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Welcome to this new issue of Monederesmart! We know that toiletry bags are indispensable for safely transporting our toiletries and personal care products. That's why nowadays we can find a lot of variety, sizes, designs and colours of toiletry bags.

If you are looking for one, you should know as much as possible about this product, because that can make the difference when buying. You may be surprised to learn about the aspects you need to take into account in order to choose the right vanity case.

We have taken on the task of compiling all this information and we want to help you choose a product that suits your needs. We also want you to know how much it will cost you to buy one and where you can find them. We hope you find it useful!


  • A toiletry bag is a bag or case designed to store and carry personal hygiene, make-up or sewing items. It is designed to protect and organise the items inside.
  • The variables that you can find of this product in the market are basically depending on its shape, i.e., they can be bag-like, made of fabric and soft, or suitcase-like, made of rigid and heavy materials.
  • Toilet bags should be adapted to their use, gender and the amount of items you want to store. Therefore you should also consider the size. With all these aspects covered, you are sure to make the right choice.

The Best Toiletry Bags: Our Picks

In an endless number of options that you can find in online shops, we want you to know which ones are the consumers' favourites. We also explain the characteristics of each of these toiletry bags. Don't miss out, you might like some of them.

Shopping guide: What you need to know about toiletry bags

To make sure you make the right choice for you, we want to break down and segment the information in a simple and practical way. Not all toiletry bags are the same and not all of them offer you the same thing. That's why we want you to join us in this article.

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What is a toilet bag and what are its advantages?

A vanity case is a bag or case for storing personal hygiene, toiletries or sewing products and transporting them safely. They are also an excellent tool for organisation and protection, as many of the items stored in them are fragile.

They are designed to be easy to carry, easy to clean and practical. Depending on the use you want or need to make of them, you can find the ideal size. In addition, it is now possible to personalise them with your name and/or type of item.

  • They are perfect organizers
  • They protect the products that are stored in them
  • Many variety of sizes and designs
  • In case of spills, they avoid contamination
  • They can be cumbersome
  • They can be heavy
  • They can be expensive

Toiletry bag, pouch or briefcase - what to look out for?

There are two types of variables you will find in toiletry bags. Their difference lies basically in their shape but this also determines in most cases their use. Below we explain each of them.

Pouch. This is the most common and the most used. The toiletry bag is designed to carry personal hygiene items in most cases. Some people also use it for make-up.

Their main feature is that the material they are made of is mostly polyester. This allows them to be very light and can be stored inside the suitcase or bag. You can also find them in any size, which makes them very practical.

Suitcase. This type of toiletry bag is mostly used for make-up and sewing items. As they are made of a rigid and resistant material, they protect the products inside. They usually have trays or divisions that allow for better organisation.

By their nature, these items are a bit heavy and it is not practical or easy to store them inside other suitcases. A big advantage is that they have more sophisticated security systems, such as key locks.

Toiletry bag Briefcase type bag
Material Soft, fabric Rigid
Practicality of transport High Medium
Cost Between 100 MXN and 800 MXN Between 600 MXN and 10,000 MXN

Buying criteria

Before choosing a vanity case you should consider the following factors. This will help you choose by covering each of the important aspects, needs, tastes, practicality and price. These are:


This is the most important factor to consider. Depending on the use you need or want to give to the vanity case is how you should choose it, otherwise it can become an impractical, cumbersome or even useless item.

Daily toiletry bag. These toiletry bags are designed to be carried in your handbag, car or small suitcase. They are used to store personal hygiene products such as deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, lotion or feminine towels.

Travel. These are perhaps the most common and are used to carry all personal hygiene and cleaning items such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotions, oils and creams. They usually have different compartments for better organisation.

Make-up. These toiletry bags can be bag or briefcase type. The fabric ones are available in pouch presentations to carry what is used daily such as mascara and blusher. The ones of briefcase serve to organize all type of make-up and they are used more commonly by the professional make-up artists and they bring their own wheels to transport them.

Sewing. Sewing cases of this type are used to organise and store all sewing tools such as threads, needles, pins, scissors, stamens, etc. They have padded parts to insert sharp objects and also have compartments for organisation. This type of toiletry bag is also known as a briefcase.


Nowadays there are so many designs, prints and shapes in which we can find toiletry bags that you need to consider who is going to use it. Consider that although it is an item for personal use, it can often be exposed to people seeing it.

For women. Women have the great advantage of being able to choose from thousands of designs and colours of toiletry bags. Flowers, garigoleados, bright colours or animal print are some of the patterns available. And don't forget that simple designs are also an option.

For men. With them in mind, there are some toiletry bags that are quite sober in terms of design. They are simply simpler than some for women. They are usually in colours like black or brown, and finished in fabric or leather.


This factor goes hand in hand with the use and it can be said that it is equally important, because depending on it is that the size must be considered, otherwise it may not be functional. Here is a breakdown of the different sizes you can find.

Personal. These are the ones you can carry with you in your bag and are very discreet. They are between 15 cm and 20 cm long, between 5 cm and 8 cm wide and between 5 cm and 8 cm high. Measurements may vary depending on the design.

Small. This size is even very practical for storage. It measures between 17 cm and 25 cm in length, between 12 cm and 17 cm in width and 5 cm to 12 cm in height. This size is ideal for travel, however it is not suitable for storing many people's items, only the essentials.

Medium. This is ideal for carrying all the hygiene items for the whole family. They have several compartments to organise and their measurements are between 30 cm and 45 cm long, between 12 cm and 20 cm wide and 21 cm and 50 cm high (open).

Large. This size usually includes professional make-up cases. Its dimensions range between 36 cm and 40 cm long, between 18 cm and 25 cm wide, and between 24 cm and up to 80 cm high. The dimensions may vary depending on the design.

You'll be impressed by how much you can fit in your vanity case if you know how to arrange it. (Monfocus /


Nowadays it is possible to personalise these items as part of the design. The way to do this is by engraving or embroidering your name or initials. Besides being a nice detail it makes your item unique. If you like the idea look for distributors that give you this option because not all of them do it.

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