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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! Today we are going to talk about the thermal t-shirt, a piece that helps the body performance of athletes and practitioners of physical activities. Contrary to popular belief, the thermal T-shirt can be worn during any season of the year. It was designed to maintain body temperature and also to prevent possible rashes. The guide below will address the subject very clearly and answer all your questions, if you are planning to buy a thermal T-shirt.

The most important facts

  • The thermal t-shirt is a garment specially designed for the practice of physical activities. Its main function is to keep the body temperature stable.
  • Among the advantages of this piece is that it prevents rashes resulting from friction of the skin with the skin itself or with other types of fabric.
  • It is a light, comfortable and very elastic product, which dries quickly and does not need ironing.

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Best Thermal T-Shirts: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The daily practice of physical activities requires some care, especially in the case of athletes. It is important to pay attention to issues such as body temperature and movement performance, for example. The thermal t-shirt is a garment that contributes a lot to the good development in some sport, and can be a solution for problems with temperature.

Foto de um grupo de pessoas sentadas em círculo, com as pernas esticadas, se alongando. Um dos homens usa uma blusa térmica de manga comprida na cor verde neon.

The thermal blouse or T-shirt is of great help in the practice of any sport, be it running, football, volleyball or even weight training. (Source: / Pexels)

What is a thermal t-shirt?

The thermal t-shirt is a piece of clothing designed for physical exercise that has different purposes from the traditional ones, which are used daily in the gym. It is a garment which can have long or short sleeves, and is completely attached to the body. It may or may not be worn under a normal, wider T-shirt. Its main objective is to maintain body temperature, both on cold and hot days. There are no restrictions as to its use. However, it is highly recommended for sportsmen and athletes who do high-intensity training and want to improve their performance.

What are the advantages of the thermal T-shirt?

The main advantage of the thermal T-shirt is directly related to temperatures. Basically, with the adherence to the body and the specialised fabric, these pieces do not allow the heat to dissipate quickly. In places with low temperatures, it's an excellent way of keeping up your performance without feeling cold or stiffening your muscles too much. And contrary to what people think, it is also of great help in hot weather, because the heating improves the elasticity of the muscles and prevents sprains. Despite this, some people don't feel comfortable with it on days with very high temperatures. The fibres of fabrics such as polyester and polyamide, often found in the composition of the blouse, have an easy ability to absorb heat and decrease sweating, making perspiration less intense.

Foto de um ciclista usando camiseta térmica pedalando em lugar com mata.

Even on hotter days it is possible to wear a thermal t-shirt for physical activities. (Source: avemario / 123rf)

In addition, the thermal T-shirt protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, especially when the activity is performed in the sun. They also avoid skin rashes caused by the contact of the skin with the skin itself or with other thicker fabrics. Some even have few or no stitching, to ensure greater comfort for the athlete. Most people report that the first few times they wear a T-shirt, it can be uncomfortable because it compresses the body a lot. However, this is a matter of habit, and over time you will begin to notice the difference in performance. Thermal T-shirts are lightweight, dry quickly, don't wrinkle and are easy to move around in.

  • Does not allow body heat to dissipate easily
  • It is comfortable and light
  • Prevents chafing due to friction on the skin
  • Protects against the sun's rays
  • It may seem uncomfortable on the first days of use
  • Some people do not adapt to wearing it on very hot days

Does the length of the sleeve make a difference?

As we have already mentioned, thermal t-shirts can have long or short sleeves, however, it is a matter of personal preference and comfort. The length of the sleeve will not influence the effect proposed by the garment, but it is important that it always fits snugly to the body. On winter days, to protect yourself from the cold, it is recommended that you prefer a long-sleeved garment. However, if you are in summer and your concern is only the performance of your muscles, the choice should be the one that makes you feel better.

Foto de dois homens em corrida de cadeiras de rodas, usando blusa térmica e capacete. Ao fundo, o asfalto bastante molhado.

Sleeve length does not influence performance and is a matter of preference. (Source: RUN 4 FFWPU / Pexels)

Shopping criteria: Factors to compare T-shirt models

The thermal t-shirt is a very specialised garment, which is why attention to detail should be redoubled. To help you with your purchase, we will outline what you should look for when making your choice:

  • Composition
  • Finishing
  • Special fabrics
  • Design

Below, we will explain each of these points a little better. Let's go?


Most people don't pay attention to this, but it is mandatory that all pieces of clothing have a label indicating the composition of the fabric. Although it may not seem important, we should get used to taking a look at this label before making our purchase, since the composition of the fabric is directly linked to its quality. Thermal T-shirts, for example, are usually made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyamide, the latter being the most suitable for sportswear. Some also have elastane, which is responsible for the elasticity in the fabric.

Foto de um homem de lado, em um local que aparenta ser alto, vestindo um short preto e uma camiseta térmica preta, fazendo exercício físico com um peso.

As with all clothing designed for sports practice, it is important to pay attention to the finishing of the thermal t-shirt. (Source: Taco Fleur / Pexels)


A good finish is super important in any garment. In the thermal t-shirt it is essential, because the skin can become irritated. Look at the seams of the shirt and see if they are firm and comfortable. Including, the less seams it has, the better, because this means that your skin will not suffer with the friction of the apparent thread. Remember that thermal clothes are very tight and any discomfort is felt intensely, so observe well if the piece has a good finish and gives you enough comfort, ok?

Special fabrics

Because it is a garment with a specific function, it is expected that the thermal blouse fabric is also specialized. Give preference to those which, besides being comfortable and retain heat, go beyond.

Some pieces have protective functions against the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays and others are even repellent.

These models are the best and most suitable especially for those who intend to train in open environments and exposed to sunlight. There are also T-shirts that have antibacterial technology, responsible for protecting the fabric from the proliferation of bacteria from excessive sweating. Although these models are the most expensive, they are the most advantageous for the practice of sports, besides providing some worthwhile amenities.

Foto de uma mulher se preparando para correr no inverno.

Choose special fabrics that offer extra functions. (Source: Kaspars Grinvalds / 123rf)


In general, thermal garments have a simplistic design. They are usually plain and without many details. But still, it is important that you like the design as well as the colour! Opt for options in colours that you like and that match your other workout outfits. The important thing is that you enjoy what you're wearing and feel comfortable during the practice of sports, okay? (Featured image source: Nappy / Pexels)

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