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Today we will be talking about thrillers, one of the most popular genres around the world. Because we know that it is important for you to know which are the best ways to cover your leisure time without any regrets.

For most viewers of thrillers, thrillers are an art, as capturing so many elements that may not fit in a film and still manage to cause significant reactions in the audience, is something that not everyone has the ability to do, which is more than admirable for everyone.

It is not enough to know that this genre is wonderful in many aspects, because if you are thinking of buying a thriller, it is necessary to know which are the best and most recommended ones at the moment, so we will also make them known, in order to make your purchase a complete success.


  • Thrillers are part of a literary genre that is responsible for including in each clip fragments that make the viewer tense, and then startle the viewer with some element of surprise. They can be present in different types of platforms and even have genres within their own genre.
  • Just as you can find many types of thrillers, you will also find different methods by which you can enjoy them, such as thrillers on DVD, in cinema and in digital format, which can be differentiated from each other by their prices, playback methods, among others.
  • There are many aspects to consider before making a thriller purchase, such as rating, length, production, among others, as this could help you make a better decision that fits your expectations without any inconvenience.

The Best Thriller Movies: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about thrillers

It is very important to know what are the aspects that are part of the products we are about to purchase and in the case of thrillers, there are many aspects and features that we believe you should take into account, as this is key for you to achieve a successful purchase.

Thrillers are considered an entertaining genre only for a part of the public that enjoys cinema, since their surprise effects are not suitable for everyone. (Photo: Antonio Guillem /

What are thrillers and what are their advantages?

Thrillers are part of a literary genre that is responsible for including in each clip fragments that make the viewer tense, so that he or she is then startled by some element of surprise. It is a popular genre of films around the world, as they are considered to be entertaining.

This genre can have different branches, which is why many people relate it to the Horror genre, however, although they are similar, they are very different in terms of the execution of their films, since horror films include gore scenes in most of their scenes and suspense films do not.

We could tell you that a great advantage that these films give us is to keep us entertained at all times, since, as we have mentioned, thrillers work to keep the viewers in complete tension and thus achieve a perfect plot twist.

  • They are entertaining
  • There is variety in stories
  • They increase creativity
  • They are not suitable for young children
  • Some may cause fear

Thrillers on DVD, in cinema or digital format - what should you watch out for?

Just as we can find a wide variety of thrillers, we will also find different ways to watch them, because nowadays to watch a good movie it is not necessary to do it from a movie theatre. Today we want you to get to know each of these options in detail.

Thriller movies on DVD: This method, besides being one of the most common, is one of the most convenient. You can buy your thriller on classic DVD or blue-ray and enjoy it from the comfort of your home with your family or alone. An ideal option for lazy Sundays.

Thriller movies in the cinema: And although there are many ways to enjoy good thrillers, we are very clear that the cinema is one of the best, since they give you the experience of watching a premiere on the big screen, together with different spectators, which will give you the pleasure of enjoying a collective experience.

Digital thrillers: Digital platforms that offer movies of all genres are growing all the time, so you will have many more options within this option. This method of watching movies is also very convenient, as you can do it all from home.

Thriller movies on DVD Thriller movies in cinema Thriller movies in digital format
Playback media Television, laptops or computers Big screen SmartTV, SmartPhone, laptops, computers
Price Low Medium Varies
Extras Movie posters, behind the scenes, interviews Post-credits scenes, movie merchandise None

Do thrillers provide us with benefits beyond entertainment?

For most viewers, watching thrillers can be seen as a mere pastime, however, it has been scientifically proven that watching different thrillers can help us improve our level of reasoning, while entertaining us at the same time.

It is no secret that thrillers have a confusing storyline, which as time goes by becomes more and more understandable, thanks to the clues we are shown. This, for many, is an opportunity to discover the cause of the events in the story, which increases the level of reasoning.

Buying criteria

Although it is a very good method of entertainment, you have to keep in mind that there are a number of aspects that should be taken into account, as this could be a key point to make your purchase completely satisfactory without the risk of any regrets.


When purchasing your thriller, you should take into account the rating of the film, as there are some types that are not available for children under the age of 14, as they can be quite traumatic.

Classification B: This classification is the most basic, it is mostly aimed at teenagers and adults. They usually have suspenseful content with mild surprise effects, without gory scenes, so that young viewers are not traumatized by too strong scenes.

C Rating: The C rating is specifically aimed at adults, since, in addition to being highly suspenseful, it may contain scenes with gory content, as well as sex scenes that may be inappropriate for minors. This category is the most common in thrillers.

Rating D: Finally we have the D rating, which is not very common, however it is important to mention it to avoid inconveniences when purchasing your thriller. This rating is part of films with a high content of violence and surprise scenes. They are aimed at adults over 21.


This aspect is also very important to consider, since if you don't have too much free time, it is best to buy a thriller that is not too long. Thrillers are usually long, as they need to tell a story in detail, so you need to be attentive.

Long movies: The longest thrillers can be about two and a half hours long. Clearly, if you are a super fan and enjoy watching this, it will be a problem for you to take all that time to enjoy them without interruption.

Short films: Although thrillers need a long time to tell a detailed story, there are a variety of thrillers that are at least an hour and a half long. These types of films are ideal for those who do not have that much leisure time.


As far as production is concerned, you should know that there are different production companies that can be in charge of making incredible or lousy thrillers, so it is necessary to keep this point in mind, in order to achieve a completely satisfactory purchase.

Independent productions: These types of films are known for being far removed from Hollywood; they have a low budget and few actors, however, many of them have been recognised worldwide. Proving once again that talent does not go hand in hand with money.

Industry production: Industry films are fabulous, of course, since, in addition to having a high budget invested in their film, they have top level actors, so that the quality of this is impeccable; although you should know that not all thrillers from big industries have succeeded.

Genre within genre

When we refer to genre, within the genre, we are referring to the different types of thrillers that can be found, as not all of them are based on simple shockers with tense music or visual effects:

Gore thrillers: Gore thrillers refer to those films that, besides keeping us in complete tension during the whole plot, also take care of showing us scenes with high violent content, be it murders, injuries or accidents.

Thriller-mystery films: Although many think they are the same, there is actually a line that separates suspense from mystery and many directors try to play with the mind of the viewer to make incredible cinematographic works. These types of thrillers do not usually have violent scenes.

Based on real events

One of the most striking aspects of thrillers is the fact that they are based on or inspired by events that really happened, because they make us realise that we are not alone in the world and that there is something beyond what we can understand.

For many it is something that is not necessary to mention, as it could generate a high level of anguish, however, for the directors of these films it is interesting to see how their audience is surprised and amazed by the ways they have of capturing a real story on the big screen, without it being boring.

Most of these films always have extra material, in which you can watch interviews with the actors, directors, producers and even people who were present in the real story. For fans of the genre, this is a point that can increase your knowledge of this fabulous art.

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