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If you practice physical activity, adopt a balanced diet in your routine but still cannot eliminate body fat, the thermogenic supplement can help with your goal. It is about this type of supplement that we will talk today, in ReviewBox Brasil

The best thermogenic is the one that speeds up the metabolism, forcing the body to burn more fat. But since there are many formulas, it is necessary to choose the supplement well. In this article we'll show you how to make the right choice.


  • Thermogenics are food supplements widely used by those seeking to lose weight, since they act on the metabolism, increasing body temperature and calorie expenditure.
  • There are many formulas available on the market and it is necessary to take into consideration the ideal dosage and your health condition.
  • If used in excess, even the best thermogenic can cause undesirable side effects.

The best Thermogenic: Our Picks

Buying Guide

There is no point in taking weight loss supplements without adopting a routine of physical exercise and healthy eating. But with these two good habits it is possible to count on the positive effects of supplementation.

And the darling of the moment is the thermogenic: a supplement that acts as an adjuvant in the weight loss process. But do you know how to choose the best thermogenic among so many on the market? In this Buying Guide we will help you with this decision.

The thermogenics have effect if combined with physical exercise and good nutrition. (Fuente: skeeze: 888016/

What is a thermogenic and what is it used for?

Whether in motion or stopped, our body performs, daily, the thermogenesis, which is a process that turns nutrients into energy and, for this, uses body fat as the main fuel.

The result of this process is the heating up of our body and its full functioning. And, as thermogenesis uses the body fat reserves to speed up the metabolism and increase the body's energy, this process ends up being a booster for those who want to lose weight.

And the fact is, besides the natural process, thermogenesis can also be stimulated through nutrition, either with food or food supplements, which can help decrease the amount of body fat and improve muscle definition.

Mão de pessoa com cápsula de suplemento e laranjas na mesa.

The thermogenic, if used correctly, helps in the weight loss process. (Source: Polina Tankilevitch/

In addition, this type of food supplement with thermogenic action also acts in the elimination of liquids, benefiting those who have a lot of retention.

No wonder, nowadays, there are several natural foods with thermogenic effect that are used in the diet of those who want to lose weight and also in the formulas of food supplements. The best known food for its thermogenic action is, in fact, caffeine, but it is not the only one.

Does every thermogenic has caffeine?

In fact, the most used substance in thermogenic supplements is caffeine. This happens because caffeine speeds up the metabolism, which helps to increase resistance during the practice of exercises. Consequently, caffeine ends up helping you burn more calories.

But its benefits are related to the consumption of low doses. So much so that, if consumed in moderation, caffeine may not only improve performance in some exercises, but may also help brain activity.

Xícara de café e especiarias ao lado.

The great majority of thermogenics have caffeine in their composition. (Source: grafmex /

However, in high doses, the effect of caffeine can be very negative for your health, as we will explain later in this article.

Besides caffeine, there are also other substances that can be part of the composition of thermogenic supplements.

In general, like caffeine, most of these substances stimulate the production of noradrenaline which, like serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline, influences the mood, anxiety and sleep. In other words, in excess they can cause the rebound effect.

Check out a list of foods that have thermogenic action:

  • Coffee;
  • Green tea and mate;
  • Ginger
  • Guarana powder
  • Cinnamon
  • Pepper.

Is there a thermogenic for each goal?

What will define the thermogenic action in your body is a combination of the supplement's formula with your daily habits. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor and read the label of ingredients of the supplement before starting its consumption.

But, generally, the thermogenic can be used for some objectives. They are:

  • Training: In this case, the thermogenic supplement can help increase your mood so that you train harder or for longer;
  • Running: Many runners use thermogenic to increase energy and endurance;
  • Weight loss: The most sought after goal with the use of a thermogenic is actually to lose weight, in addition to burning belly fat;
  • Gain and define muscle mass: As it helps to increase energy and burn fat, the thermogenic can also act in the gain of lean muscle mass.

Do thermogenics have side effects?

Yes, both natural thermogenics and supplements, if consumed in the wrong way or in excess can cause unwanted side effects and serious health problems.

Therefore, we reinforce the importance of you having a medical follow-up during the consumption of this type of supplement.

So much so that the thermogenic is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, those with cardiovascular or psychological problems.

As it accelerates the metabolism, the thermogenic can generate mood swings, tremors, insomnia, dry mouth, cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack and even stroke.

Moreover, the consumption of thermogenics without medical advice may cause interaction with certain medications that the person is already using.

