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The range of tablecloths is extensive. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes as well as materials. Whether as an elegant detail, to protect the table material or as a vibrant splash of colour for a pleasant living experience, tablecloths are a must for every household.

Tablecloths are not only for beautiful and decorative purposes, but they also protect the table surface from dirt and scratches. In our big tablecloths guide & recommendations test 2022 we have looked at various models and compiled the best tablecloths for you. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • A good tablecloth, whether used for festive occasions such as weddings, birthday parties or simply in everyday life, makes our home extra chic and glamorous.
  • Tablecloths come in a wide variety of price ranges. Even from a low price range, good products are available.
  • A washable tablecloth is more than just practical. It is one of the most popular household items.

The Best Tablecloth: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for tablecloths

So that you are not overwhelmed when buying tablecloths, we have picked out the most important buying criteria for you. These are as follows:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what the individual criteria are.


Tablecloths are primarily practical and serve to protect the table they cover. Often, these useful textiles are not noticed at all. Washable tablecloths are practical and really good to use.

The special stain-proof coating of the tablecloth perfectly prevents soiling. Therefore, the dirt from washable tablecloths is easy to wash off. In addition to their functionality, tablecloths can also be very decorative.


When buying a tablecloth, the material plays a very important role. Tablecloths made of many different materials are available in the shops. Tablecloths made of damask are currently very popular because they are easy to iron and wash and their light sheen makes them look very elegant and stylish.


In everyday life, it is crucial to use inexpensive tablecloths with easy-care fabrics. They are expected to be washable and wrinkle resistant. For the party, tablecloths made of expensive fabrics are used. These include classic white linen tablecloths, decorative or fine austere tablecloths. Above all, they create a festive atmosphere during the meal.


The basic rule is that the tablecloth should match the shape of the table. If the table is round, the round tablecloth matches it. For oval tables, the oval tablecloth is best. For square tables, it is advisable to choose the square tablecloth.


To choose the right size of tablecloth, you need to know the dimensions of the table. For a square table, the length and the width are measured. As a rule, it can be assumed that an overhang of about 25 centimetres, which extends beyond the edge of the table, should be provided. The same applies to tables that are round or oval.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about tablecloths answered in detail

For tablecloths, too, there is some information that might be interesting before buying. We try to answer the most frequently asked questions in the following.

What size tablecloth is right for my table?

The right size for your tablecloth is very important. The following table shows you how big the tablecloth should be for your table.
Table shape Table size Tablecloth size
Square tables 80 x 110 130 x 160
90 x 130 140 x 180
90 x 160 140 x 200
Rectangular tables 80 x 200 130 x 250
90 x 230 140 x 280
90 x 250 140 x 310
Round tables ø80 ø130
ø100 ø160
ø120 ø180

As a rule, you can assume that an overhang of about 25 centimetres, extending beyond the edge of the table, should be provided.

What types of tablecloths are there?

You can cover your table completely with tablecloths. You can choose between different materials, functionality and occasion. Tablecloth type sorted by tablecloth shape:

  • Round tablecloths
  • Oval tablecloths
  • Square tablecloths

Tablecloth type sorted by tablecloth functions:

  • Washable tablecloths
  • Stain resistant tablecloths
  • Non-iron tablecloths

Tablecloths are available in many colours, shapes, designs and materials. It is important that your tablecloth always matches the occasion.

Which material is appropriate for my tablecloth?

Before choosing your new tablecloth, you should always look for the right material.

  • Cotton tablecloths have always been an absolute classic and are perfect as an everyday tablecloth for the dining table. A fine white tablecloth made of sturdy cotton also belongs in every household.
  • Tablecloths made of polyester or a polyester mix are colourfast, dimensionally stable and very robust. Unsightly stains can be easily removed when washing, so polyester tablecloths are easy to care for and ideal for uncomplicated daily use.
  • Linen tablecloths are absolute highlights for any table. No other material looks as noble, elegant, natural and fresh as linen. A linen tablecloth provides an excellent basis for festive decorations. Linen tablecloth is very robust and tear-resistant, keeps its shape even after washing.

It is best to choose your tablecloth and the material of your tablecloth according to the occasion. The different materials ensure a different look for each tablecloth.

What colour should my tablecloth be?

The most popular colours are basically white and grey. The white tablecloth is a classic and goes with any event. White is also a colour that combines well with other colours.


The tablecloths decorate any table with great colours in the perfect size. (Image source: Tania Miron/ unsplash)

Grey and cream tablecloths are also popular all-rounders that you can use in a variety of ways. Yellow, cream and light beige go well with weddings, lunches and coffee parties. Strong colours like blue, red, orange, brown or even black are less versatile and should be used with care.


The most important requirement when choosing a tablecloth is that you choose the right size tablecloth. The optimal overhang of a tablecloth is 15-25 cm. Please make sure that you do not choose a tablecloth that is too short, otherwise it can slip much more easily. This way, your tablecloth will not only be more stable on the table, but the symmetry will also look more harmonious.

Tablecloths bring decorative cosiness to the table and are a popular table decoration at festivities or in everyday life. Coffee, juice, water, wine and other liquids do not penetrate. The modern and innovative tablecloths with stain protection and an easily washable layer are the latest trend.

Photo source: Andreea Bucur / unsplach