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If you want to start playing tennis, or if you are a tennis enthusiast, it is essential to know in depth the best brands and types of racquets. But there are so many options that you are probably wondering which one should I buy?

Here we give you the most important details and technical characteristics of the most innovative models, the specifications for adults or children along with all the information you need to choose the right tennis racket.

The Best Tennis Racket: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about a tennis racket

The characteristics of tennis rackets are diverse, and their evolution is a striking aspect. If you want to buy a good tennis racket, you need to know what they are and how you can make the most of them.

We also tell you a little bit about the budget you should manage in this acquisition, and the places where you can go in search of a wide variety and good deals.

Tennis rackets are an essential tool for playing tennis. (photo: Gonzalo Facello/

What are tennis rackets and what are their advantages?

The Tennis Racket is one of the oldest tools for sports, used to hit the ball in the game or training and propel it to the opposite side of the court. It is composed of a handle and a bow that holds the strings crossed forming a mesh, with which the ball is impacted.

Since the beginning of this sport discipline, tennis rackets have been redesigned in every possible way to improve their performance in terms of movement, explosiveness and subtlety in the game.

Whether buying a tennis racquet for yourself or for someone else, it is essential to be aware of the elements that should be considered for recreational or professional purchase.

If you buy just any racquet, it will not be to your liking, so here are the pros and cons to keep in mind.

  • If you are passionate about the sport is the right item
  • It is important to know how to use it or have interest in learning
  • It is recreational and familiar
  • They are light and easy to carry
  • If it is not a necessary purchase, it will be a useless object
  • It only works to play tennis
  • It can be damaged if you do not know how to use it
  • You can only use it outdoors

Tennis Rackets for beginners or professionals What should you pay attention to?

As we have mentioned, tennis rackets are different depending on whether they are for beginners or professionals. Their design is different depending on the player's preference.

Beginner: These are the rackets that are designed for players who are just starting out in the sport. In general they measure a maximum of 7,60cm and the most they can weigh is 340gr. In addition, the stringing of the lines that form the mesh is quite tight.

Professional: Contrary to the racquets for beginners, these are made to measure for professionals. The main feature of these rackets is that they are bigger than the beginner rackets. Although the weight is more or less the same, as this has a great effect on the power of the player.

Beginner Professional
Size The length should be from 6.86 cm to 7.60 cm (for both children and adults) The grip size should be 10 cm to 12 cm (maximum for adult)
Weight It has to weigh between 240 and 340 grams, always the lightest Its weight is around 300gr to 340gr
Arc Format Its arc should be bigger than that of a professional Tennis Racquet Its arc must be bigger than that of a professional Tennis Racket
Stringing With closed stringing The stringing will also depend on the characteristics of the player, the more open the more power
Lines in the market All brands have their standard racquets All brands have their special line for professionals

These characteristics that we show you, are some of the ones that you have to take into account at the moment of making your purchase for a professional or beginner racquet. It is essential that you consider these factors, they will be of great help in your search and also to know you better as a player, if this is the case.

How much does a tennis racket cost?

The price range of a Tennis Racket on the market is quite varied, everything will differ in the model, brand and type you choose.
From a standard price of 450 MXN, for beginners or children's rackets, up to $ 5,000 MXN for more advanced rackets with more specific features.

Where to buy a tennis racket?

Finding your ideal product will be no problem at all, tennis racquets have their popularity and you won't have to search for a long time when you don't find the ideal one or there is simply no racquet with the specifications you want.

There are many brands that offer this special item and they are available in department stores like Sears, Sanburns, Walmart and Liverpool where you can meet the product in person. You can also go to sports shops such as Tiendas Marti, Decathlon or Max Deportes.

Similarly, if you want to make this purchase from the comfort of your home you can find this product on Amazon or Mercadolibre, with more affordable prices and better deals.

Tennis rackets, both professional and for beginners, are available in department stores, however on the internet you will find more variety and more offers (Photo: S.A/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Tennis Racquets

Before buying a Tennis Racket, it is essential to know or have a complete notion of the buying criteria, this way it will be easier for you to get the model you want and you will not be guided by what is common.

Here are the main factors that are essential for your choice

For adult or child

In this factor the only thing that varies is the size of the racquet as well as the level of experience of the player. This element is super important for your purchase, you have to take into account the age range for your purchase.

Children's Tennis Racket: the youngest of the house can start playing from 4 years to 6 years, the right size for this age is 54 cm. In the range of 8 to 11 years, the size varies between 64 and 66 cm.

For older children, from 15, 20 and 29 years onwards up to adults, the size will be based on their experience, however the standard is between 69 to 74 cm.

Tennis rackets are sports tools used to play tennis, with which you hit the ball and propel it to the opponent's side.
(Photo: iakovenko/


The weight of the tennis racket is chosen according to the power of the player's stroke, if the player is a beginner it should be the lightest one.

Recommended weights: Children (4 to 11 years) 200 gr to 240 gr - Adults and Juniors (15 to 29 years) 250 gr to 290 gr

Length - Frame or sieve size

Knowing specifically the type of tennis racket to buy and the use, it is essential to know the length, the size and the sieve of the product. With a specific player already in mind, we will explain how it is categorised by professional or beginner.

Beginner: we remind you that for a beginner player, the age influences the Tennis Racket and in this case it should be between 69 and 74 cm long with a frame of 100 square inches and a more open sieve.

This design for beginners is called Power Tennis Racquets and all brands have this sporting tool for all beginners in the discipline.

Professional: these Tennis Racquets can measure more than 69 or 74 cm, when the player already has a developed technique under his own power, the frame will be selected according to the capabilities of the game and the shade will always be more closed, because there is already more control over the ball.

(Featured image photo: Michael Duxbury/