To give you an idea of the danger of excessive use of thermogenic supplements, see below the risks that natural foods can cause:

  • Coffee, green tea and mate tea: More than three to four cups of 50 ml per day can generate insomnia, cardiac and gastric problems;
  • Cinnamon: Consuming a lot of cinnamon at once, or more than twice a day, can lead to intoxication, irritation of the mucous membranes and the intestine, alteration of the cardiac beat, ulcers and allergies;
  • Ginger: When ingested in excess, more than 4 grams per day, can cause bleeding;
  • Pepper: too much pepper can cause burns, blisters in the mouth or on the tongue, nausea, respiratory alterations and vomiting. Do not consume more than half a teaspoon per day.

What is the danger of thermogenic with ephedrine and synephrine?

In general, the safety of consuming a thermogenic is related to the dosage and the composition of the supplement, which should be chosen according to your health condition.

But when we consider substances such as ephedrine and synephrine, experts are categorical in stating that they can cause serious health problems, especially in the circulatory, cardiovascular and muscular system.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from thermogenic supplements that contain these substances in their list of ingredients.

How to take thermogenic?

To avoid the side effects of thermogenic, it is essential that you go through a medical evaluation and have the monitoring of a nutritionist.

Only a specialist can indicate the composition and dosage indicated for you, based on your lifestyle and exams. In addition, the ideal is that you follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Anyway, the most common is that the thermogenic is used before physical activity. The ideal is to never consume this type of supplement at night, so as not to disturb your sleep.

Who can use thermogenic supplements?

In general, people with slow metabolism are the ones who most benefit from the use of thermogenics.

Those who have more difficulty in losing weight, also usually have good results with the action of thermogenic combined with a plan of physical activity and diet.

Homem malhando com halteres.

The thermogenic can be used by those who want to increase the disposition in training. (Source: StockSnap/

However, there is a consensus that thermogenic should only be used by those who exercise and have a good health. So much so that this type of supplement is quite suitable for workouts.

But hypertensive people, pregnant women and sedentary people should not use the supplement. In addition, the thermogenic is contraindicated for those who suffer from anxiety, gastritis, ulcers, heart diseases, sleep disorders and depression.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermogenic?

Thermogenic as a food supplement has pros and cons. As a positive point is the fact that if associated with a routine of physical activities and a good diet plan, the thermogenic can help in the weight loss process.

Moreover, this type of supplement can improve the mood for workouts, burn fat, help reduce fluid retention and define the body's muscle mass.

Even the best thermogenic will have negative points.

However, even the best thermogenic will have negative points, especially if used in excess and indiscriminately.

The fact is that thermogenics can cause side effects.

Besides, this type of supplement can have negative interactions with other medications and can also cause the rebound effect, generating indisposition, tiredness, inattention, headaches and nausea.

Next, you can check the table that points out the main advantages and disadvantages of the thermogenics consumption.

  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • Improves mood and performance of training
  • Helps in muscle definition and increase lean mass
  • Reduces appetite
  • Decreases fluid retention
  • May improve attention
  • Acts as an adjuvant in the weight loss process
  • Has side effects and contraindications
  • May cause health problems
  • May give rebound effect
  • May have negative interactions with medications

Purchase Criteria: How to analyze the best thermogenic

If you've made it this far, you already know that you need to be accompanied by a specialist to start thermogenic supplementation.

But, besides that, it is also important to know how to differentiate one supplement from another. To help you in this step, we made a list with the main criteria that deserve your attention. They are

From here, you will understand how to compare each of these points and buy the best thermogenic.


As we have already seen, the correct formula of a weight loss supplement is fundamental, not only to guarantee the desired effect, but mainly to avoid health problems.

Although caffeine is the main component of most formulas, there are those who cannot consume it, such as hypertensive people.

In cases like this, you can choose thermogenics with pepper, ginger, guarana, green tea and even coconut oil.

Besides the thermogenesis stimulating components, the supplements can also have other substances such as B-complex vitamins, which are indispensable for our metabolism to work properly.

Capsules or powder

Thermogenics can be consumed in capsules or powder. The capsule option is the most commonly found and also the most practical. The powder version is always the best option for those who have problems swallowing or want to complement the supplementation with nutritious shakes.


Note that each manufacturer determines a different dose and dosage. But for you to have an idea, it is important to know that the dose of thermogenic indicated for consumption can vary between two and four capsules, which should be consumed daily.


Do not forget to take into account the quantity of capsules or the weight in grams of the thermogenic that comes in the package. There are bottles that come with 30 and can reach up to 120 capsules, which ensures a long-term consumption.

In this case, however, it is also important to check the expiry date of the supplement. It is common to find promotions in which kits are sold with more than one bottle, but with validity close to expire.

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