Last updated: August 12, 2021
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Regardless of whether it's a living room table or a dining table: table decorations embellish the room and turn every table into an artistically decorated highlight. With the right table decoration, you give your room a new flair and decorate cosy hours of togetherness with friends or family - whether with simple decoration for everyday life or glamorous details for festivities.

In the following, we have compiled some table decoration inspirations to present you with the most beautiful ideas for every occasion.


  • A table decoration embellishes every table and can be a real eye-catcher. If the table decoration is appropriately designed for the season and the occasion, it not only changes the atmosphere in the room, but also invites people to sit together at the beautifully decorated table.
  • Table decoration is very versatile. The different elements range from table runners, napkins and candles to decorative displays for special occasions. You can combine as you like, but make sure that the overall composition is coherent and that the table does not appear too cluttered.
  • Special colours and items are recommended for every season and every occasion. For example, pastel colours are particularly suitable in spring and you can choose from many Easter table decorations.

The Best Table Decoration: Our Picks

For a brief overview and as an appealing inspiration, you will find some table decoration ideas with various details for different occasions in the following section. Let yourself be inspired!

Buying and evaluation criteria for table decorations

There is a huge selection of table decorations. We have compiled the five most important buying criteria for you in order to help you find the right table decoration.

For a better understanding of the purchase criteria, we have formulated all aspects once again and explained them in more detail.


The colour of your table decoration should be chosen according to the season. In winter, darker shades such as dark red or pine green are suitable. In autumn, warm natural tones such as orange, green or brown are popular. The table decoration in spring is oriented towards light pastel shades such as old rose, cream or apricot.

In summer, on the other hand, bright colours are the order of the day. Yellow, pink or turquoise table decorations are the perfect choice. When choosing your table decoration, make sure that the colour combination matches.


The design of the table decoration determines how it ultimately fits in with your table and enhances it. The selection of different designs and styles is huge: you can find everything from Asian flair to decorations with a maritime look to elements in country house style. Think about whether you tend towards a modern or vintage style and choose the table decoration that suits you and your interior.


Table decorations also differ in terms of material. First and foremost, the table decoration you choose should match your furnishings. Wooden decorations are particularly suitable for the autumn months. However, wooden disc elements also embellish any festively laid table. For modern, clean furnishing styles, table decorations made of metal or glass are ideal.


Table decorations also vary in size. You should choose a size that suits your table. If you want to decorate a large, long dining table, it is advisable to use larger decorative items that match the size of the table.

If you have a smaller square table or want to decorate your living room table, use smaller details to keep the table from looking crowded.


Before you buy table decorations, think about the occasion you want to use them for and then choose the decorations that best suit the event.

There are everyday table decorations that you can use every day, and of course you can use them to decorate for celebrations. However, if you want something special on your table for a festive occasion, such as a christening or a birthday, there are also lots of table decorations with lovely details, perfectly coordinated for these events.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about table decorations answered in detail

So that none of your questions remain unanswered, here are the most important and most frequently asked questions about table decorations.

For which occasions is a table decoration suitable?

Table decorations are suitable for everyday use as well as for the big holidays of the year such as Christmas or Easter. Of course, you will also find table decorations specially designed for personal celebrations such as birthdays, communion or confirmation parties, as well as christenings and, of course, weddings.


You can achieve a particularly harmonious tablecloth by picking up on individual details several times. (Image source: Jonathan Borba/ Unsplash).

Table decorations allow you to decorate your living space according to the season and make sitting together with friends or family cosy. At festive occasions, a festively decorated table sets the right mood and creates the desired flair. You will find table decorations for every occasion!

What are the different types of table decorations?

Table decoration is very differentiated and there are many different types of decoration. The basic element of every table decoration is a tablecloth or table runner.

Elements such as eye-catching candlesticks or vases can be placed on top. Another part of the table decoration is flowers, which can be used for decoration in different ways depending on the season. You can also use dried flowers!

There are also different table decorations for small details. These can be small stones, stands for special occasions, coasters or lanterns.

Which table decoration is suitable for which occasion?

Furnishings and thus also table decorations vary according to taste and can be designed according to personal preference. Generally speaking, timeless elements and simple decorations are suitable for everyday use, but eye-catching and extravagant decorative elements can also be used for festivities.

For a better overview, you can find the biggest occasions and matching table decoration ideas in the following list:

  • Wedding: The classic colour for table decorations at weddings is white. You can choose tablecloths, table runners and napkins in this colour. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose another colour for flowers and candles. Beautifully designed name tags are another element that you should not do without.
  • Birthday: Children's birthdays can be decorated with colourful table decorations. If the birthday child is a little older, you can use noble colours such as gold or silver or decorate the table in the person's favourite colours. In any case, matching napkins and figures or balloons are suitable for the age.
  • New Year's Eve: On New Year's Eve, a noble festive table decoration in metallic colours is suitable. Don't skimp on the table decorations, after all, on New Year's Eve the party goes on all night! Decorate with small table decoration elements in the talisman look, such as small lucky pigs or shamrocks, for a real New Year's feeling!

Suitable for every festive occasion is an etagere for the festive presentation of decorative details or small appetisers.

Which table decoration is suitable for which season?

Everyday table decorations can vary depending on the season. You can adapt flowers, details and colours and change them depending on the month or holiday.

In winter, dark red or dark green elements are suitable. Decorate your table with fir branches or fairy lights. You can also put these in a vase to create a real eye-catcher on the table. In spring, your table decoration can be oriented towards pastel shades and flowery elements. Place vases with fresh flowers and enjoy the fresh, flowery look every day!

In summer, you can go for bright colours, especially yellow table decorations. Elegantly placed lemons will take you back to a sunny table in Capri. In autumn, natural materials and warm tones are the order of the day for table decorations. Place a long, narrow wooden tray in the middle of your table and decorate it with red berries or small decorative pumpkins.

What do you have to bear in mind when decorating the table?

Make sure that the colour of your table decoration matches the season and the occasion. For holidays and festivities, the basic colour white is suitable, with colourful accents depending on your preferences and the occasion. For birthdays, the table decoration can also be colourful.

In addition, the individual elements should be coordinated and individual details should ideally be reflected in the entire table decoration. Be careful not to overload the table, but to concentrate your table decoration on individual statements and underline them with discreet details.

On the whole, however, there are no limits and the choice of your table decoration is entirely up to you.


Table decorations are ideal for making any table shine and eye-catching. You can decorate your kitchen or living room table all year round with everyday table decoration items that change colour and design with the seasons.

On special occasions, there are numerous table decoration ideas to honour the special day and underline the festive mood with festive, elegant elements.

The selection of table decorations is huge and every table can be decorated according to your own wishes and personal taste. Table decoration items not only serve a useful purpose, but can also delight you with their unique designs and enhance the whole room.

(Cover photo: Annie Gray/ Unsplash)