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Welcome to ReviewBox! We know that you like to keep up to date with new technologies and that's why today we present you with one of the latest sports watches: the TomTom watch. With this little device every time you go out to exercise, you will be aware of your route, heart rate and much more!

If you want to get the best performance and be always up to date with your activities, then read on! We will discuss in detail what TomTom watches are all about, their advantages, disadvantages, prices, sales points and much more! At ReviewBox, we want to give you neutral information so that you can make the best purchase decision.


  • A TomTom watch is a technological device specifically for athletes. It has the advantage of recording information about our performance, such as a pacemaker, heart rates, distances, maps, etc. It is ideal for improving our performance, lifestyle and keeping track of our physical activity.
  • The two main types of TomTom Watches are the Spark and the Multi-Sport. They differ in the specialisation of use. The first is for general fitness or basic sports activities. The second helps us to monitor specific sports, such as cycling, running, diving, among others.
  • We know it can be a bit confusing to choose your TomTom watch if you didn't know it before. If you want to ensure a good purchase, we recommend that you consider the connectivity of the device, its water resistance, the basic or exclusive functions it may include and the performance of its GPS.

The Best TomTom Watches: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about TomTom watches

As you can imagine, TomTom watches can have many applications and features. If you want to choose the right one for you, don't miss the following buying guide that we have created to give you accurate and neutral information about this device.

The TomTom watch is ideal for outdoor or indoor fitness activities (Photo: Dmytro Sidelnikov /

What is a TomTom watch and what are its advantages?

It is a type of GPS device that is worn on the wrist just like a watch. Initially, they only had a GPS function to guide us in outdoor activities or while exercising. Nowadays, the different models include results of your performance, are specialised for different types of sports, among others. TomTom watches are ideal for running, swimming, mountaineering and cycling.

Depending on the type you choose, you will be able to know your heart rate, distance travelled, route and some models even allow you to listen to your favourite music! Doing your favourite sport has never been so entertaining.

  • Excellent GPS connection
  • Use for a wide variety of sports
  • Accurate data delivery
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Bulky size
  • High battery consumption
  • High price

TomTom Spark or Multi-Sport Watch - What should you pay attention to?

Unlike other GPS sports watches, the TomTom watch stands out as being specifically for professional or advanced athletes, helping you get all the information you need to track your activity and perform at your best when doing sport.

  • Spark. Its general public are people who want to track their physical activity in general and/or during the day. The information it can provide is step count, sleep quality, calories burned, among others. It has the same software and hardware as the Running types specifically for runners.
  • Multi-Sport. This is the latest version of the TomTom sports watch. You can choose a specific sport you want to do and the watch displays the appropriate information. It delivers GPS information, route, distance, heart rate, has bluetooth connectivity, can set goals and voice alarms, among others.
Spark Multi-Sport
Versions Cardio, Music, Cardio + Music. Adevnturer, Multi-Sport and Multi-Sport cardio
Ideal for Running and fitness Cycling, running, swimming, golf.
Heart rate measurement Only on cardio or chest strap models Integrated and/or chest strap
GPS Yes Yes

How much does a TomTom watch cost?

All TomTom watch models have different prices depending on their model and main features. Starting at MXN 3,500 you can find any model in the Spark range. For as little as 4,600 MXN you can access the music storage features and enjoy from 500 of your favourite songs.

Sports watches with CARDIO and CARDIO + MUSIC can be purchased for MXN 5,600 and MXN 6,700. Depending on the type of purchase you make, shipping price or if you want to add other accessories such as headphones or chest straps, the prices could go up to 8,000 MXN and 10,000 MXN.

Create or improve your sports habits with a TomTom watch (Featured image photo: Varin Rattanaburi/

Buying criteria

A TomTom watch is a device that will accompany you every day if you know how to choose it. They can all be very similar, but in reality, these sports watches are very specific depending on the use you want to make of them. We recommend you consider these four tips when choosing yours. Good luck!

  • Connectivity
  • Water resistance
  • Features
  • GPS


Because we don't know our exact location when using the TomTom watch, it is important that it has good connectivity and ensures that it can be used anywhere, as well as being able to add accessories and view data or add-ons with other applications or mobile devices.

  • Compatibility. Rest assured that most TomTom watches are compatible with Android and iOS platforms. However, we recommend that before choosing any model, you make sure that it is compatible with your mobile phone and that you will be able to view, plan and connect both devices.
  • Bluetooth. The Bluetooth option can improve the connectivity of your TomTom watch. We recommend that you include it on models that can play music and add wireless headphones. It is also useful for watches that do not have a heart rate monitor and require an external heart rate monitor to be connected.

Water resistance

Any sports watch should be able to withstand even a little water. Not only because you will generally use it outdoors, but also because you will generate sweat when you are on the move. You can choose the TomTom watch that is right for the activity you want to do.

  • 5 atm. Typical TomTom fitness watches. These are wristbands for light exercise or like the Spark model that measures only low frequencies. It can withstand splashes, sweat and can be submerged up to 5 metres under water. Ideal for any minor sporting activity, snorkelling, surface diving, among others.
  • 50 atm. It is the most used as it allows all kinds of sports. Above all, high speed sports. Ideal for swimming, diving, physical activity in general, mountaineering, in the presence of snow, among others.


TomTom watches stand out for the accuracy of their measurements and the usefulness of their functions. To be able to use this device properly and get the most out of the information it provides, we recommend that it is at least capable of providing basic data.

  • Heart rate. Not all TomTom watches include this metric, however, you can look for connectivity to an auxiliary device to help you include it if required. We recommend this metric for those who want to lose weight, for high performance athletes or for doing any cardiovascular sport.
  • Activity trackers. These are perfect for people who are leaving behind a sedentary lifestyle to enjoy physical activity. It can count your steps, distances, calories, record your sleep hours, etc. It even sends notifications when you stop exercising. Ideal for planning specific routines for your body.

You must select the right watch for each type of activity. (Photo: ammentorp/


It may seem simple to include GPS in a TomTom watch, as this is its main function. However, it can be a double-edged sword if you don't make sure of its functions beforehand. Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Battery. The Achilles heel of sports watches in general is their high battery consumption for GPS use. TomTom watches offer at least 10 hours of autonomy with GPS activated and 16 hours without this function. We recommend choosing the right watch for the amount of hours you use for sport.
  • Maps. If you like to explore your surroundings or get lost on the way home, we recommend choosing a TomTom watch with maps included. This way you'll know where you are, create routes or stop for a coffee.
  • Altitude. If you do sports like mountaineering, hiking or trekking, you may want to consider getting your GPS to give you altitude data. If you have breathing problems, you can create notifications to stay at altitude or improve your performance by setting limits. This is a premium feature that can be useful for mountaineering or cycling.

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