Last updated: August 8, 2021
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Whether you are a private gardener or a professional gardener, the right hedge trimmer can make your gardening work much easier. When it comes to shaping tall and wide-ranging hedges, a standard hedge trimmer is often not enough.

The telescopic hedge trimmer offers you the possibility to adjust to a desired height and width. This means that you can also trim the top of a hedge without any problems.

With our telescopic hedge trimmer test 2022 we want to narrow down the choice and help you find the right hedge trimmer for you. Therefore, we have dealt with this topic in detail and looked at the different product types and compared them with each other.

In our guide, you will find the respective advantages and disadvantages of the telescopic hedge trimmers. The focus is on telescopic hedge trimmers with electric, petrol and battery chargers.


  • Hedge trimmers are garden tools with long handles that are used to shape and trim hedges, bushes or plants. Depending on the size and area of a hedge, there are different types of hedge trimmers designed for the respective requirements.
  • Telescopic hedge trimmers are designed for high and long hedges. They are available with a battery, electricity or petrol engine. The electric-powered hedge trimmers allow you to work continuously. However, the cordless hedge trimmers offer you more mobility.
  • Hedge trimmers with a rechargeable battery and a long battery life are not only cordless, but are also becoming more and more optimised and therefore more powerful.

The Best Telescopic Hedge Trimmer: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for telescopic hedge trimmers

It is important that you look at certain buying and evaluation criteria before you decide on a hedge trimmer. This will ensure that the hedge trimmer meets your requirements and makes your work as easy as possible. The most important buying criteria are as follows:

Handling (mobility, handle)

The handling of the telescopic hedge trimmer is a decisive factor. It is important that the hedge trimmer offers you maximum mobility when working and sufficient freedom of movement at the handles.

For the electric hedge trimmers, for example, there is a strain relief that ensures that the connection between the extension cable and the hedge trimmer is not disconnected. This gives you maximum mobility when cutting hedges despite the cable connection.

The handle of the hedge trimmer should always be rotatable and ergonomic, which means that the machine adapts to the human work and not the other way round.


Safety is one of the most important criteria for buying a hedge trimmer. This is because you are always working with sharp blades and often with motorised drives.

It is important that you do not do without safety goggles, ear protection and gloves.

It is therefore important that the hedge trimmer has a blade stop function. This ensures that as soon as one of the hedge trimmer's switches is released, the blade stop function starts. This means that the hedge trimmer comes to a standstill in less than one second as soon as one of the two safety switches is no longer activated.

The blade stop function ensures that the hedge trimmer never gets out of control. It therefore prevents the risk of injury during hedge cutting. We generally recommend that you also wear a helmet so that you are protected from falling branches.

Drive type

There are different types of drive, depending on the type of product and your needs. The cordless hedge trimmer, on the other hand, is powered by a battery and is therefore dependent on a certain battery charging time. In addition, there is the petrol hedge trimmer, which is independent of a certain battery charging time.

However, it must be regularly refuelled with petrol oil. Similarly, the electric hedge trimmer has the advantage of being used continuously. Although it is always tied to a cable, it does not need to be charged or refuelled with petrol. The different types of drive are:

  • Petrol engine
  • Electric motor
  • Battery-powered motor

Depending on your needs and how often you use the hedge trimmer, you can choose between the different drive types. The battery hedge trimmer is less advantageous for longer use because the battery needs to be recharged between uses. This means that work is interrupted more often.

The electric hedge trimmer can be used continuously without a time limit, but is always tied to a cable. For maximum performance and more frequent use, the petrol hedge trimmer is the best choice.


There are different weight classes of hedge trimmers. The weight is a decisive purchasing factor. With a heavy hedge trimmer, the work becomes more demanding and the cutting of high and wide-ranging hedges more elaborate.

The higher the weight, the more effort is required.

Too much weight can lead to body strain. It is important that when you are cutting high hedges, the weight of the hedge trimmer is not too heavy for you. Otherwise there is a risk that you will not be able to hold the hedge trimmer or that it will get out of control. Telescopic hedge trimmers are generally heavier due to their extendable telescopic pole.

Cutting strength/cutting length

The cutting strength of a hedge trimmer indicates the maximum diameter of branches it can cut. Basically, hedges do not consist of thick branches, but of thinner twigs. Most hedge trimmers have a cutting thickness of 18 mm. This thickness is optimal for regular cutting of thinner branches.

If you want to cut thicker branches, this cutting thickness is too low. In that case, you should buy a hedge trimmer with a cutting thickness of 26 to 28 mm.

Telescopic hedge trimmers have a cutting length of at least 50 cm and can reach up to 70 cm. This makes it possible to cut hedges over a long distance.


Depending on the type of product and the power level, hedge trimmers vary in noise.

The volume and power of petrol hedge trimmers are the highest.

