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Today we will talk to you about a garment that has become quite popular over the years; today we will talk to you about everything you need to know about thongs, so that at the time of your purchase you feel confident in your choice.

This wonderful unisex garment has been a boom since the beginning of the 90's, since they provide a great sensuality to whoever you use them and also has a huge variety in models and designs, which can be adapted without any problems to any taste. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Today we will not only talk about the enormous variety of models that there are, but also about all the features that we consider important to know before you make your purchase, because that will allow you to have the best points of comparison and thus make the decision that best suits your tastes and above all your pocket.


  • It is a type of suit or garment that covers the genitals, and at the back it consists of a thin thread or string of about 2 centimetres that is concealed between the buttocks. They can be made of different types of fabric and can be worn by both men and women. It is considered a very popular type of garment.
  • There is a huge variety of thongs on the market, as it is a unisex garment that requires dedicated designs for everyone, however, we can tell you that the main points of comparison are between bathing and underwear thongs, which differ according to their type of fabric, price, etc.
  • Before purchasing any product, the best thing you can do is to know the different aspects that characterise it, such as the type of fabric, durability, among others, as this will allow you to feel totally sure of the decision you are going to make when you make your purchase.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about Thongs

You may think that buying a garment such as a thong is a piece of cake, that it only depends on whether you like the model or not, but there are some characteristics that you should know about them before making your purchase, as this will allow you to make a better choice and feel confident about your purchase.

Thongs designed for swimming pools or beach are one of the most popular and used by women around the world; although there are also many models specifically designed for men.(Photo: adamkontor /

What is a thong?

It is a type of suit or garment that covers the genitals and its back part consists of a thin thread or rope of about 2 centimetres, to then join the waist, forming a triangle or a T, thus making the buttocks of the wearer to be completely uncovered.

Thongs have become a very popular garment around the world; we can find them in different models, designs and even give them different uses, since, as we mentioned at the beginning, they are not only used as underwear, but also as swimming costumes, mostly for women.

This garment can be found in different types of fabric, of course, the most popular of all is the cotton fabric, as it is much more comfortable and being a garment that is quite tight to our body, it must be of a fabric that does not cause any kind of irritation or chafing on our skin.

What are the advantages?

One of the main advantages of thongs is that they are a very versatile garment, as we have mentioned, and they can also be quite comfortable to wear, as they adapt quite well to the body.

Another huge advantage that this wonderful garment can bring us is that it is not only dedicated to women, but also to men, which is more than great for those who enjoy wearing much more extravagant and above all flashy garments. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

  • They are versatile
  • They are unisex
  • They are comfortable
  • They must be hand washed
  • They can be expensive
  • Some can create irritation

G-strings or thongs - what should you look out for?

There is a great variety of thong models, as it is a type of garment that can be used by both women and men, it requires a design that adapts to everyone, of course, if we are talking about models, we can tell you that the main comparisons are found between these two.

  • Swimming thongs: Swimming thongs are specifically created to be used at the beach, swimming pool or somewhere else. These are usually designed with a different type of fabric and their design usually does not have too many details. These thongs are quite popular among women and models.
  • G-string: G-strings are the ones that we can use in our day to day life. They are usually made of soft fabrics, either cotton or silk, and the designs that they can have are almost infinite. The most popular ones are the ones with beautiful embroidery made with lace and small shiny beads.
Tanga de baño Tanga interior
Price Medium High
Variety in designs No Yes
Type of fabric Synthetic, hypoallergenic Cotton, nylon

What are the differences between women's and men's thongs?

Over the years we have seen how thongs have evolved, both in designs and in shapes and types of fabric; this garment despite being unisex, have different designs depending on the public that is directed and we believe it is necessary that you know what are the differences of the same.

Thongs dedicated to women always have a much more delicate design. They are usually made with lace embroidery that highlights the femininity of the girls who wear them, and they usually have a shiny bead or bow that complements the outfit.

These are usually quite light and the back is usually much thinner, although there are some types that can be thicker, as not everyone enjoys wearing thongs that are so tight to the body that they are slightly above the buttock line.

On the other hand, men's thongs tend to have a much thicker back and the front usually has an extra space so that the wearer can store his private parts in total comfort. These do not usually have a lot of extra details or accessories, but may be patterned or brightly coloured.

Purchasing Criteria

Before making your purchase it is important that you know the different aspects that you should take into account, as this will allow you to make your purchase completely successful, and that you also have the best points of comparison and there is no complication or discomfort when you have the product in your hands.

Type of fabric

Knowing which is the type of fabric with which your thong is made is what will allow you to know which one is the most suitable for you, because depending on the type of skin you have, you may be more suitable for one type than another. Today we want you to be aware of these characteristics, because we know that they will make your choice easier:

  • Cotton fabric: Cotton fabric is one of the most comfortable without a doubt, as they are very soft to the touch of our skin. These thongs are mostly made so that you can use it in your day to day life without any kind of chafing, because we know that for you your comfort is one of the most important things.
  • Nylon: This type of microfiber can also be found in thongs and we can tell you for sure that it makes them extremely comfortable and fresh. They are perfect to use when you are wearing any type of clothing that is extremely tight, because it adapts perfectly to the body without making you uncomfortable at any time.


When we buy a product we want to feel sure that it will be efficient and that it will doubt us for a long time, but most of the time we don't know which are the aspects that make it a durable product or not, you can feel calm, because today we will let you know them:


You must make sure that the seam of your thong is perfectly aligned and that there is no excess thread at any of its ends, as this will give you the guarantee that it is made with the utmost care, so in turn, it will have the highest quality.

Fabric thickness

Although this type of garment is known for being quite thin, the thickness of the fabric is a very important aspect that you should look at to make sure that the garment is of good quality. If you notice that it is too thin and has little stretch, it is probably not very durable.

Texture of the fabric

Thongs tend to be a fairly soft type of garment, as it is completely tight to our body, it should give us enough comfort to wear it in our day to day. If you feel that the fabric is too rough when you wear it, it is best to discard it, as it is of poor quality and not very durable.


As with all types of fabric, you should make sure that the size of your thong is correct, as it is a fairly fair garment and if you buy one with a much smaller size, it will not be comfortable to use and you can write off your purchase, which is what we want to avoid completely.

The sizes in which you can find the thongs are S, M, L and XL. We want you to always be comfortable and confident with every purchase you make, so we recommend that before you make your purchase you make sure it is the correct size by looking carefully at the label.


Thongs, being such a comfortable garment, you may think that they can be used on any occasion, which is a common mistake that people make, as they are certainly not a garment that is recommended for daily use, as they can cause a series of chafing.

Yes, we have previously told you that this garment is made to be quite soft and thus avoid damage to your skin, but we know that everything in excess is bad and wearing thongs every day can be quite harmful to you, so it is very important that you are attentive to this point.

The best thing to do is to use this garment when you are wearing an outfit that is very tight to the body, to avoid it from showing. You should also avoid using them when you are doing any physical exercise, as there is a high level of friction and you will be more likely to hurt your skin.

The constant use of thongs is not the only thing that can generate these discomforts, of course, because as we have mentioned before, the type of fabric also affects this, so you should be very cautious.


If you want to be fashionable and feel in total harmony when wearing your new garment, you should know which is the most popular model of the same as this will help you to make the choice that suits you best.

The most popular and purchased thongs on the market are undoubtedly the lace embroidered thongs, of course they are much more popular among women, as they are usually beaded and the design is quite feminine. They come in a variety of colours and are generally always made of cotton fabric.

Lace thongs are always made to match some kind of bra made with the same design. This gives a very feminine and above all sensual appearance to the wearer.

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