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Welcome! Today we will talk about an accessory that never goes out of fashion: the tiara.

also known as a bow, the hair tiara is a versatile accessory that can match the most varied styles. Depending on the material of manufacture, colour and design, it is possible to include the tiara in various looks.

To help you insert the tiara into your look, we will show you in this article what you should take into account before buying yours.


  • The tiara, once considered a childish accessory, is a constant presence in the hair of celebrities and fashionistas.
  • With different shapes and designs, today there is a tiara for all styles, situations and pockets too.
  • We will show you in this article how you can use the tiara and what to observe before buying the most stylish and comfortable.

The Best Tiara: Our Picks

Buying Guide

At first glance, buying a tiara may seem simple. But you need to be careful not to buy an accessory that may not suit your style and may even be uncomfortable to wear.

To help you buy the ideal tiara, we've created this Buying Guide with all the information you'll need to make the best decision.

Mulher com tiara de flores e amiga ao lado.

The ideal tiara is one that suits your style. (Source: Abo Ngalonkulu/ Unsplash)

What is a hair tiara?

When the word tiara comes to mind, you may think of the luxurious tiaras worn by princesses the world over. Imposing and full of sparkles and precious pieces, the tiara is always in the female imagination.

But over time, the term has also been used to refer to many different types of hair bows: from the simplest and most basic to the most luxurious.

In other words, although it originated in royalty, the tiara is also known as a bow, sash, headband, among others.
And it's not for nothing, as the tiara is primarily used to prevent your hair or fringe from falling in your face.

As well as being functional and practical, the tiara helps to create and compose the look for different situations, whether for work, outings or more formal events.

Not surprisingly, the tiara is often used at weddings and music festivals, either in the form of sparkles or flowers.

The fact is that this item is extremely versatile, can be made with various materials and is easy to combine with different looks.

Moreover, the tiara can be firm or malleable, as in the case of headbands that are made of satin ribbon or other fabrics.

What are the types of tiara on the market?

Besides the traditional princess tiara or bridal tiara, which look more like crowns, we'll show here how the variety of this piece is huge.

The most common type is the classic tiara, with a bow-shaped structure, open at the base. But there are interesting variations that you need to know.

Check out the most popular types of tiaras below:

  • Headband: these are bands that stay in the middle of the forehead. Popular with hippies in the 1970s, this piece is back in force at festivals, outdoor parties and even at the beach.
  • Straps: are literally strips of elastic, which may be thin or thicker, placed on the head. They can compose classic or modern styles.
  • Themed bows: generally used in carnival, this type of tiara has become fashionable and artistic expression with options that have bug ears and various designs.
  • Flower tiara: always fashionable, this tiara began to be worn at music festivals and weddings, but is now seen even in everyday life. It can be opened or closed at the base.

How to use the tiara according to the occasion?

There are always those days when you wake up and your hair doesn't look the way you want it to. Or even in a hurry and you end up putting your hair up in a bun.

A tiara is a great accessory for those days in a hurry.

The fact is that the tiara is a great accessory to help you in those days of stress. It works both to give your look a boost and to get around lifeless or unruly hair.

So, those who think that the tiara is an accessory to be worn only at sophisticated parties are wrong. This item works very well in everyday life.

To give you an idea of how to use the tiara both on a daily basis and in more formal events, check out our tips below:

  • Day today: to go to college, work or shopping, choose a simple model, without many applications and colours such as brown, black, blue, gold or oncinha print.
  • Events: for weddings, parties and ballads you can dare and bet on tiaras with lots of glitter and applications, either leather, gold or silver.
  • Bride: if you are getting married, you can opt for a princess style tiara, in the shape of a crown, an embroidered headband or even a casquette with lace and pearl applications.
  • Gym: to do physical activity, we recommend that you wear a headband made of fabric, which is very comfortable and light.
  • Babies: forbabies who still don't have enough hair to wear headbands, the best option is the fabric tiara. They are comfortable and do not disturb the child.

How to combine the tiara with pinned up hair?

Another versatility of the tiara is that it can and should be worn with many different types of hair, including the most diverse types of hairstyle.

Using the tiara with pinned hair, for example, is one of the resources often used by hairdressers and fashionistas.

This is because, combining the tiara with the hair tied up in a bun, gives a mix of elegance with unpretentiousness.

The fact is that a tiara combined with a coke, a ponytail or a backcombed hairstyle creates an eye-catching style.
And you don't need to go to a beauty salon to create this look.

If you wake up with dirty, dull, choppy or unruly hair and don't have time to wash and care for it before you leave the house, do a basic bun and top it off with a pretty tiara.

 Mulher usando tiara com cabelo preso.