The powerful electric hedge trimmers are extremely loud. Therefore, you should not do without ear protection while working. Electric and battery hedge trimmers are generally quieter than petrol hedge trimmers.

However, the volume varies from model to model. In general, they are not as loud as petrol hedge trimmers. The battery and electric hedge trimmers are therefore the quieter alternative and are still powerful.

Battery and electric hedge trimmers are quieter but still powerful.

With petrol hedge trimmers you run the risk of receiving a complaint about noise pollution. If you use the hedge trimmer frequently, the noise level can be a problem. We recommend that you choose a quieter version.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a telescopic hedge trimmer

If you want to trim a hedge into a certain shape, the right hedge trimmer can help you save a lot of work and effort. In the following guide, we have answered the most important questions you should know before buying a telescopic hedge trimmer.

What is special about a telescopic hedge trimmer and what advantages does it offer?

A hedge trimmer simulates a large pair of scissors for pruning shrubs, hedges as well as fixed-stemmed plants. The telescopic hedge trimmer is a special model of hedge trimmer that is equipped with a telescopic pole.

It is designed to make shaping very tall hedges easier and faster and to make hedge trimming possible without a ladder. The aim is to obtain a desired shape and attractive hedge.

teleskop Heckenschere-1

A straight and tall hedge not only makes for a well-kept garden, but also provides extra protection and privacy. (Image source: Perger/

There are other terms used as synonyms for hedge trimmers. These include: Hedge Trimmer, Shrub Trimmer or Bush Trimmer. Generally, a hedge trimmer makes gardening more efficient with less effort and time.

How does a telescopic hedge trimmer work?

The advantage of a telescopic hedge trimmer is that you can easily cut higher hedges that would otherwise be out of reach. In addition, you do not need a ladder to work. This not only gives you more freedom of movement, but also more safety, as often the ground of the garden is not level and there is a risk that the ladder is not stable.

The telescopic hedge trimmer gives you the extra reach and length you need for high hedges.

The telescopic hedge trimmer allows you to cut and shape heavier reaching hedges. With this hedge trimmer you can not only shape hedges that are difficult to reach from the side, but also reach much further up. You can optimally adjust the hedge trimmer to the required length and height. This is not possible with other hedge trimmer models.

What types of telescopic hedge trimmers are there and which is the right one for me?

There are three main types of telescopic hedge trimmers:

  • Petrol-powered telescopic hedge trimmer
  • Electric telescopic hedge trimmer
  • Battery-powered telescopic hedge trimmer

The petrol telescopic hedge trimmer

The telescopic hedge trimmer with petrol engine is extremely powerful. However, it also often brings with it a significantly higher weight than other telescopic hedge trimmers. This is due to the heavy petrol engine.

Due to the petrol drive, these hedge trimmers produce louder noises and additional exhaust fumes. It is therefore not the most environmentally friendly choice. Nevertheless, the petrol telescopic hedge trimmer is very suitable for increased use and for very large and dense hedges.

  • Mobile and flexible use
  • Easy handling
  • Cordless work possible
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Overhead work possible
  • Higher effort
  • Higher weight
  • Petrol fumes

The electric telescopic hedge trimmer

The electric telescopic hedge trimmer is operated by mains power and is equipped with a power cable. Basically, you need an extension cord to get more reach and flexibility. However, you should bear in mind that you have less freedom of movement. With this hedge trimmer, you always have to keep an eye on the cable because you don't want to accidentally cut it.

There is also a risk of tripping over the cable. This hedge trimmer is generally less powerful than the petrol hedge trimmer. It is very suitable for home gardeners, but less so for commercial gardeners. The advantage is that the power supply means that there is no need to stop work. This hedge trimmer does not need to be recharged or fuelled with petrol.

It is therefore cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the petrol hedge trimmer and also lighter than the battery and petrol hedge trimmer. It is important to know that all telescopic hedge trimmers are generally heavier than other models without a telescopic pole because of the long saw.

  • Easy handling
  • No petrol oil necessary:
  • Works with cable connection
  • limited freedom of movement
  • electricity-dependent

The telescopic hedge trimmer with battery

The telescopic hedge trimmer with rechargeable battery is basically equipped with a lithium-ion battery. It is easy to use and requires neither a cable nor petrol oil. The battery-powered hedge trimmer is more environmentally friendly, but also usually less powerful.

You may be interrupted while working because the battery may need to be recharged. The battery charging time therefore plays a major role when buying a cordless hedge trimmer. On the other hand, these hedge trimmers are also less noisy.

One advantage that this hedge trimmer offers you is maximum flexibility and mobility during work. It is cordless and powerful without petrol. You therefore save the extra costs that you would otherwise have for a motor-driven hedge trimmer.

