays. They are ideal for training because they allow the skin to breathe. However, because they are not as stretchy, the fit can be uncomfortable if you don't get your size right.

Nylon Polyester
Quick drying Low moisture wicking. Quick drying.
Durability Low resistance to chlorine and sun. Strong fibres, resistant to abrasion and chlorine.
Elasticity Excellent elasticity. Low stretch
Comfort Light and smooth fit. Difficult to fit at first.
Combination with other materials Spandex Spandex or Cotton

How much do swimming costumes cost?

The variety of swimming costumes currently on the market is very extensive. You can find it in different presentations but, as with other types of products, its price will depend on several factors such as: brand, design, quality, material and durability.

The prices of polyester swimming costumes that have a certain standard of quality can start from 250 MXN, while those of more recognized brands, with more resistant materials are around 1,200 MXN.

On the other hand, nylon swimming costumes usually cost between 700 MXN and 2,380 MXN. In this case, it will depend on your taste, needs and budget to find an affordable and comfortable design that looks great on you and is functional for your needs and goals.

Where to buy swimwear?

This product can be purchased at swimwear shops such as Bari Swimwear, Barichara, Kimera Sun Life, and Shibro Mexico. Also in supermarkets such as Costco and Wallmart. You can also find a variety of swimming costumes for training and swimming pools in sports shops such as Decathlon, Maxdeportes, Innovasport and Marti MX.

If you prefer to shop online, you can also find these items on sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, or Mercado Libre. However, in this case, make sure you use the size chart correctly, whether it is national or international, so that you receive the most suitable model for you.

Swimsuits that offer quick drying are much more comfortable to enjoy in and out of the water. (Photo: Vincent Gerbouin /Pexels)

Buying criteria

When choosing the best swimwear it is normal that we are not sure what criteria to take into account. In addition, you should always choose a product of excellent quality and origin, as it will be a garment in your wardrobe that can last for years. In that case, consider the following aspects:


The use you want to give to your swimming costume will influence many other variables when choosing it

The intended use of your swimming costume will influence many other variables when choosing your swimsuit. It is not the same criteria for a person who needs a swimming costume to use the pool at the gym as it is for a beach party. In this case, the most common uses are:

Sport: if you are looking for a swimming costume that allows you to practice swimming and other water sports, you will probably opt for a neutral, conservative and resistant design. In this case you should look for models that are made of durable fibre, as your swimming costume will be constantly exposed to chlorine.

You will also need it to be tight enough to offer you stability

You will also need it to be tight enough to offer stability, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable that it limits your mobility. That's why polyester and full-length models, even long sleeved ones, are ideal for both men and women who do these sports.

Recreational: if you are looking for a swimming costume that will make you look fabulous in this new summer season or at a beach party, you will probably pay more attention to aspects such as design, colours and prints. The latest fashion trends always set the tone for what's in season.

As an item of clothing that you won't be wearing all the time, you may be a little bit less concerned about the quality of the fabric. However, it is important that it is comfortable and attractive and that it also reflects your personality and desire to enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Swimsuits can enhance your silhouette depending on the design and colour you choose. (Photo: StockSnap /Pixabay)


There is nothing worse than wearing a swimming costume that makes you feel uncomfortable on holiday. Consider some of these aspects when assessing the comfort of your swimming costume.

Quick drying. The feeling of wet skin is very unpleasant. Look for a swimming costume that does not absorb moisture, is hydrophobic or dries very quickly so you can get in and out of the water with ease.

UV protection. Some swimming costumes leave sun marks that can be annoying, preventing you from wearing other outfits that show them. If you want to get an all-over tan, make sure the fabric indicates this. Conversely, if you want to protect your skin, look for a material with UV protection.

Fit. It should be tight but not constricting, meaning that your swimming costume should be able to stay in place while swimming at the pool or beach. Even if you're doing a sport with a lot of movement or just snorkelling.

This means that a comfortable swimming costume should allow you to move freely. The idea is that you don't feel that there is any elastic restricting your movement, or on the contrary, any area of the swimming costume slipping at inopportune moments.

A good swimming costume should allow you to move without restriction while remaining stable on your body. (Photo: Pixabay)

Colour and Design

The various colours and patterns that can be found in a swimming costume are able to complement your skin tone both in and out of the water. Consider the following aspects when looking at the colour and design of a swimming costume.

  • Shades like black will flatter your figure by making it look slimmer.
  • Vertical lines will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Horizontal lines will make you look fuller.
  • If you have fair skin, earthy colours will make a good contrast.
  • If you have dark skin, don't be afraid to wear bright, electric colours.


There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a swimming costume that is too tight and prevents you from moving, or too loose and slips off in a sudden movement. Many recommend choosing a smaller swimming costume size, as the material tends to expand in the water. Follow these tips to find your size:

Chest. Measure around the chest with a tape measure and measure the area with the most volume.

Waist. Take the narrowest part.

Hips. Stand with your feet together and encircle your hips with a tape measure at the part with the most volume.

Trunk. Start from your right shoulder and measure down over your chest and legs. As you measure, keep the tape close to your body. When you have finished with the legs, go back to the starting point at the shoulder from the back.

Size Chest Waist Waist Hip Trunk
S 81 - 86 cm 55 - 61 cm 89-96 cm 58 cm
M 86 - 91 cm 61 - 66 cm 93-100 cm 60 cm
L 91 - 97 cm 71 - 76 cm 97 - 104 cm 62 cm
XL 98-105 cm 76 - 82 cm 101-108 cm 64 cm

(Featured image source: Pete Johnson/ Pexels)

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