The tiara can be worn with all hair styles and hairstyles, including pinned up with buns and braids.
(Source: Adam Muise/ Unsplash)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing the tiara?

The tiara is undoubtedly the easiest and most practical hair accessory to wear. One of its advantages is to hold your hair and fringe in place, preventing them from falling over your eyes.

In addition, this item helps to create a different look especially on days when your hair is not in the best mood.

With the tiara you can tame the strands, creating a charming, modern or retro look, either with your hair loose or even pinned up.

Another advantage is that with the various model options, the tiara helps to make your look even more luxurious. No wonder, it is used at parties and elegant events, as well as in everyday life.

But, despite all these advantages, the tiara can also have its downsides.

Its main disadvantage is that, often, because of the material used, the tiara usually hurts the head, either by being too tight or by having an inappropriate format.

The result can be a strong headache.

Another disadvantage is that the most modern tiaras, luxurious and with exclusive design can cost a lot.

Check out the table below with the main advantages and disadvantages of wearing a hair tiara.

  • Completes the look
  • Tames the hair
  • Can be used on several occasions
  • There are models for all styles
  • Can hurt
  • Can be very expensive

How much does it cost?

The price of the hair tiara varies a lot, especially because of the manufacturing material.

In general, it may cost between £10 and £500. Of course, if the tiara has jewellery, this price may be even higher.

But you don't need to invest in a very expensive model. Nowadays, there are exclusive pieces at affordable prices.

Where to buy?

You'll find the tiara for sale in women's accessories shops, department stores and even hypermarkets like Lojas Americanas and Extra, for example.

But if you're looking for a unique and differentiated model, we recommend you opt for online shops like Amazon Brazil.

In addition to finding more options of models and competitive prices, you still get your strap from the comfort of your home.

Purchase criteria: what to consider before choosing your tiara

Before you buy your tiara it is important that you understand what features will differentiate one model from another.

That way you can choose the model that best suits your style and is the most comfortable.

Therefore, below we have listed the main factors that you should take into account before purchasing your hair tiara.

Below, we will detail each of these factors for you to buy the ideal and most suitable tiara according to your needs and expectations.


The material your tiara is made of is the determining factor of whether or not you'll be comfortable wearing it.

In general, you will find models made with many different types of material such as metal, fabric, plastic, elastic, wood, silver and glitter.

To make it easier for you to choose, we suggest you opt for metallic pieces, as they are easier to mould to the shape of your head.

The most important thing is to choose a material that is comfortable and does not bother or tighten causing headaches"

If possible, choose the tiara that has protection near the ends, to prevent the piece from hurting your skin near the ear.

Also, tiaras made of fabric are usually very comfortable.

But be careful because they are usually covered with rigid wooden frames which can be uncomfortable to wear.

The important thing is to choose a model that stays firmly on your head without squeezing or hurting you. After all, the main thing here is to ensure comfort.


We can classify the tiara in two categories: simple and decorated.

Tiaras can be simple or decorated.

The simple tiara can be found with one strip on the head, two or even three. This type is more classic and sober, and can be worn in both casual and formal situations.

As they are simple, this type of tiara does not become the centre of attention and serves as just another accessory to compose the look.

The decorated tiara, on the other hand, is one that can be made with printed fabrics, stones, jewellery, applied or hanging props, among other items.

This type of tiara ends up creating more emphasis on your look. Therefore, they are best suited for events and luxurious parties to compose more neutral looks.

Your choice should be based on your style, but also on the environments you frequent.

Our suggestion is that you have at least one of each type of tiara. This way, you will be ready for any occasion.


It is also important that you look at the thickness of the tiara. In general, you will find both wide and narrow models.

The thickness should be chosen according to your hair type and also the style you want to create.

According to fashion and style consultants, the thinner tiara usually gives the idea of classic and romantic. The thicker tiara, on the other hand, denotes personality and boldness.

Also, if you have very fine hair, we suggest you opt for the thinner tiara. If you have thicker and more voluminous hair, the wide tiaras and bands are a great option.


It may seem silly, but it isn't. The choice of colour of your tiara will have a strong influence on the image you want to convey.

Whether at work, on a walk, party or trip, choosing the right colour of accessories will make all the difference.

In this regard, the options of tiara colours are immense. But experts recommend that you first opt for neutral tones, such as silver, black, white and gold.

Also look at the colour of your hair and try to make a harmonious combination. In time, you can buy more tiaras and dare in the colours.

Did you know that the most expensive tiara in the world belonged to Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck?

The jewel has a base with 11 emeralds, plus diamonds, totaling about 500 carats. In 2011, it became the most valuable tiara ever sold at auction, costing US$12.2 million.

(Featured image source: Bree Bigelow/ Unsplash)