  • Mobile and flexible use
  • Easy handling
  • Cordless operation possible
  • Less noise
  • Overhead work possible
  • Battery power is limited
  • Less powerful

For whom are telescopic hedge trimmers suitable?

Telescopic hedge trimmers are suitable for you if you want to work on high, wide and long hedge areas. Height in particular can be a challenge. To avoid the use of a ladder, we therefore always recommend a telescopic hedge trimmer where the telescopic pole can be adjusted to any height and length of the hedge.

teleskop Heckenschere-1

The telescopic hedge trimmer not only ensures precision for high hedges, but also easy handling when fine-tuning a hedge. (Image source: nenovbrothers/

Telescopic hedge trimmers make it easy to shape your tall hedge without sacrificing precision,

How much does a telescopic hedge trimmer cost?

Telescopic hedge trimmers are generally more expensive than standard hedge trimmers. This is because they are adjustable in size and generally have a very long blade. It therefore offers more flexibility and reach when working.

Prices start at around 100 euros and can go up to over 550 euros. The prices are heavily dependent on the brand and the product type. We have listed our product favourites. The price ranges here are between 100 euros and 200 euros.

What brands of telescopic hedge trimmers are there?

There are numerous brands that offer telescopic hedge trimmers. We have listed the best-known and highest-quality brands for you here. The most popular brands:

  • Stihl
  • Bosch
  • Gardena
  • Ryobi
  • Atika
  • Makita
  • Einhell
  • Grizzly
  • Güde
  • Husqvarna
  • Scheppach

We recommend you take a look at these brands. If you still find the selection too large, it may help to take a closer look at our product favourites.

When and how to trim a hedge?

It is generally recommended to cut the hedge in spring, as the bird breeding season has not yet started and there is no danger of destroying nests. In addition, hedges need a regeneration period until May. If you cut the hedge in February, it will be well shaped and maintained until May.

From June onwards you can make a second pruning. However, it is not advisable to make a heavier cut, as the hedge will otherwise lose too much substance. You should only carry out a fine-tuning in June and the stronger pruning in February.

An exception would be the spring-flowering hedges. These should never be pruned in February, but after the flowering period. In addition, these hedges generally only need one topiary per year.

For example, a straight line attached to both ends of the hedge can be used to create a perfect and straight shape. This allows you to make a perfect hedge cut even with wide and long hedges.

How do you sharpen a telescopic hedge trimmer?

There are two ways to sharpen the hedge trimmer blade. You can sharpen the blades yourself with precise instructions or have them sharpened by a professional. You can have your hedge trimmer sharpened by a sharpening service in a garden centre.

With this option, you are always on the safe side. If you decide to sharpen your hedge trimmer yourself, you should carry out the following steps:

  • Soak in water: First you need to soak the grindstone in water and let it soak in the water for an hour.
  • Grinding: After soaking, you can grind the cutting blades with circular movements. The right angle is crucial. The same procedure should be followed with the fine whetstone.

How do you care for a telescopic hedge trimmer?

In general, it is important to clean the hedge trimmer after each use. It does not depend on what type of hedge trimmer it is. However, it is important to make sure that the hedge trimmer is disconnected from the mains or that the battery is removed.

This will prevent the hedge trimmer from starting. Suitable protective clothing is also necessary. Gloves in particular serve as a protective measure so that you cannot injure yourself on the sharp blades.

To clean the hedge trimmer, you need a special metal brush, a dry cloth and a certain oil. After oiling the hedge trimmer, switch it on briefly so that the resin-dissolving spray is evenly distributed on the blades. The oil should be applied directly to the rag. Then you can start cleaning.

It is important that the hedge trimmer is free of leaves and branches.

The blades must be sprayed with a resin-dissolving spray so that the resin does not adhere to the blades over the long term and damage them if necessary. For deep cleaning, you should also clean the shaft and the housing.

With a petrol hedge trimmer, the petrol should be removed from the engine if it is not used for a longer period of time. The residue in the engine can be used up by simply switching it on and letting it run.

What oil should be used for the telescopic hedge trimmer?

The care of a telescopic hedge trimmer is no different from the care of other hedge trimmers. The cutting blades in particular require regular cleaning and oiling. These get very dirty during use and can quickly become dull.

The oil used should loosen dirt and at the same time protect the hedge trimmer from moisture and dust. The housing needs to be cleaned less often. Generally, a deep cleaning of the housing after 100 hours of operation is sufficient.

To prevent the cutting blades from becoming dull, they should be oiled after each use.

You can find suitable sprays and oils in specialist shops or online. It is important that the cleaning oils contain resin solvents and grease. It is also possible to use acetone as a resin solvent and then the oil for rubbing in.

You are free to choose whether you want to use a spray or an oil. It is important that you switch on the hedge trimmer briefly after application so that the oil can be distributed evenly.

Image source: Chukly/