Last updated: August 10, 2021
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Are you in possession of a new table or do you just generally not feel like wiping down your entire table after every meal? Are you looking for a convenient solution to this problem? We recommend a placemat. It doesn't take up much space, it's easy to store and it gives you a break from constantly cleaning your table.

To help you a little, we have listed our table set recommendations and answered all relevant questions that may arise on this topic. We also list some buying criteria that you should definitely look out for when buying a placemat.


  • Placemats are available in different materials and sizes. The most common size is 45x30 cm and is suitable for both round and oblong tables.
  • They differ in terms of their patterns and print shapes. For example, there are placemats made especially for children or for special occasions such as Christmas or New Year's Eve.
  • Placemats can not only protect your own table from stains and scratches, but are often used as decoration in the home.

The Best Table Set: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for Table Sets

You want to buy a placemat but have no idea what makes a good placemat? Or you have already made a mistake and would like to find out which placemat is the most suitable so that you don't make the same mistake again? We have done the research work for you and present you with four buying criteria that distinguish between good and bad placemats. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following criteria before buying:

Below you will find the listed purchase and evaluation criteria. They are explained in more detail and why the criterion is important. Read them carefully to be able to make the right decision later.


Placemats can be distinguished at first glance by their material. Therefore, you should think in advance about what material your placemat should be made of. The following types of material are available for purchase: fabric, felt, leather, cotton and plastic. Depending on your preference, your place mat can look elegant, playful or modern and simple.

In the past, a placemat had to have a pattern or be printed with figures, but today people prefer plain, single-coloured placemats. Many people also love to have a special place mat for Christmas. Of course, a colourful placemat can still be bought today, and there are countless motifs, especially for children. These placemats for children are usually made of plastic so that they can be cleaned again quickly.

Heat resistance

Another important purchase criterion that a place mat must have is that it is heat-resistant. Often the plates are still very hot and it would be a fatal mistake to buy a placemat that would start to melt after some time. This can be the case especially with cheap plastic placemats. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to this detail when buying and not to do without it.


There is nothing worse than having a dirty placemat that has been stained by food and has no way of washing it without breaking. It's not only children who mess up when eating and drinking, it's also hard to avoid for adults.

Since the product selection is large, there are also some types of placemats in the range that can be washed in the dishwasher without any problems. A placemat made of plastic is the best material to clean. Fabric and felt materials usually have a challenge getting them spotless again.

Slip resistance

To prevent the table from becoming a skating rink, you should make sure that your placemat is non-slip and cannot be easily moved. This criterion is especially important in a household with children. No one wants to pick up food and the placemat from the floor.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about table sets answered in detail

Before making a purchase, most people have questions that they would like to have answered. Therefore, we have answered the most important questions and answers for you in the guide section.

What is a Table Set?

A placemat can be defined as several supports on which plates and bowls can be placed. They help keep your table clean and at the same time protect it from the heat of the dishes. For most households, however, a placemat also counts as decoration.

What sizes are there in Table Set?

The most common version of a placemat has a size of 45x30 cm. As an orientation guideline, a length of 40 cm upwards and a width of 30 cm upwards is seen.

Who are Table Sets suitable for?

Anyone can buy a placemat. As mentioned above, many people buy a placemat for decoration. Especially when visitors come, a placemat gives that certain something when arranging the table.

There are different types of place mats. Since there is a wide range of materials, you can also find placemats made of bamboo sticks on the market. (Image source: Bullock / 123rf)

Adults with children should also consider getting a placemat, as it helps to keep the table clean. Here, we recommend remembering that the placemat should be non-slip and washable.

What types of Table Sets are there?

You will quickly notice that there are many different types of placemats to buy. The ubiquitous placemats have a rectangular shape, you also have the option of buying a round placemat or if you want to get crazier, there are different shapes (e.g.: cloud shape, speech bubble shape...).

What does a Table Set cost?

Placemats come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Therefore, the price often varies. The number of placemats in a set also affects the price of the placemat.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (9 - 15 €) usually a set of 4, different material, such as plastic and cotton
Medium-priced (16 - 20 €) mostly a set of 6, more choice of different shapes
High-priced (from 21 €) either more than eight pads or made of higher-quality material such as felt

Placemats are offered from a set of four. According to our research, they are increased in increments of two up to a set of 18. However, this logically also depends on the manufacturer. To get a better overview, we have listed a price-performance ratio for placemats.

Which Table Set do I need for a round table?

For a round table, we recommend buying a round placemat. This looks more aesthetic and does not make the table look smaller. If you have a round table, you should also make sure that you do not buy table mats that are too large. The placemat should be slightly smaller.

What kind of fleece do I need for a Table Set?

Of course, you don't always have to buy a placemat. If you are someone who likes to do it yourself projects, you will be pleased to hear that it is very easy to sew a placemat. For a placemat you need a fleece line. For the perfect result, you should use a 45x33 cm fleece line.

Other utensils you will need for sewing a placemat include a cotton fabric of the same size (45x33 cm) for the top and bottom, sewing thread, a 170 cm bias tape, scissors and a ruler. For the best result, use a rotary cutter as well.


As you can easily see, there is a wide variety of placemat styles, prints, patterns and sizes. To choose the perfect placemat for you, you need to know in advance how big your table is. This way, you can set a filter for the size of the placemat right from the start of your search.

You will find different price categories of placemats on the market. The price varies according to the number of sets, the material and the shape. It should be said that there is a suitable placemat for everyone in every category.

Image source: Finn/ 123rf