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When looking for elegance in a man, the first thing that comes to mind is a suit, shirt and tie. The latter has a specific accessory that gives it the right support, so in this article we will focus on neckties. In the market there are countless models and brands of such a valuable product, so sometimes it is difficult to find the ideal one for you, but above all for your outfit.

If you get carried away only by the design, you may find that the tie clip doesn't look quite right. That is why it is essential to know what each one offers. You can find tie clip fasteners, pin fasteners or chain fasteners. The characteristics of each one are very different and make them stand out in any outfit. Moreover, they have a wide variety of designs. Therefore we will explain their meaning, the important buying factors, where to get them and their value. We hope you find it useful.

The most important facts

  • A tie clip is an accessory that is used to attach the tie to the shirt and keep it in the correct position at all times. In addition, it is very useful when the thinnest part of the tie is too short, preventing it from being in sight and providing elegance at all times.
  • The most commonly used models are pin, pin or chain, and each one has characteristics that make them different and unique. In addition, they are used in specific situations and outfits. What is really important is to understand what each model offers in order to use them correctly.
  • Purchasing factors that need to be considered when buying such an important accessory are: materials of manufacture, dimensions and type of tie. Finding the right one for you and the outfit you are going to wear will make you look impeccable every time you wear them.

The Best Tie Clip: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you have a taste for tie clips and look for any occasion to wear them, you have to consider them among the important accessories in your wardrobe. That's why you need to know and understand the most important things about such an elegant product, as well as be aware of the relevant factors to make your choice perfect.

There is a tie clip for every type of outfit. (Photo: alkiona25/

What is a tie clip and what are its advantages?

A tie clip is a necessary element to ensure that your tie is always straight and in the right position. It is also very useful when you can't hold the thin part of the tie because it is too short after tying the knot. Every time you wear it you project class and elegance.

For this accessory there are different materials for its elaboration and a wide variety of designs, you can combine it with some good cufflinks for your shirt. The core of this accessory is to be clear about its most important aspects. These are:

  • They give the right support to the tie, Wide variety of models and designs, They give you a distinctive and elegant touch, They are the ideal link between shirt and tie, They combine well with cufflinks.
  • The chain ones break easily, The pin system is damaged by use, The pin ones wear out the ties, The chain ones can break when fastened on the buttons

Pin, pin or chain ties - what to look out for?

The biggest challenge you will always face is finding the right tie clip for you. Not only should it be to your liking, but it should also match the outfit you are going to wear. Keep in mind that depending on the type of tie is the accessory you need to look elegant and impeccable.

Tie clips. They are the most used nowadays, they have a pressure system by means of a spring that is placed in one of the sides of this accessory and they work in the same way that a clip does. They have a pair of bars that go above the tie and below the shirt to have the correct fastening. The upper part usually has unique and innovative designs and shapes, which depending on the use can be conservative or flashy. It is ideal for use with standard and skinny ties, depending on the length of the tie.

Pin tie clip. Nowadays it is hardly used, however, it becomes very attractive and elegant to wear this type of accessory. It is also known as a tie pin and aims to hold the tie at the collar of the shirt. This device goes through the tie by attaching it to the shirt through a button hole. It is very aesthetic and elegant, its only drawback is that it inevitably ends up damaging the tie. It is usually used on standard tie models.

Chain tie clip. This type of model is widely used by older adults, as they were very popular in the old days. It has a design that allows the tie to be adjusted by means of the chain and the accessory has a curvature at the back where the shirt button is inserted to achieve the ideal support.

As they are made of chain, they are one size fits all, so they can be used for almost any type of tie, except bow ties. It is not very common to see them in work environments, but in more formal events such as graduations, awards ceremonies, among others. The chain is usually made of gold or silver.

Barrette Pin Chain.
Placement In the middle of the tie At the top, through the knot In the middle of the tie.
Tie required Standard for the long pin and skinny for the short Usually the standard model All types of ties except bow ties.
Occasion Workplace, parties Weddings, important ceremonies Graduations, award ceremonies, conventions.
Type of fastening Very similar to a clip On the collar of the shirt On a button of the shirt.

How much does a tie clip cost?

The value of a tie clip is defined by the model, as well as the materials used to make it. Therefore, we show you below the cost of each one of them. Consider that the prices vary if accompanied by another type of accessory.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of necktie treaders

If we are not considering the model of tie clipper for this occasion, it is necessary to analyse the most important buying criteria for this accessory. Keeping in mind your outfit and the event where you are going to wear it, in order to find the perfect one for you. Therefore, we explain each of them below.

  • Manufacturing materials
  • Dimensions
  • Type of tie

Manufacturing Materials

There are 3 materials, which are the most used for the elaboration of such a valuable accessory. In addition, each one has properties that make them unique, so it is necessary to understand what each one offers.

Steel. It is a very malleable material, so you can create innovative and avant-garde designs. It is ideal for young people who use them for parties or school graduations. They are usually used in tie clips and pin clips.

Silver. As it is highly resistant, it allows designs to be made that adequately support the tie to prevent it from constantly moving. It is used in chain and pin ties, as they are aesthetic and elegant.

Gold. It is the most durable material and of great strength and quality. In ancient times it was frequently used, but nowadays it is rarely used due to its high cost. The 3 types of tie clips can be manufactured, obtaining a formal accessory for gala events or conventions.


Check the characteristics of each one of the tie clips

The dimensions of each type of tie clip depend on the type of tie clip. It is important to analyse their characteristics, to get the right one for the occasion where you need it. Below we explain their sizes.

Short. This type of size is exclusive for the pin ties and what they look for is to give the distinctive touch when wearing a suit. It is ideal for Skinny ties, as it does not exceed 6 cm in length.

Long. It is for use with standard ties, as they measure between 6 and 9 cm in length. They manage to give the right support, as well as looking for formality at all times. This size can be found in the tie clip and chain tie clips.

Slim. It is typical of pin accessories, as they only seek to give a touch of security so that the knot of the tie remains in place at all times. The width of this product does not exceed 0.8 mm, as they go from one side of the shirt collar to the other, passing through the knot.

Tie Type

There are 2 tie types in particular where tie clips are often used. The important thing is to understand which one is the right one for you. Therefore we explain the relevant points below.

Standard. This type of model measures between 6 and 9 cm at the widest part of the tie. In addition, it usually has plain and conservative designs. The most suitable tie clips for this type of accessory are chain ties and pin ties.

Skinny. They are slim and aesthetic ties, besides having striking and colourful designs. They do not exceed 6 cm in width, so the recommended tie clip is the one with a short pin.

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