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Welcome to Monederosmart! We care that you are informed about the products you want to buy and that's why we bring you all the information you need to know about table games and what are the best options to buy!

Do you like to spend time with your family or friends and want to change the routine a bit? Have you ever had a meal and you don't know what to do? Well, a table game is the perfect way to lift your spirits and have a great time with your family or friends. Best of all, there is an incredible variety. Come and join us.


  • Table games are very popular among people because they allow for fun socialising for almost all ages.
  • There are different types of table games, including dice games, tile games, card games, role-playing games, traditional table games, contemporary table games, war games and themed games.
  • The average time for a table game is approximately 1:00 hour but there are some that can last up to 6:00 hours per game. Can you imagine?

The best Table Games: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about table games

The predecessor of table games is the card game, which has been around for centuries, but out of curiosity for new dynamics, table games began to be created. Today there are many types of games, for example, dice games, chip games, card games, role-playing games, table games, strategy games, war games and themed games.

Table games are very popular among people because they allow fun socialising for almost all ages.
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What is a table game?

Table game is the definition given to games that consist of a table, tokens, dice, cards and the like that generate different dynamics and rules to determine a winner. These are very popular as they are perfect for fun in small gatherings without the need for considerable physical activity.

These games are so varied that you will be able to find one to suit your taste and the great achievement is to make an everyday activity fun, for example, creating words out of nothing, drawing, acting, micro-financing or simply building towers and removing pieces without undoing them. What is certain is that you will find something to suit your taste.

What types of table games are there?

Card games are the oldest table games and the ones that have had the least variations, these are played with French or Spanish decks that mostly include bets but there are also commercial derivations known as collectible card games where the aim of the game is to leave the opponent without points.

On the other hand, there are dice games which have a simpler dynamic and rely heavily on chance to hit a number and thus achieve victories. Generally these games involve betting and are played in small groups.

Role-playing table games are the ones where you will have more physical activity, because in these games you are used to act, draw or interact with some character, fact, thing or activity, so be sure that you are going to move, even if it is just a little.

Table games are the ones that can last the longest because most of them are played on the basis of strategy. This is where the famous war games come in, which can last up to six hours.

What are the advantages of table games?

One advantage of table games is that you can play them anywhere indoors as long as you have the required number of participants to make the game work. On many occasions after a meal or a talk, table games become the main way for people to get together.

As we have already mentioned, there are different types of table games and these vary according to the type of game mechanics, it is not the same to play a game with dice as to play it building towers, also the rules change considerably along with the duration of the game.

  • They develop creativity
  • They provide fun without the need for physical activity
  • They can be played at any time of the day
  • In some cases teamwork is encouraged
  • They cannot be played properly if the right number of participants are not gathered

Strategy games or games of chance What should you pay attention to?

A very important point to consider is whether the table game you intend to buy is a strategy game or a game of chance Because the dynamics of the game will be very different and therefore the type of interaction with the other participants. Below, we explain it to you.

Table games of chance are more friendly and simple to play, many have a table and dice for functionality and these allow you to enjoy the game without the need to think too much. If you have a very competitive group of friends these types of games are perfect for not generating friction. Trust us, we've experienced it.

Strategy games generate a slightly rougher but equally entertaining interaction. For those who love numbers, words or competition in general, these are the games of choice. There are many strategy table games considered traditional, such as chess and checkers, but there are also more elaborate ones.

We recommend that you think about what kind of entertainment you would like to have and based on that look for a table game that suits your needs, don't forget to consider the number of participants, table games that are not played with the suggested number of participants tend to get a bit boring.

There are many different types of table games, including dice games, tile games, card games, role-playing games, traditional table games, contemporary table games, war games and themed games. (Photo: ErikaWittlieb/

The average time for a table game is about 1:00 hour but there are some that can last up to 6:00 hours per game. Can you imagine?
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Buying criteria

As you have seen throughout the article, not all table games are the same, nor do they work in the same way. When buying a table game we recommend that you keep the following factors in mind:

Duration of the game(s)

The length of a game is a really important factor to consider when making your purchase, because it is important to know how much time you are going to invest in the game and whether or not to take it out after the family meal, especially because some people may get desperate if the game is too long.

For example, a game of war games can last up to six hours and if you want your granny to finish the game, it is complicated. That's why we recommend that you consider the length of time and choose one that suits your needs.


As previously mentioned, the materials your table game is made of are a factor to consider when buying it. The table game will have a different price depending on the material it is made of, it is not the same to buy a game with cardboard cards than one that contains laminated cards.

The material will also determine the durability of the table game. The better the material, the longer your game will last, for example, a table game with laminated dice, chips and cards will last longer than one that uses cardboard or very thin plastic. The same is true for card games.

Number of players

A super important factor is the number of players recommended to play a game. Thanks to the wide variety of table games out there you will always find one that suits your needs, but it is still important to consider this because the potential of the game depends on how many people are playing it.

To give you an example, a game of a card game with a deck of 52 cards is barely enough for five people to be playing without missing cards for the dynamic, the more participants the more cards you will need. However, too many cards for two players will make the game slow and not enjoyable.

The same goes for other types of games, when a game is designed for at least four people to interact, playing with fewer people is boring. Now you know, take a good look at the recommended number of participants and try to get them together to get the full potential out of your favourite game.

A super important factor is the number of players recommended to play a game.
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Age of the players

Age is another very important factor and this is because there are games that require mental maturity to develop as intended. For example, a strategy table game is recommended to be played with people over the age of 16 because of the complexity of its dynamics that a child is unable to fully understand.

Games of chance involving dice or games with simpler rules are perfect for anyone of any age to understand and enjoy. For example, a game that involves acting and drawing can be very entertaining for both children and older adults.

We highly recommend you consider this factor so that the next time you sit down with your family or friends everyone can enjoy good company without someone falling asleep instead of playing.

As popular products, table games can be found on any website.
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Finally, the technology included in a table game is something to consider when buying one. Why? Because in addition to the fact that the price can go up, the dynamics and development of the game change considerably. What's more, there are times when the rules of the same game change completely depending on whether it has technology or not.

For example, there are card games that have traditional rules but by inserting an automatic dispatcher these can change because the time and speed of the game are affected and new rules tend to emerge, this also happens with table games and space games. Incredible or not?

So now you know there are many types of table games and depending on the characteristics you can use them both in family gatherings or with friends. So now you know the next time you are about to buy one remember what you read in this review to make your purchase the best possible.

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