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Stools are becoming more and more popular. A particularly practical model is the swivel stool, as the seat can rotate. It is a seat that comes in a wide variety of designs and with a wide variety of features. That is why a swivel stool can be used in many places: in the kitchen, in the office or in the workshop.

Because there are so many different swivel stools, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to buy. To help you find the best stool for you, we would like to present you with some products and information so that you can make the best decision for you. The most important thing is always that the swivel stool suits you and your intended use.


  • Swivel stools are versatile and suitable for a wide range of uses.
  • Some swivel stools have castors, a backrest or are height-adjustable. These are the features you should look for when buying a swivel stool.
  • Swivel stools differ in weight, material, load capacity and seat height. These are important purchase and evaluation criteria.

The Best Swivel Stool: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for swivel stools

To help you make a good decision when buying your swivel stool, we have listed the most important buying and evaluation criteria here. This way, you can easily assess the individual swivel stools.

Now we'll explain what to look for in the individual criteria so you can make the best decision.


Swivel stools are of course also available without many extras, but accessories can round off a swivel stool perfectly for you. For example, many swivel stools are equipped with castors so that you can move around quickly with the stool. A backrest can also be a useful extra if it makes sitting more comfortable for you. Especially if the stool is to be used at different tables, it is practical if you can adjust the height of the swivel stool.


The weight of a stool plays a special role if you have to move it from one place to another. Of course, this criterion is particularly important if you choose a swivel stool without castors.

The material of a swivel stool has a strong influence on its weight. Stools made of wood and metal are heavier than swivel stools with a fabric seat. The weight of swivel stools varies between 3 and 12 kg.


As we have just mentioned, swivel stools are made of different materials. The legs and frames are often made of wood or metal, but plastic is also used for lighter models. Different materials are also used for the seat.

There are simple swivel stools with a seat made of the same material as the legs, but there are also stools with an upholstered seat. Faux leather and various fabrics such as cotton or linen are popular for this purpose. So the choice depends on your personal taste.

Load capacity

You should pay attention to the load capacity of a swivel stool so that you can judge how stable it is. The load capacity always depends on the intended use. For adults, a load capacity of 120 kg is usually sufficient. However, there are also swivel stools that can bear loads of up to 200 kg.

Seat height

The seat height is especially important if you choose a swivel stool that cannot be adjusted. You should therefore make sure that the height of the stool is perfect for you. Ideally, you should be able to sit with your legs at a 90 degree angle. You can measure this to determine the right height for you.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about swivel stools answered in detail

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about swivel stools. So you are well informed to make your decision.

Who is a swivel stool suitable for?

A swivel stool is a seating option for a wide variety of places. They are suitable as a substitute for an office chair or as an alternative chair in front of a dressing table. Swivel stools are also often used in hairdressing salons and doctors' surgeries. Of course, swivel stools are also stylish in kitchens if you place them as bar stools at a counter. So a swivel stool is actually suitable for everyone, because it can be used anywhere.

A good place to use a swivel stool is in the office, for example. You should make sure that you can sit comfortably on it, because that's where you spend a lot of your time. (Source: Thirdman / Pexels)

What types of swivel stools are there?

Because swivel stools can be used in a wide variety of places, there are also very different types of swivel stools. There are swivel stools with and without backrests. Some swivel stools have castors and others are height-adjustable. Some swivel stools have all these features and others are quite simple.

Of course, swivel stools also differ in terms of design and material. There are endless different types of swivel stools. You have to find out for yourself which one suits you and your purpose.

What does a swivel stool cost?

Not only do swivel stools differ from one another, but also their prices. To give you an overview of how much a swivel stool costs, we have listed our estimates of the price ranges of swivel stools here.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (5 - 20 €) Swivel stools made of simple material
Medium-priced (20 - 100 €) heavy-duty swivel stools with simple design
High-priced (over 100 €) high-quality swivel stools, e.g. ergonomic


There are many different swivel stools. This means that everyone can find the swivel stool that suits them. Moreover, stools can be used in many different places, so that a swivel stool is often a good choice if you are looking for an alternative to a chair. After all, stools are a lot more compact than chairs and are very adaptable thanks to various accessories such as castors and height adjustability.

Get clear about what you expect from your future swivel stool and then make the right decision for you. Whether in the office, in the workshop or in the kitchen: a swivel stool is always a good choice.

(Cover photo: Cleyder Duque / Pexels)

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